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  1. hmmmmmmmmmm lol Here's what happened... Dev's Release Event No one runs event because of rare mission chance change ----------> COM Dev's Needs players to Run Event for: 1. Fine the issue with boss teleport crash 2. Get Data On falz 3. Adjust it - then extend event for another week ( more testing ) So what happened was.... 1. No one ran the event. 2. They Remove CoM 3. Place stupid Drops for only 2 Class types - which btw DID NOT NEED POWER INCREASE ATM ( 80% PSUC players are fighter types - so I see why - but does not excuse this. ) 3. Slap us with - we are not doing balance atm -------------------------------------------------------------- Frankly - Whoever is in charge of the loot table / release of drops for classes needs to be.......... tons of others classes were already struggling to keep up - it's a joke tbh Can seriuosly write alot more... but dam ---- Just why??????? --- Shouldnt need to as for GAS - or % for any class other than fm / af very single time.....
  2. ForteGunner ( HP EFFECT POWER ) Xbow - Have been Seriuos hit - To where is not much stronger than elemental - Don't think it suppose to be this weak at HP lvl 3 effect power - Enemies: Booma's / Go Booma's / Bil De / Rare Verson of Bil De ( Forgot name ) - Only Traps / Suvs Effect works.. Rifles, Sarbarta, Foie. cannot add Status Effect.s. ( B1 at event is really Tough as gunner / techer atm - every else is fine ) Invisible Frames / Spots: Meaning using Suv's or using normal gun pa's nothing happens. Moons Dont work to wake up the dead, if you wasn't in same block when they died = You can't join the pt - Example raise with moon. ------------ Thanks
  3. Shotgun's Could Always Splash Damage = When 2 Hit Boxes are close together - Each bullet can hit both You can test for yourself from shooting boxes Method Go Into a Mission Find 2 Boxes which are close to each other Angle your Bullet so only 1 bullet hits between both boxes. You will see, both boxes will break from 1 bullet. This is like lol - YEARS ago information ^.^ Why most gunners see two Mobs. We try to get between the middle of both of them, so both takes 5 bullets each / or when 1 mob has two hit boxes, we go between both parts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes atm on clem - ice, light, plasma shots, have 10% less - rather than the 5% I think the % is lower due to the Status effects.. Ice freezes for example ^.^ Maybe ask marm to make them the same ^.^ lol He might do it ( wish )
  4. Elemental Bullets Shotguns: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html 200% Lasers: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html 250% JP Lasers: 280% JP Grenades: 290% = JP Lasers had 80% more att over shotguns....... DAM LOL If width is added nice / Or any other change - However the Laser % Need to have that att% difference -----> to allow lasers to be stronger in the 3+ Mobs - as they always been. If you take look at PSUPedia - and look the guns att themselves. theirs a massive reason why those types of gun have Higher % increase Rifles shoot 1 bullet / Long distance / knockdown = why it;s 20% higher Shotgun Shoots 5 bullets + can splash damage for 10 = why It has the lowest Att% Lasers Shoots 1 bullet + shorter range than rifle + no knockback = Only stronger If lining mobs = why its higher Att% Grenades Hits 5 Targets / However it's slow + knockbacks = why its has high att% Twin Gun, shoots twice / allows movement = why its has low att% like the shotgun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes - Gunners are good - they have always been good =>, But twins are suppose to usable to help close the gab - while going towards a mob- before switching to your shotgun ( no point as twins are too weak ) / or finish off last mob while you move backwards and shoot........ =< If you see 4 mobs, and your def is high = you can't be flitched.. It's faster to splash damage the shotgun - rather than laser.. should never be the case. ^.^
  5. For Marm - Information To Help adjust GunMaster Class - Shotgun Pa's ( Clementine Current Pa's % ) Barada Banga / Diga / Megiga at 270% Barada Riga / Inga / Yoga at 260% <--- Should only be 5% difference Comparing now to offical PSU: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html On PSU Pedia. Shotguns where 195% / 200%. = 70% Att% has been added to our Shotgun Pa's To match / other classes Jp arts ( as stated by KILLROY - Pa's are release on the server as they are - which leaves some with crazy high end game % - and some at day 1 psu % ) = Shotgun was increase to match other classes Pa's - Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rifle Pa's ( Clementine Current Pa's %) Burning / Grav / Dark at 250% Frozen / Plasma / Rising at 245% Comparing Now to Offical PSU: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html On Psu Pedia. Rifles where 215% / 220%. = 30% Has been added "ONLY" to rifle pa's. 1. On Offical Server, Shotguns where at 200% - Rifles where 220% = 20% more att% over shotguns 2. On Clementine Shotguns are at 270% - Rifles are at 250% = 20% Lower than shotgun???? Rifles should not be lower than shotgun % - They should have minimum of 20% Att above shotgun pa's = Please increase to 290% / 285% --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laser Pa's ( Clementine Current Pa's % ) Burning / Grav / Dark at 280% Frozen / Plasma / Rising at 275% Comparing now to offical PSU http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html 1. On offical Servers Shotguns where at 200% - Laser's had 250% = 50% Att more than any shotgun PA + JP Laser were 280% = Massive 80% Att over shotguns. 2. On Clementine Shotguns are 270% - Lasers Are 280% = 10% Att More than shotgun PA <------ Why Laser feels really weak. This leads to the issue that, without 5 mobs being nicely in line.. Shotguns will out damage lasers - Rather then the normal 3 mobs = Please Increase Laser to Minimum 320% / 315% To be able to balance Shotgun vs Lasers = Make laser usable = Gunners happy, I don't think the massive 80% More than shotguns is needed on the server lol atm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWIN GUN's ( Clementine Current Pa's % ) Burn / Ground / Dark at 200% Ice / Light / Plasma at 195% Comparing Now to Offical Psu http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%C1%F5%C8%F7#weapon = Same % = 100% In need some increase. 1. Shotgun + Twinguns has always Shared the same att%'s - Shotgun link: http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%A5%D5%A5%A9%A5%C8%A5%F3%A5%A2%A1%BC%A5%C4%2F%A5%D0%A5%EC%A5%C3%A5%C8 Twinguns: http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%C1%F5%C8%F7#weapon 2. Atm On Clem - Twins are 70%!!!!!!!! 70%!!! Lower than shotgun's! Please increase Twin guns to Shotgun's att% <------------ Really is needed ^.^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grenades ( Current On Clementine ) Burn / Ground / Dark at 290% Ice / Plasma / Light at 285% Comparing to Offical Psu: http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%C1%F5%C8%F7#weapon 0% att has been added On Clementine Server. 1. Grenades Are suppose to have US PSU --> 80% Att Over shotgun.... JP PSU Had --> 90% More Att over Shotgun's ( Current shotgun PA is 270% ) So Grenades needs 350% Or 360% For elemental bullets 2. Duranga Also it's Higher Att% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ SUM Up all information 1. Shotgun / Twins = Always Shared the same % 2. Rifles had 20% More Att than shotguns = Rifles should be 290 / 285% Att% 3. Lasers Had 50% US PSU / 80% JP PSU More Att% than Shotguns 4. Grenades Had 80% US PSU more Shotguns / 90% On JP PSU 5. Duranga Needs the same Att% Increase elementals get. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU.
  6. Light

    Bugs List

    Ah - Maybe should of read this first ^.^ Some of the bugs I posted are already listed.. Sry
  7. Must - avoid.... I remember on 360 days >.> How many hours I spent TAing every mission with nearly every class... The second I post - or TA one run I know ill be sucked in >.<!!!! I WILL RESIST - until ummm..... RED SCORPIO *.*
  8. Light

    Bugs List

    Beast Mode - When dying as beast mode, instead of being stopped at 1 hp. you can die / be revive using a scape doll = Your stuck as beast doing like 200damage ( Happened Once at De Rol Li S3 ) Had to abandon Beast Mode - Changing Block while in Beast mode activates Grenade Bug = Gur Hanab / Dark Meteor etc Bullets distance becomes really really really really far >.> Invincible Frames - For some strange reason - Bullets shots doesnt log on the server, no 0's no damage - Happens the most in Holy Grounds. Grenade / Rifle - Knockback / Knockdown are not working - However I would perfer grenades stay as they are, or have Knockdown rather than knockback ( Thanks ) Missions - Entering missions can lead being sent to empty space. Mission Boss Portals - Fails on Loading screen Item Error - Picking up / Dropping / buying traps can casue this to happen alot Change Class - Changing class cause a lvl 50 into a lvl 10 pa, until either relog / "Room" and back out to fix --------------------------------------------- I think this is all the bugs I have come across - maybe... Will post more if remember or something else happens
  9. fully understand completely But I think after a depolying an update or change pa% - cud check if over powered or too weak, and quickly tweet it.. I remember when SEGA 1st ADDED AcroFighter - That Slicer PA WAS OVER POWERED - The Entire Server was just slicering because nothing cud compete with it lol Atm Clem kinda has this issue, just a tiny tiny tiny tiny change to current output 1 or things shouldnt be much to ask..... If anything can be done.. I WOULD BEG FOR wands / Rod Elemental %.
  10. MF: Multiple hit box - it wud be nice to have a Boss killer again / or to have something good againts 2-4 hit-box mob. But - The main issue behind MF is that it's really is too weak - It's really in need of something... And the elemental increase will be the easist thing to do - it will not make MF broken, its more about making them playable / useful which the current potential of other classes. GM: While GM are walking around with only Shotguns = Quite a big issue - not exactly how GM are suppose to be played - at all. Figh-master: Choosing not to use the PA - for play style thats up to you - but while PA is out this early. destroying mostly everything in its path >.> is abit much. ................................................... ^.^ I know theres million more other concerns - and things like this shudn't at the top of the list....... But after playing each day - your mind just go... God I wish I had laser / techs werent soo weak lol
  11. FM: Yes, they are some- some points where other pa's are used over skadd... but 80% of time Skadd seems to do the job - Maybe abit to hasty in my typing 20-30% of skadd seems reasonble GM: I Would love something to be done about lasers too. MF: All we can do Is pray - I know lots of players would love to jump on master force.. But I seen many on of the players, quit maxed of techers for FM - Dus skadd, and its quite sad. AF: tbh - alot of these PA's where boasted or added near the end of PSU LIFE. I think the reason why balance issue is happening alot more, is some classes has gotten end life % and Pa's too far ahead of other classes. I hope the Final wipe - takes it time - and kinda follows Sega releases - Would love the old psu for awhile - where it was just FG - WT - FF - FIgh etc. ^.^ Anyone up for demons above lol
  12. In what others classes can do ---- they quite are ^.^ - If others classes wasnt soo far ahead - Masterforce would be fine.
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