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  1. it actually doesnt show me other options
  2. So when i get to the login screen i just put EX: "FoodDude_n" ?
  3. So i downloaded the actual installer what would be the next course of action? Plus i don't have a account for me to log in to ^^;;
  4. You know that would make A LOT of sense ^^;; i'll be able to let you know if it works
  5. No this is my first time hearing that i could play PSU on my computer and really wanted to play it, so this would be my first time ever doing this
  6. Mine looks nothing like that since i downloaded the launcher through the download section. This is everything that was in the folder
  7. Yea that's the way im doing it but i am still lost. If anything im still new to all this,,, If there was a video of showing how it would be nice, but right now im just super dumb... Im sorry Plus everytime i run PSUC as a administrator it just does that black flicker and i dont have any other PSUC file on my pc... so i have no idea what im doing wrong
  8. Also i do not understand what you mean.. Sorry
  9. What did you do differently? im still in a pickle
  10. So i am able to load up the program but it says "Failed to establish connection with server, automatic retry will take place..." I have ran my PSUC as admin and I have no clue what it is doing... I am now fully lost and no idea what to do...
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