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  1. You can create 2 accounts under the same IP.
  2. Thanks for the feedback about the prototype system. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to even do the system since we are so bound by the system's that PSU has in place for us. A lot of the strangeness around the naming convention is simply because we cannot alter descriptions on different versions of the same item. If you have 3 of the same weapon in your inventory but all 3 have different descriptions, PSU will take the first one and apply it to all 3. So the naming convention that is currently used was devised so that we didn't have to deal with the description problem, but also so that we didn't have to worry about any additional added text sliding off the UI for being too long. Weapon names can only hold about 21-22 characters, and there's already some late-game weapons that are too long and will need some form of shortening when they are released. As for the prototypes themselves, they're all equal chance of being acquired. There's no tier system or different chances for obtaining them when you roll for the prototype. We want to expand more upon the prototype system in the future, which means we can probably look into making a tiered system for having rarer ones, and then increasing the chance of finding prototypes in general to compensate. A large reason as to why the prototype upgrades feel a bit lackluster is due to us not being able to alter as much about a weapon's information as we first thought. Originally there were going to be many more upgrades, but as we started implementing them we were finding that weapon data was not being stored in a way that could allow very specific prototype upgrades to be possible without severely ruining your weapon's data and causing malfunctions (Striking would have had at least double its current number of prototypes if this wasn't the case). This should hopefully be changing in the future, which would allow for more interesting and specific prototypes.
  3. The casino is available with all its prizes. You can visit our missions page on our wiki for info on how to get there from Moatoob: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Missions#Moatoob You can also see the casino page with its information: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Casino_Voloyal
  4. The server is back up now.
  5. Kyu

    Grinding Concerns

    Thanks for the feedback and effort on coming up with more ideas to improve the grinding system. Obviously, dealing with a system in a game that we don't have nearly any control over is difficult, but we'll be discussing ways and methods that are feasible for us to do server-side to improve grinding without removing the difficulty or rarity of having a 10/10. We know it doesn't feel fun or good right now, but unfortunately it's the system SEGA has left us with and we have to figure out how we can change it within the realms of possibility for us.
  6. Have you at least tried signing up and launching anyway? Sometimes the launcher has a bug where it displays that you don't have connection when you still do.
  7. This is something we've talked about recently on trying to resolve, specifically the whole "you can only get this item on this rank". Now, we do have a system involved called the "Tier-down" system where when playing on any rank above C, you have a chance to roll the previous tier drops (e.g. Playing on B rank and rolling C drops on a box). We're kind of limited on box functionality right now, but we'll likely be attempting a revision of them that can allow us to keep items in the box while going up the ranks. For example, we'll hopefully be able to introduce an item in an S2 mission box, and keep it there when that mission is available in S3, S4, and so on without having to completely override the item with something new.
  8. Frankly, all I can say is that we have no control over how the Heaven Avenger weapons operate and it is completely handled by the client on how it interacts with the bullets. Any sort of forced interaction like mentioned originally (it operating like in PSO) would be done server-side and we try not to do that because it can make the client unhappy and cause other things to break.
  9. Unfortunately this cannot be done. PSU requires that it be launched with administrator access or else you cannot access the online mode.
  10. You won't be able to recover any account information or data from the old servers, as they have all been wiped. We have moved to a point where we no longer will be doing data wipes anymore though, so if you download the launcher from our forum's download section and create a new account through that, you won't have to worry about it getting wiped anymore.
  11. The PM Device Zero isn't available since none of the PM devices have been worked on yet.
  12. Everything in this development post will not be active or implemented until the update in May, so no the boost is not active yet. If you're having trouble finding players, be sure to join our discord and have a look in the looking-for-group channel: https://discord.gg/NTVGJG9
  13. We will try to add previous event exclusive items into the drop pool in future boxes some time after the event has ended. Some items from the Subzero Outbreak event have already been added to the most recent update in some of the higher tier S rank missions. A bot that we'll hopefully have connected to the discord or the forum will be worked on soon enough that should be able to provide this information, along with the most popular areas/missions where players are currently residing.
  14. I do think making the other grinder levels have more use is a step in the right direction for the system. Obviously the grinding system is a "feels bad" for most players as it was built upon a game that used a subscription service to keep you playing. We will be looking at ways to improve the grinding system without implementing any jank solutions (this is the reason for why the repair grinders from the previous test have not made a return). We want any improvement to the grinding system to be a permanent and properly implemented one. However, as Marm has mentioned, there isn't going to be any real work on much for about the next 2 months. So once May has arrived we will have time to look into what is possible for us to do with the grinding system to make an actual permanent improvement.
  15. Kyu

    PhotonFX ReShade

    It's a fisheye lens effect that is automatically applied. To turn it off, navigate to your PSU Clementine folder and go to the Reshade folder, then open the McFX_settings config file using notepad. Find the field near the top of the file named "#define USE_FISHEYE_CA" and change the value to the right of it from 1 to 0, and then save and restart PSU. Should be off at that point.
  16. Yeah the base chance would be 50%, still taking into account enemy Stamina.
  17. Since the chance to win a rare mission is per individual, it uses your own luck.
  18. We can probably do this now that there's not 700 people trying to log in all at once. Will see what Marm thinks.
  19. Welcome to Clementine! Rooms are available and are able to be customized. You can take a look at our wiki for room decorations and remodeling tickets if you want to set your sights on something specific: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Room_Decorations https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Remodeling_Tickets
  20. Falz is especially slow on C rank compared to other bosses, but as difficulties increase his speed will too.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n1m35rIkKo Aire Iglesia
  22. If you want to donate to help us with server costs, you can visit our Patreon https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/patreon/, but it isn't required or anything.
  23. Make sure you've placed the launcher inside the PSU Clementine folder.
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