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  1. As much as I'd hate to take the nerf will also need to be done for players also, anyway didn't see it reported yet so figured it should be.
  2. To add onto this it may also be the reason why enemy techs hurt so damn much, like the super charged Rygutass mentioned in another bug report.
  3. as title says techs scale off ATP + TP making hybrid casting ability almost on par to full MF in straight damage, easily confirmed by adding/removing an arm slot unit from your line shield.
  4. Hindering the party? I'm pretty sure you can make up the 40%hp mod you add to the enemies via any weapon, by your logic WT may aswell just have twin claws an use nothing else an be done with it you can still put out decent numbers with a dagger or infinity storm just because it isn't the best possible damage weapon doesn't mean that play style should be ruled out there's more to this game then just grabbing the most op weapon of the month and spamming the most op PA. wartecher techs can still do 2.2.k with grants (no elemental bonus, more with better gear and/or ele bonus) an provide knockdown CC which is nice, RA techs do similar or more mobs you can definitely use them an not hinder your party an for those whom enjoy that style of play I don't see why this would be something we'd not want? Edited damage quote because i low ball guessed earlier when i wasn't online to test.
  5. that's the point, isn't it a shame? figure if they could throw out a few RA techs or something on the side with a mag then maybe it'll incentivise using them abit, may not be best option for speed running or whatnot but they have a large TP modifier on them that they currently don't touch. As for slicers it'd be nice, but they currently have a very large arsenal of melee weapons already so~
  6. Just give them more incentive to actually use their techs so they don't feel like a gimpy forte fighter with buffs is all, I think most Wartechers would be happy lowering S rank wands to A rank for this is it's deemed too strong in it's own right, thoughts/opinions? reasons for to me is because of the obvious synergy you would have with using a melee in the right and magic in left hand, akin to what guntecher has now with their combo, switching off melee to a wand doesn't feel very fluid an slows down combat I think it would serve them a lot better to be able to do both decently without having to swap weapons an might and magic combination is what this class is themed around, currently there is little reason to cast techs as even resistant monsters go down easier with twin claws maybe with this change they can make a use for it. It will also buff their support options allowing them to heal without swapping off weapons though albeit they can do this with just A rank fine so /shrug Edit: made a low effort post slightly less low effort.
  7. I have witnessed the drop, wouldn't make the post otherwise.
  8. using muzzlefever on my fighgunner I didn't have this problem, could be your specific mechgun? or a type thing?
  9. the gun buff put out recently buffed all guns damage upto 25% at range except for shotgun and crossbow, this doesn't seem to apply to mechguns maybe because their range is so limited you can't stand back enough? doesn't seem to crit any more close up than usual either. machine guns really getting no love out here :<
  10. Forest Infiltration 3 has level 145 mob drops but the kagajibari being a miniboss is 10 levels higher than the other monsters in the mission an thus becomes lv155 which should be dropping the bajura according to the drop table, however this is not the case and it's currently dropping the 125-150 drop Hoshi-Kikami instead which I'd imagine is a result of the mission having 145lv tag on it. (not sure if there's any other missions with special exceptions such as this) Edit: typo'd the title
  11. you can't only vote no, both fields need to be filled. for low evasion types like fighgunner I'd have no problem with evades being removed but evasion is literaly one of the best things about arco classes an opens a lot of just counter opportunities I'd miss if they removed the block animation.
  12. I'v ran desert terror about 25 times over the last couple of days (not an exaggeration I'v got the grenade launchers to prove it) I use tornado break on the navel and dimmogalous, bows on the vanda (I'm a casual an I can near afk doing this, don't judge) an claws on almost everything else while playing wartecher. all my bow shot's are 20 now except dark that's 18 and fire I didn't want to shoot at vanda most of these were sub 10, while my claws PA Rensen seidan-ga has leveld up maybe 4 times an tornado break maybe 6. seems to me I shouldn't be having a far far greater time levelling all bow shots that are about equal skill level to my skills even if i'm using the bow alil more than I should, god forbid I decide to swap melee PA's an have to redo all that levelling, at-least I know that won't happen with elemental bullets
  13. Can confirm this is happening to me also (protranser (4) )
  14. Just echoing the sentiments of the others, looks amazing!
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