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  1. You need to unlearn them in the PA list under character info before trying to learn a new one. This happens because replacing wasn't implemented yet.
  2. The launcher is currently having issue. You will need to launch the game with PSUC.exe in your installation folder. Make sure to run as administrator!
  3. Launcher seems to be down. You can go in your installation folder and run psuc.exe as admin to launch the game.
  4. you can click them in the program and they will be highlighted in yellow.
  5. Jakoo56

    Cross play

    It's only available on windows. You can use something like parsec to stream it to your tablet and use a controller though.
  6. Analog inputs on the triggers don't work properly, you need to use something like joy2key to make it act like a keyboard key press.
  7. You might have another device being detected as a controller. Try unplugging some devices and uninstalling the drivers of old controllers you don't use anymore. Hope it helps!
  8. You can go to %localappdata%/SEGA and change psuilluminus.ini manually. you need to change RESOLUTION to = 5 . that should do the trick.
  9. Have you tried changing the screen color see if it changes anything?
  10. Make sure frame skip is set to 0 in your options. If that doesn work, you can try setting your affinity in the task manager after the character select screen. You'll need to be in windowed mode as fullscreen crashes your game if you alt tab. Head to processes in the task manager, find and right click psu, click go to detail. you'll be sent to the detail tab with psu hovered, right click it and select set affinity. Make sure everything is checked and click OK. You'll have to do that every time you launch the game.
  11. E21002 Means that you had a wrong login, you might've made a typo in the username or password while making the account. Try making a new one and see if this one works.
  12. Jakoo56

    New player

    Welcome to clementine! Some easy missions are either unsafe passage at guardian's 4th floor or mad creatures at parum east district. Hope this helps a bit :).
  13. How many hits did you try for those numbers? Bringer Rifle's variance would make its shots do less then Yasminokov 3k a third of the time since variance removes from your weapon ATP. At its lowest damage, its as if the rifle had 393 ATP, maybe you got unlucky if you only did a few shots?
  14. They will drop in crimson beast S block 3.
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