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  1. I could not be more against this. I understand that JP had it's hand in P2W stuff for grinding (http://www.psupedia.info/The_Upgrade_Device.html). I'd rather never see the aforementioned stuff in any capacity than to have this version of grinding and just send my stuff to the void with a prayer. This game is already significantly easier than it's predecessor (PSO) and easier than many other MMOs such as Runescape. Leveling your character is easy, leveling your type is easy, even leveling your attacks is easy now. One of the last few things in this game that's "challenging" is grinding / hunting items. It's clear SEGA designed this system with the idea of permanently ruining weapons and it should stay this way. At this rate we may as well turn this into a sandbox server if we implement this system. 10/10 weapons are supposed to be hard. They surely shouldn't be ensured unless using the system SEGA designed which is the Guardians Cash (http://www.psupedia.info/GUARDIANS_Cash.html) system (but obviously replacing the $ with in game Meseta). This system allowed you to upgrade your weapon with no chance of failure to 8/10 for ~7 USD and then could repair an unlimited amount of times for the 9 and 10 grinds for another ~9 USD. For just a single weapon we're looking at $15 USD if you only have to repair at 9 and 10 once each (yeah right). If you're a fighter that's 6 times per rainbow set of a given weapon for $75. This a significantly larger investment than the system proposed which completely ruins the value of 10/10 gear (and honestly so does this stupid GC shit but at least it had a much heavier toll). Nothing about grinding needs to change from how it was on 360 official and especially not in the way mentioned in your google document. If grinding ABSOLUTELY MUST change (it doesn't) then it should be using the methods provided by SEGA. Not some bunk made up method. "I truly believe everyone has a right to upgrade weapons and have 10/10s of what they want" go play sandbox when it comes out then. That's a poor way to look at any grinding based game. Why not extend that outlook beyond? Does everyone deserve to have the base item to begin with as well? Does everyone deserve the Meseta to grind weapons? Does everyone deserve a capped character with capped types and capped attacks? The answer to all these questions is obviously no unless we've shifted to a sandbox server. As far as "testing" any kinds of rates with this system... the only acceptable rates in my eyes would be ones that are currently worse than your quoted 5% and it'd have to be significantly worse since this system is extraordinarily easy. You call grinding a problem, but it's really not. That's the way SEGA intended the game to be. If you don't like it play an easier game. So much has already changed. Grinding may not be remade with 100% accuracy as far as percent chances go but the overall system is in as it was designed by SEGA. It should stay that way. I could type more about my absolute dismay for this system, but anyone reading this gets the point.
  2. Yo what's up, I am Flawless, Wilson, or whatever you know by from PSO:BB. I've been with the Clementine project since the very beginning floating around in various ways. Some of you may be familiar with the work me and my friends have put into the Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Time Attack community, running the discord and a tracking website that allows you to sort records by all sorts of variables, such as: quest, amount of players, episode, the actual players in the run, classes, teams, and so forth. I will be doing the same for PSU:C. Obviously it will be quite some time before people are really TAing on Clementine, but the website will be ready to go when that time comes (it already is). The Discord will be active with conversation related to TA, end game, and overall PSU:C related stuff. You can visit the PSO:BB site to get an idea of what a fuller version of the website looks like when the game is developed and active in that regard at https://4waypb.com/. You can join the PSU: TA Discord with https://discord.com/invite/W4M79kA GurhalTA will be a permanent WIP, and if you have any ideas to improve it feel free to post here or Discord or wherever. It will be continually updated with things that fit within the scope of the project. Currently I am still getting things settled to be more fitting for PSU, but the overall function of the site is already there (it's mostly some artwork that needs to change atm lol). As always all respect to the people prior to me that were running the threads (Delta Violet and Aelphasy) and anyone in the past who inspired this format of tracking and overall community style. Now with regards to TA on PSU:C I have not yet published any particular ruleset because I believe that's a thing to be decided by the community so I'd prefer if discussion on such a thing took place here or on Discord. Runs can be submitted here where they will be uploaded to the site as soon as possible or they can be submitted via Discord (preferred) where they will be pinned instantly and uploaded to the site from there. The PSU:C version of the site https://gurhaltimeattack.com/ will have all runs with filters for (as of now):
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