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  1. Grind breaking is part of the original game. I don't understand why that would ever change. It makes the risk/reward ratio very exciting. The system could use a bit of tweaking though.
  2. I was resizing the window but that never seemed to cause errors before. I got it going again. Thanks for the help!
  3. That seemed to help. I also had to disable full screen mode again. Thanks for the help!
  4. That's the thing though. I am running in windowed mode. I have tried a lot of different display settings and nothing has worked so far. I am fairly positive my GPU is going bad in my PC. Could that have any effect?
  5. Hey all, I have been having problems with launching the game recently. I'm not sure what is going wrong. If I step away for awhile, I can play for around 5 minutes before i get this message (see attachment). If i try to re-launch I get this immediately. has anyone experienced this and might have some advice? thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry I spoke too soon. Still having a new issue. It will launch if I run the PSUC as admin, but I get stuck on the login load where it says checking for patch files. hmmmm
  7. I figured it out, for some reason there was not a graphics setting selected at all. I set it to normal and it launched. Must have mis-clicked when trying to manipulates resolution size a few days ago.
  8. Like I said in the original post, I have tried running PSUC.exe as administrator. All it does is create data files, screenshots and some other junk then closes.
  9. I still haven't been able to connect to the server after multiple attempts. I must be doing something wrong. I tried downloading the patch and running PSUC.exe as admin. No luck, any suggestions?
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