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  1. Kyu

    Error E21002

    Try making an account now. Should be open.
  2. Kyu


    If you download the client from our forum in the "Download" section at the top, you should not need the manual patch.
  3. Clothing should definitely not be free (or lowered). Most of the clothes in the clothing shop couldn't even be obtained for meseta on the official server, making them harder to get. I understand fashion is an important part of the game for some people to look unique from others, but that should be more than enough incentive to want to play the game to get the look you want. In the future, I would love to put some clothes and such in the casino as an alternative way for people to get them, but we haven't decided anything regarding that yet.
  4. Kyu

    No sound

    I'd say just try restarting your computer. If you play in fullscreen, you can't do, like, anything other than play PSU or it will crash. If you want to do other things while having PSU open, make sure to play in windowed mode.
  5. Kyu

    ERORR E21002

    Not sure what you're talking about there buddy. Within 3 minutes of your original post asking how to log in, someone helped you out and gave you all the info you needed. You should probably calm down before trying to tell others not to play something just because you had a hard time with it.
  6. Hello PS4 controller user, This is a simple guide to get your PS4 buttons mapped to PSU's controls correctly. It's much simpler than the Xbox controllers. First, in your PSU Clementine folder, open the "online.exe" executable and click on "Options". (You can also open options from the launcher) Open "Gamepad Settings," and then map the following controls to your buttons. (IF YOUR OPTIONS SHOW AS ??? THEN DO THE FOLLOWING): Press Windows Key + R to open Run. Enter %localappdata% and hit Enter. Go to the SEGA folder, then the PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus folder. Open the Psuilluminus.ini file inside with text editor, and change the line LANG=J to LANG=AE. Retain any spacing the file already had. Save the file and open "online.exe" again (or reboot your launcher) and go to Options to see the corrected text. [BUTTONS] Enter, talk, search, pick up item - Button 2 (X) Cancel, bring up action palette - Button 3 (Circle) Normal attack, bullet, TECHNIC - Button 1 (Square) Striking weapon skill, TECHNIC - Button 4 (Triangle) Lock-on camera, next page - Button 5 (Left Bumper) Switch weapon, next page - Button 6 (Right Bumper) Page left - Button 7 (Left Trigger) Page right, Chat Log - Button 8 (Right Trigger) First person camera ON/OFF - Button 12 (Right Analog Stick Click) Main menu display ON/OFF, skip movie - Button 10 (Start Button) Change Character Info Display - Button 11 (Left Analog Stick Click) [ANALOG] UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT Arrow Key - None Camera left/right - Z axis Camera up/down - Z axis rotation And with that, you should have a fully functioning PS4 controller WITH TRIGGERS and no 3rd party program required. To type in game, simply press the Space Bar. NOTE: This guide is purely to replicate the controls that the Xbox 360 used on the Official PSU server.
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