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  1. Golden Skeletos has a 30% PA boost.
  2. Hi, the launcher is currently down right now, but you can still play the game by launching the "PSUC.exe" from your installation folder. Make sure to launch as admin.
  3. This could likely be due to a bug introduced in July which will set your spawn point in a block to 0,0,0. I've not heard of it happening after block 1 though, so that's interesting. Thanks for the report.
  4. I'm fairly certain this is actually a result of Antimates/Star Atomizers, etc. not actually curing ailments/healing on the first try, rather than debuffs stacking. We have yet to figure out how to fix that problem since we think it has to do with something client side.
  5. If you can replicate this problem, please let us know what mission rank this occurs on.
  6. Yes. Mega / Power is actually a B rank unit.
  7. The login server is down. It will hopefully be back soon.
  8. The weapon repairs don't reset the weapon to 0/10. They keep the current grind. So repairing an 8/9 weapon right now makes it an 8/10. I explained all of this in my grinding post.
  9. I've actually been considering this change.
  10. Kyu

    Higher quality textures

    Nicely done!
  11. EVENT INFORMATION Protector’s Zeta will be available at Falz Memoria until next Thursday. While hosting a large amount of enemies and 5 bosses, it features the final boss that is now completed, Dark Falz 2, along with some other surprises that await you. GRINDING CHANGES: Info at: FEATURES: Inspect feature now works (clothes don’t show, PAs don’t show level). Dark Falz 2 and De Ragan will have an HP scaling feature based on party members. Melee attacks will deal 25% less damage on bosses. Technics will deal 30% more damage on bosses. WEAPON FIXES (Thanks to @Parallaxed) Fixed an issue preventing 'HP affects pwr' from working. Fixed an issue preventing 'HP Steal' from working. RCSMs status effect proc chance increased by 15% - 25%. RCSMs previously with 9999 accuracy have been corrected. Heart of Poumn now has its correct rank. Meteor Cudgel now has its correct rarity. Sonichi(B) now has its correct rarity. Striker(RCSM) is no longer a wuss and will now shoot at enemies. ;> Fixed an issue causing Cubo Simbac to not have its correct model. Twilight Rune now has the correct visual effect. SUV CHANGES: Divine Cataract - 3M Paradi Cataract - 15M Mars Espada - 3M Ares Espada - 20M Inferno/Toroid Panzer - 35M Starlight Cluster - 25M Burst Impact - 27.5M Meteor Drive/Eternal Punisher - 10M AREA DROPS: Grinders have been added to every area, and every level to make up for Synthesis not being implemented yet. Shidenji-hiken has been moved to 190-199 in Neudaiz Forest/Islands. Clad Slicer has been added to Neudaiz Forest/Islands 125-174. Ignis has been moved to Habirao F.D. 60-79. Stag Cutralli has been moved to Habirao F.D. 30-49. Drill / Power has been moved to 125-149 boss box. Drill Line has been moved to 175-199 boss box. Milias Frame has been moved to 150-174 boss box. Vijeri / Rainbow has been moved to 190-199 boss box. Cross Scar has been replaced with Nyoibo in PSO Forest 80-99. Screw Gloves and Vivienne are now obtainable in Old Rozenom City 80-124. Grinders in rare missions have received a slight increase in drop rate. Tonfa has been added in Train 150-174. LZ-Vespine has been added in Train 175-199. ENEMY DROPS: SEED Magashi: 1-49 = Kokuintou Kagachi (6 Star Sword) Moved Buccaneer from Lv 10-19 to Lv 50-99 (9 Star Saber) 150-174 = Rabol Orachio (13 Star Line Shield) 175-189 = Kokuintou Houzuki (9 Star Sword) Thanks to @Gnome and @Jakoo56: All missing set bonuses were added to the set bonus files. All items with set bonuses were changed to allow them to be a part of multiple sets. Reworked the set bonus system a little to allow for the above. GENERAL CHANGES: Weapon Repairs have been added to the Dallgun Viewing Plaza NPC. Grinders have been removed from the Dallgun Viewing Plaza NPC. Planet Transfer items have been reduced to 100K meseta. Experience and Meseta rates have returned to normal rates. Level cap has been increased to 140. GL, Rifles, bullets in general, have all had knockback fixed. Rare mission chance has been increased, and the formula for determining the chance is now different.
  12. Hello Clementine, I'm coming to you today with a post regarding an upcoming change to the grinding system in the next update. This post will be geared towards explaining what about it will be different, why the system is changing again, and why we think it will be better than the current system. Let's get the important thing out of the way. The grinding system will be reverting back to official's grinding system, meaning weapon breaks are making a return. Now, before you freak out, I want to reassure you that your weapons can still be saved and repaired back to max potential (0/10) with some new items that have been developed. Weapon Repair items are making their first debut in Clementine to accompany the grinding system change. These new items, technically grinders, can be bought from the Dallgun Viewing Plaza NPC for a certain amount of meseta based on the rank of the repair item. There are four weapon repair items, all based on the ranks in-game of C, B, A, and S. Weapon Repair C will cost 100K meseta. Weapon Repair B will cost 300K meseta. Weapon Repair A will cost 7.5M meseta. Weapon Repair S will cost 10M meseta. These Weapon Repair items, when used, will restore +1 to the max grind of the weapon. For example, if your weapon is currently grinded to 8/9, using a weapon repair item will restore the weapon's grind status to 8/10. Now, why is the system changing back to official? One thing we noticed is that SEGA designed this game in a very specific way, and after examining the current grinding system with how the core game is designed in terms of loot, the current grinding system is more of a detriment than anything. The game is designed around lots of loot dropping, and the grinding system on official was designed with that in mind. A lot of you were very unhappy with how the drop rates for things like Area Drops were for v2, which was remedied slightly in v3. The initial reason for those absurdly low rates was taking the current grinding system into account. Because of that, it caused a lot of unnecessary frustration when trying to farm for drops because of the insanely low drop rates. Only 1 of that item was needed to secure a max grind of 10/10 (disregarding the amount of meseta needed to get that), although the variable of attribute was still in play. We realized that official's grinding system was indeed better for the game from a strict design standpoint regardless of how you might feel about weapons breaking, otherwise drop rates would have to stay low to compensate for the grinding system. We believe that changing the grinding system back to official will bring back the charm of hunting for weapons, but adding in our own little spice to make it not as awful, as well as removing the real money aspect grinding had on official. The Weapon Repair items should give the player a choice with grinding their weapons. "Should I spend meseta to fix the max grind on this rare weapon, or is this weapon common enough to go farm another one and try again?" The team really wanted to drive home the choice to keep the max potential for a super rare weapon by spending meseta, or going out and farming another one if you so desire. Since this is the first iteration, we don't expect it to be perfect, but we definitely expect it to be better than the current system that's being used (although without synthesis it might not feel that great). The lack of players might also contribute to a less populated market for the grinders. Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why is the system changing if no one is really grinding anyway from the lack of obtainable grinders?" With that, I'm happy to let you know that grinders are making their debut into normal Areas temporarily until Synthesis is complete. Every Area will have 1-2 droppable grinders, and rare missions have had their grinder drop rates increased. Grinders for normal areas will have higher rates than weapons. Grinders have also been removed from the Dallgun shop, so feel free to price grinders as you please. It's our hope that being able to farm grinders will bring back the normal feeling of grinding that official had until you can synthesize them in your room. We'll be looking to improve the rates for grinders if they feel too low, but this is not a guarantee that they will be raised. I ask that you please try this new system and give us constructive feedback on how it feels. Since you all are used to the current system, it will feel weird at first, but please try to understand why it should be more effective in the long run, as well as how it works better with the design of the game.
  13. Kyu

    Server down?

    On the main page of our forum, you can find the link to our discord on the right side. Additionally, you can search up Clementine Discord on google.
  14. Don't use the launcher, it's currently down. You can launch the PSUC.exe as admin from your installation folder and be able to connect.
  15. The launcher is currently having problems connecting to the server. Run the PSUC.exe from the installation folder as admin, and you should be able to connect.
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