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  1. Are you able to share an example of where it should be appearing? I'm not exactly sure what mission to look at.
  2. I wasn't involved in the type exp requirement changes so I am unable to answer why it was changed. Changing the exp now would be a bit complicated, so we're hoping to solve the problem by changing the MP formula.
  3. We hear you! We're working on adjusting the MP formula so that C rank gives you an easier time leveling up your types. It might take us a little while to get to a point where it feels good because changes like these are going to be small and gradual instead of large number changes, but we're tweaking it and willing to work the problem. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. I've updated the post about release date and progress with the latest announcement from Marmalade on the Clementine discord. We hope to release very soon and we're sorry for not being able to release in the time window we planned. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Debating Acrofighter again or maybe a Protranser this time around. I'm sure I'll end up playing a bit of everything so human might be the best for me :P. I think my first character on official was a CAST hunter. I mostly played demo so I don't really remember making my first character since I made many.
  6. “Okay hi. Okay. Well ok.” -Marmy 2020 Welcome back! Development Post #5! The last one before release, hopefully. We’ve got the latest news on what has been worked on and also things that will be released after! Let’s jump right into it! Functionality : Vanilla rooms now work correctly. Music discs can now be loaded into the jukebox properly. Multiple room features have been implemented such as Bulletin Board, Visitor Log, Password Locking, and Recently Visited Rooms. Titles/Player Record are currently being looked into. Gift boxes can now be placed in rooms and populated with an item of your choice, as well as a message. Photon Gacha now works properly. It can load items, set featured items, and scam your friends of their hard-earned meseta. The Gacha will work slightly differently on Clementine than on official, in that all items have the same rate to roll. Fluge SUVs are now fixed and working correctly. Inspection now works correctly. Enemy and Boss attack data has been implemented, allowing for unique damage modifiers and status effect applications per attack. Multiple Human and Newman SUVs have been created and populated in the respective Planet Shops. Boss elements now show correctly. Balance : The damage formula has been further tweaked. The Mission Point formula has also been tweaked. Drops themselves are practically finished. Rates are being gone over and finalized. We’d like to thank @WhammyKing121, @Coast, @bando_boyッ, @RandomZ and @Kyu for putting in a lot of effort into making drops. We would not be releasing as soon as we are were it not for these guys. Mission : The currently announced missions are now all completed. Rare enemies have been added. Sinners’ banquet and Beach Bum Beasts have been translated. Moonlight Beast's key problem has been fixed. Ohtori Encampment will not be available at launch, there are a few things we are not able to re-create for the moment. Updates! Here are a few things that will be added after release! GUARDIANS Daily : Random / On cycle missions every day with an extra boost! Every day, 4 random free missions are selected and added to a counter on the 4th floor of the Colony. There is also a 5th mission that swaps between a list of custom missions on a cycle. Each of these missions have a 1 time boost per day for the first clear. When the mission is started, it is considered consumed, so abandoning does not grant the boost back. We’re still tweaking the details and we’ll have some more before it releases. Expect it a few short weeks after release! Missions : Rising Malice works and is almost completed! Mechanical Ghosts is partly functional. A new mission called : Echoing Abyss has been added. (It’s a secret!) As always, huge thanks to @Agrajag for making missions possible! GAS : WAIT. STOP. Before reading the following bullet points, we’d like to remind everyone that we do not have the system working as of right now and nothing guarantees that it will. Even if it does end up working, it will not be added for a good while. GAS Is currently considered *possible*. The biggest issue with it was the lack of text on the menus. That issue has been fixed and the menu is acting the way it should be. If the menu is working as intended, most abilities would be possible. There are a few ones that are still unknown, including limit break. Lastly, release date. We’re still on track for an mid / late August release. We don’t have a very specific date in mind as features are still being added. We want players to simply jump in and enjoy the game without having to worry about bugs. A huge thank you from everyone for your patience. We’ll be playing very soon. The next announcement should be about release. We'll share a bit more details when that comes out. Thanks for reading! Edit (09/01/2020) @Marmalade has posted an update on the release date and progress over on the Clementine Discord. Here is what it says :
  7. Everyone, please keep it to presenting your points instead of attacking the other person for having a different opinion. Thanks.
  8. We're still polishing the server for a full release. The latest news can be viewed in the News and Updates section. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. It looks like it, smells like it and tastes like it! Yep, it’s a development post! Welcome back! Today we’ll be sharing with you everything that’s happened in the past 2 weeks. Functionality : NPC Partners have been added. We currently don’t have a way to unlock them so they are all unlocked by default for now. Here’s a small preview of it: https://youtu.be/9bAYvAbgnb8 A new launcher is currently being worked on! This is a work in progress and is subject to change. have a look! Enemies now have the correct body parts and buffs. The buffs don’t currently manipulate their stats as of now. The 5th floor’s counter now says the right name and not someone else’s. Items : All boards now have correct data and are ready to be added to drops. Special thanks to @Midori Hoshi for filling in a lot of the data! Mission : Last post’s most requested mission ended up being Ohtori Encampment. It has been worked on and round 1 works for the most part, but it is still incomplete due to the overwhelming amount of complicated systems. We have uploaded round 1 in its current state but we would like to remind you that it is not the finished product. Here's what it looks like as of right now: https://youtu.be/-p9VHoVpguc Mission work will slow down a bit as we get into more complicated and time consuming tasks, but will resume once more time is freed up. Again, thanks to @Agrajag for enabling us to do missions! A huge thanks from all the Clementine team for everyone's patience while we slowly but surely work things out. We hope we can keep on delivering these updates fairly quickly until the server's release. Thanks for reading!
  10. I was gonna do a poll but I lowkey forgot how lol... Ohtori Encampment probably wouldn't have been on there though, but it got the most request out of them so far. I'll try to do a poll next time to see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Oh hey! Didn’t see you there. It’s looking like that time again where we share what we’ve been working on the past 2 weeks. Functionality : Trading has been worked on and is now functional. Inspection is now working as expected. A potential fix has been found for ghost enemies. Drops : Drops are still moving along nicely. A special drop mechanic has been discovered that will need to be implemented. Missions : Sunken Shrine! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Uq5mOsz6Cw What missing mission would you like to see next? Let us know by leaving a comment! As always, these missions wouldn't be possible without @Agrajag . Thanks! We hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!
  12. Welcome back! Today we will share with you what we have been working on the past week and a half. Functionality : The PP drain formula for both Machineguns and Dam-TECHs has been figured out and corrected. The Photon Cube cost formula has been added. The packet for PA restrictions has been figured out. As a result, Types now exhibit proper PA restrictions. All NPC shops have been reset to their official inventories. Planet Transfer Room Tickets now properly set your spawn point to the respective planet of choice. Planet Areas are now correctly locked on new accounts and must be unlocked by visiting the area through normal play. The cost for class change and lobby travel has been added. Drops : All C rank drops have been completed. Missions : Red Hot Jungle is functionally complete, it is only lacking bushes and boxes. Fantastic Voyage is in the works! A small clip has been uploaded to the Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BYoH_1Xsw4 Please keep in mind that this is a Work In Progress version and some spawns may appear different than they should. As always, special thanks to @Agrajag for making this possible! We would like to thank you for your time and patience with this project. Thanks for reading!
  13. Good day! Welcome to the first of many Development Posts. In these forum posts, we’ll update you with what’s been worked on behind the scenes. Synthesis : "I don’t know, I did this" - Marmy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wepiNZ4dtc0 Drops and Boxes : Drops are coming along smoothly, boards and materials included. Boxes have been researched, documented, and planned out, and as of now C rank is complete. Enemy Drops have also been completed for C rank, along with Enemy Special Drops. Area Drops have not been refactored yet. Drops are being re-tiered along with mission ranks to accompany the mission rebalance we are working on. Missions : As mentioned in drops, the missions are going to be rebalanced, meaning Vanilla missions are no longer going to be useless compared to AOTI missions. There will always be at least one mission that unlocks every 5 levels so that the game remains rewarding all the way through, and retains a feeling of progression. We won’t be sharing too much on this right now as we’re still planning and testing. Here’s something we’ve been working on for the past week! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke7DxlBFZNA We've been researching how to make missions from scratch, and the first stop was Red Hot Jungle. It may look a bit empty right now and that’s because we haven’t worked on adding the fancy grass models just yet. They will be added after we're done with the core of the mission. Hopefully all of the JP exclusive missions will be brought back. Next one should be a bit more fantastic… Special and HUGE thanks to @Agrajag for making any of this possible! We hope to have a lot more to share very, very soon. Thanks for reading!
  14. To create an account, you need to first log in with your desired username and password adding _n at the end of the user name. If it doesnt fit you might have to make your username a bit shorter. Once you've entered, il'll tell you that the account has been created and to go back to remove the _n. Once it's removed, you'll be able to log in. Hope it helps :).
  15. It's probably an anti-virus blocking it or a corrupted file. You can try adding it to exceptions in your anti-virus. If that doesn't work you might need to re-install, making sure nothing is deleting files.
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