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  1. I swear, we need to cross paths with both our RPs lol
  2. A gunslinger was last reported seen in the desert of Moatoob. Noob has once again reunited with the Alliance Military. Mason Gollem is still on the run from Parum authorities. He now resides on Neudaiz.
  3. After repeated weeks of the investigation in Rozenom, Noob grows impatient of the AMF. Noob with a few soldiers board an AMF PPT Shuttle back to AMF HQ. He reaches the Command Meeting Room and locks the door behind him. He thinks about when higher command told every soldier that all GUARDIANS are not the enemy, but allies. Noob hates that fact. He then goes to the armory in which he opens the door to a hidden room. What contains in there is his blacked out armor. He feels it and all the evil from the Endrum programming comes back to memory. His old Deathly Shadow days. When he was Knave Golem. He blames the Alliance Military for his original "death" and now blames them for the falling of the colony. He puts on his black suit and recruits a few of his AMF soldiers who believe in the same faith as Noob. The Deathly Shadows were reborn nut under a new name. They were still considered AMF but rogue. They follow the footsteps of the Endrum Collective and seek revenge on the colony. Where they reside is unknown but rumors report that they have an underground base somewhere.
  4. // Report \\ From: Commander Saibot. To: AMF Central Command. Subject: Rozenom City and AMF Changes. We've been investigating the Rozenom City explosion for months now and have finally made contact with the fallen GUARDIANS' Colony. The site was not pretty. Personally, this is one of many reasons why I don't like the GUARDIANS. I was part of the squadron that was stationed in Rozenom until we had to evacuate all the civilians, once the Colony was in orbit.. Why do the GUARDIANS always think they're doing what's right, when in reality, all they're doing IS GETTING IN THE WAY. Yeah, they stopped the SEED but that wasn't without us.. Now command has a few of the soldiers stationed on the new GUARDIANS' Colony?? I'm not for it. All it is, is a place ran by incompetent Humans and their abominations. The worst of it all is, I gotta be the one who commands these troops which means, NOW I GOTTA LEAVE MY PLANET!!! I'm no Cast Supremacist anymore but doesn't mean I respect the other races just yet. Especially those Copy Casts that the GUARDIANS manufacture. Wow, I hate them.. In other news, I hear there's some weird cloning going on with some fighter from Neudaiz. That's it for now I guess. Saibot, out.
  5. Nope, I'm huge on doing RP's.
  6. A familiar ghostly shadow reappears in the old abandoned city Mellvore. The shadow once known as Commander Knave Golem of the Alliance Military, now known as Noob. Once taken down in an operation against the Endrum Collective, an operative has taken Golem to an unknown location, replaced all the fried circuits and reprogrammed him. They changed his standard AMF armor from green to black with the option of his new blacked out formalwear or blacked out custom parts with a whole new attitude. But after a while of Noob tormenting souls and burying them, more and more of the old Golem started showing out as if Golem is taking back his body. Noob was recently seen with a group of AMF soldiers on a night ops mission in Moatoob and in the Guardians Colony. Rumor has it that he has rejoined and formed a night ops squad called "The Deathly Shadows", named after his group of undead warriors that he finally laid back to rest. He is now one of the Alliance Military's top operatives and is known to get called out when there's a night special operations. The once Commander is now Lt. Saibot and where he resides is unknown.
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