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  1. Helloo! For sure! Eventually we'll get notified on Discord or on here when something comes up.
  2. Heck yeah it was! Love your vids m8! thx so much 4 all the tip n' tricks
  3. Omfg xD I'm dead!!! I question many things what this Human//Cat does, but … I let it fly and just make my cup of coffee
  4. Here's my kitty Yoda > ^.^ < I'll ask my cat is Lord Vader really my father? he just meows @ me demanding more food and attention!
  5. Hellooo! found a mini bug This S Rank [ Cati / Rainbow ] Body Unit dropped for me after I ended a SEEDs life. On PSUPedia it says its suppose to be [A Rank] not S
  6. Would love to have the launchers return to the GM arsenal >:) So many friends, or random groups I'll come across are using close quarters staby-stab weapons, or tossing some crazy voodoo magic out there, I hardly been seeing much grenades being used but when I do see one, they just whip it out for a Large//Boss enemy's and that's it …. shows over cash me outside. I want to go to town with that sexy weapon (>^,^)>{SRank:GL} +==<==<==<==<==<==<==<==@ small mobs = {Dead}
  7. Awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much for this \m/
  8. @FUFME @lildeathwish Not all heroes wear capes you guys are the bomb sandwich!! Thanks for showing all Runs // Locations :))
  9. Thank you so much for posting this works great!!
  10. You guys entered into "The BackRooms" o.O" happened to me and my friends too, soooo creepy and random Be Safe
  11. Played on the 360, loved hanging out meeting random ppl, an old friend introduced me to the game from the demo, also shopping in player shops I remembered players spamming ''Happy Birthday Sonic'' to get a free sonic statue :))))
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