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  1. This happens in a few missions and I wonder if it is just how the game renders on the server itself. I dont know honestly because I know nothing about how this game runs. lol. Castle of Monsters you get this happening every 30 or so runs. Its funny when it happens.
  2. And that is not to take away from your point Matt. It is important for the Clem team to see this. Afterall its a fine line between returning functionality and keeping people interesting in playing on Clementine. We need to have these discussions to help the Clem team out. But its more important to find bugs/glitches at this point, than in it is to re-balance everything every single time they implement a new feature. But again its not to say they can ignore the community. After all our support is why they continue to work on Clementine. Without the community who are they building this all for?
  3. Your right. I have not. But I just see it as if the people working on this are busy implementing re-balancing every month; its just going to slow the progress down of more important work to be done. At this point I am trusting the Clem team. As I said the server is 10x better than the last time I joined. It feels like the server is on par with what we originally got in the U.S. Not everything was perfect but they had enough functionality to where it felt like a game.
  4. I would also add. Sega had to constantly battle balancing as they implemented new things. So I am imagining that we will always be arguing this issue, at least until nearly all updates and functionality are returned.
  5. @Matt In any project you start with a focus group. Then when you are nearing finishing the project you start opening things up to discussion. Balance should come once all/most functionality is restored. The changes they make without community input is fine with me, honestly. It allows for them to jump into the server make the changes and see how it effects the functionality of the server as a whole. This balancing thing is more or less the fine tuning that comes towards the end once the official server (s) are finished. I would presume at least. Still though you are not wrong in that you do need community feedback in order to keep the community together. The focus group should keep this in the back of their minds. You sometimes are going to have to throw a bone to the masses that are playing this game right now. Keep them invested in the project because without them who are you building this server for? All however many remain? So I do agree you need compromise but if the team is saying they still are working on functionality than let them work on that. We can continue to have discussions about balance on here. But as the team is still returning functionality. The balance of the game is always going to be an ongoing discussion. 2 months from now we could be talking about why some other class is way out of balance to this other class.
  6. I am just happy I have something to be my stress relief again. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Clementine. Including everyone who is so passionate about balancing and are anxious for the server to be done. 1.5 years ago Clem was at a state where Marmalade was too stressed to work on it and made that very clear. I only joined back recently and the server progress has advanced what feels like 10x. Maybe its because I am still so relatively new that I do not really care about things being so unbalanced. Maybe its because I always play a support character and never really cared if I was the strongest in the party. I played my part and had fun doing it. TL/DR: Thank you to all those who brought Phantasy Star Universe back into my life!
  7. Get rid of all Classes. The only classes we need are offline PSU classes. Hunter/Ranger/Force. LVL 50 Skills/Bullets/Techs for everyone on any class they choose. Then re-balance the races so as to steer people into making their own Weapon choices. Class will effect what S rank weapons you can equip and modify your stats slightly in one direction but race has the biggest overall factor in your modifiers in the end. Hunter's will have higher ATP modifier than Force or Ranger for instance but it will not be tremendously so like it is with FT compared to FF. Instead of the Class modifiers being so strong, race will be more of the deciding factor.
  8. Whenever you change class you need to change universe or relog in order to fix it - Answer given by Killroy on discord Masterforce cannot have buffs over level 10. - Answer given by Kyu on discord
  9. I am sure they will find some solution. Or you could just not care because we are all far too powerful to begin with anyways. LOL. I mean if you are maxed out as any class in this game you are a force to be reckoned with.
  10. Just coming at it from my perspective. You are right it is not fair to compare PT to GM. I do play PT just as you suggest, its a support class for sure. That is why I was not happy about the Grenades not having knockback anymore. It takes away one of my supports. And while it is made up for by ex traps and hunter weapons. It makes for a further gap between classes. And when I try to look at it from other gunner perspectives. FG is made worthless. You might as well play PT and have access to hunter weapons and ex traps and skip FG all together; unless you absolutely have to have a rifle. Then you can argue do you need s-rank? Because GT looks pretty good with A-rank rifles and S-rank bows. Plus the crossbow is the best offhand gun in the game.
  11. Here is the thing. GM already has higher ATP and ACC than PT does and nearly the same ATP and ACC as a ForteGunner. They also get a bonus firerate increase, access to lvl 41+ bullets which add quite a lot more damage modifiers to all their guns. I am fine with them being the best gunner class in the game, but now they outclass every other gunner class by a good margin. So while everyone makes valid points about GM not having crowd control weapon. I feel like they now are too powerful. When you combine that firerate increase + lvl 50 bullets + higher ATP/ATA base over other gunner classes (4% less ATP modifier over Fortegunner which is made up for by lvl 50 Bullets). That kind of makes the other gunner classes way outclassed at this point. I think Sega knew that and that is why they never gave GM grenades in the first place. Because it would have thrown the other classes out of balance where they would have to of changed a lot of other stats. I mean what happens you increase ATP/ACC for the rest of the gunner types: PT, GT, FG. But then that throws them out of balance to other classes. But hey maybe that is the solution. Either lower ATP a bit on GM to bring them more in line with other gunners or I do not know what else you could do. I am fine if you want to give GM grenades, but how about we lower the overall ATP/ATA of those grenades after 41+ because combined with higher firerate and access to lvl 50 bullets it makes them far superior with Grenades now. Grenades for instance go from 27% element at 31-40 up to 39% at 41+ (12% element increase). Grenades also gain an additional 40% ATP modifier after 41+. They now outclass the any other gunner class with Grenades by a very large margin when you combine that firerate increase and all the base stat bonuses, they have highest ATP modifier after Fortegunner. Might as well skip being a ForteGunner all together. The only thing that class has going for it now is access to lvl 20 skills. You might as well play as PT is that is the case.
  12. I am with the guy who said the HIVE missions. For me it is Dark Satellite. Simply nostalgia. I joined 360 side PSU quite literally the day the were doing server maintenance to raise the LVL cap to 80, March 2007. Being new to the game, Guardian Colony 4th floor will always have a place in my heart, does not everyone's story start there; at least those before the White Beast madness happened. I also may have been smoking entirely too much pot at that time in my life and everything about that mission was kind of chill, vibrant, a little bit to sometimes quite a lot trippy with those walls, the SFX, the vibe in that place still brings back those memories. I got pissed when the Gaozorians lit me up with that Foie though, that was painful. I was a fool back then trying to solo as a Human M Fortetecher running around with lvl 30 Bow and Card bullets because it was the only way to not get blasted into oblivion by those damn Foie balls. Later story is that I became a PT which was more of my playstyle but not until well after Firebreak. Good times though. Dark Satellite also dropped me an Agito Repca board during first MAG event so there was that as well. I remember it very well because during MAG we had MEGAHOLY and with having it so long I was like yup this is a great time to run some HIve missions to see if I could get a Repca board, it was one of the hot items at the time because they had just introduced S2 HIVE missions a few months prior. I found like 10-12 Agito Edges before that damn board dropped.. I had to give it to my friend to synth because I made a tech synth bot. Anyways he crafted it for me 34% ICE. I did not want to waste our MEGAHOLY so I grinded it up to 6/10. I also remember during MAG a ton of MG glitchers, I think that may have been why I took a break from MAG in the first place. They extended the event due to some errors on the PS2 side. It felt pretty awesome to find that and solidified why I am a fan of Hive, Dark Satellite especially. I am not to sure how many people had Repca's at this point. Those HIVE missions in which they drop did not get S2 until mid-september 2007 with the release of True Darkness; and there was a few events between that and MAG in January. So I cannot imagine too many people having that kind of weapon. TL/DR: Dark Satellite
  13. The change likely would not help AT unfortunately, but for AF, GT, PT and a few others it could be useful having access to a weapon that you can zoom first person in. Again I play mostly as PT the pistol is just some pretty looking thing that I used to tag enemies with to gain experience back in the day. Now it is almost completely useless except to FF.
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