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  1. Problem 1 : I would agree that the party penalty should be removed. Problem 2 : No thank you Problem 3 : It is kinda meant to be easy though. Perhaps those difficulty changes could be somewhat addressed for S2/S3.
  2. Some transparency on where things are dropping would let people distribute their time better. This would also stop people having to fill out the wiki bit by bit. I do not think it is necessary to show the exact drop rate of an item, some kind of drop chance indicator (using stars) next to each weapon on the wiki would be helpful for new players. Not to be confused with the existing star rarity which does not mean much
  3. Nice work! Distant memory or ohtori?
  4. I brought up the exact same thing about basic classes today haha... thats pretty weird o.o But yeah I dont see much purpose in them personally, I said to combine all of them and make a trainee class, The group wants to keep them though like killroy said, but perhaps in the future we will be able to add more? who knows. Its cool to see other class ideas mentioned regardless.
  5. The issue with this is what if your class can only use A rank, then you upgrade it to an S rank - wouldn't that mean you can no longer use it? I do like the idea, it adds some depth to the lesser weapons, but i feel this would be better suited for endgame?
  6. Incap was being used 80% of zeta/BBB before AAR was even released.... It’s ONLY used if the HP is too high = which makes it quicker to use incap over damage. Doing routes like LML on kappa or doing lambda proves this, if HP was lower on SV/Zeta/BBB you would never of had this debate, because you would never of used killershot On anything except : Bal Soza in BBB / Robot block in zeta and (rappy,delnadian,jaggo) if you got a rare spawn. That’s it This isn’t a game mechanic Or part of the game in the way you think it is, official and JP was never like that. on official you just wouldn
  7. Any mob that isn’t on that list, cannot be incapped. Their is a few enemies that’s not on the current list that may need to be added in the future. This isn’t a new thing and it hasn’t happend because of SV, it was like this months back when we had zeta and continued into other S4’s then finally we was in the same situation in SV. The reason why this was done is because on JP or Xbox incap would never be used to this extent, it was used on a select enemies only, it’s quite evident why.... it makes the game so dull, killershot/megid over and over...theirs more depth in Pac-Man. SV’s HP is
  8. Thought id try and get lucky with dimma, only needed 4 more shots before it flew around the map, would of been 7.30ish, I would invest more time into getting it more clean but I dont care about GM/MF as much as i do fighter. The problem is the amount of times you have to abandon when you get a rare varient (theirs 3 chances) then its pot luck with the boss...:D its rng on steroids 7.1X is possible for MF, 7.2X for GM i believe, an armor with a set bonus would help with that. Delta GM23 / lvl 200 / time = (7:45)
  9. Got a video of this too, ill do a few more see if can get better time first. (Im playing on a friends account :D)
  10. Potato quality music is lul, Block 3 normally goes a lot smoother, but meh... Would also be better to use motherbrain, but she no longer stands still and she never corporates with me. I dont really play MF so I cant be bothered to get a perfect run. Delta MF33 / lvl 200 / time = (7:32) My best is 7.20 , but I win+shift+S to get the picture without thinking (Im playing on a friends account :D)
  11. (Example : If you are using a rifle to knock things across the room in SV) I could just say nothing and leave afterwards (which is probably the best way to go) OR alternatively I could suggest what you should be using to make your runs / my run faster. But people don’t like suggestions or to be called out. You could argue that it’s not just elitism , but people themselves have egos and are too stubborn to take advice. But with that being said you don’t want advice from the wrong people or you are just back where you started, and theirs a hell of a lot of misinformation in PSU. A
  12. I too agree that S rank would be a lot more fun to play with, the only reason i haven't is because AF/AT doesn't get any two-handed S ranks... I didn't want to make AG be the only acro class that does. However I do think some S rank 12* 13* grenade launchers should be change to A rank. perhaps that could be a happy medium.
  13. So ive always wanted to see an Acrogunner ever since my time on JP, I put the idea to the mods/dev team and the majority seemed FOR it, Marm would like to see how the community feels about it.. I feel a poll might suffice. Acrogunner is guntecher stripped of its techer abilities then given some speed boost steroids. It will be a solo hit box expert, its been given sleep traps to help deal with mobs, dropping a sleep trap while focusing down 1 enemy at a time etcetc, the A rank grenade launcher is just for bosses.. Some unconfirmed ideas = - A gas ability for faster strafing
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