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  1. Aparently as is right now, if you use a remodeling ticket your room is bugged and can't let you in, It happened to me some days ago.
  2. Lorick

    Room Bugged

    After using [Gothic Black] Room ticket from Vol Casino I can't access my room, everytime I got error N° 057 "Disconnected due a request from the server." or N° 052 "Disconnected from server. Please check you network hardware." , and aparently other players also got this error when trying to acces my room. What I do before aplying the room decoration: Geting the free 100 coins from casino counter Bought the Remodeling Ticket [Gothic Black] Fail to apply the ticked as I have some decorations in place Use the "remove all decorations" option Apply again the ticked and get DCed
  3. I upgraded my armor and got a new arm unit slot, not bothering to buy something cheap from the NPC i just played a pair of Event missions (Kappa) without equiping any unit and noticed that sometimes when i picked up a craft material item i was unnable to deal damage with physical and ranged attacks / PA's, only TECHNICs worked. I just quit the mission and sell some stuff to NPC, but noticed that a material was "equiped" to me, when trying a new mission with that material equiped the bug still persisted, droping the material solve the issue. This bug haven't show since i got an arm unit.
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