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  1. We have figured out what's wrong with Wicked Invasion, however try to keep requests to normal missions and not events. We'll be sure to fix Invasion though.
  2. The server is currently down for a couple of months while we finish working on preparing it for the final release. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. The server was far from ready. We don't have any original source code from SEGA, so the server has been completely remade from scratch.
  4. We used Mantis in the past as TurtleHermit said, and we still do use it, just not to the extent we used to. It's actually quite easy to see a bug posted on the forums or discord and write it down in our notes for later, so that's usually what we do right now.
  5. Kyu

    Online ???

    Since the server is still in testing not many people play regularly. However, we still get over 100 people playing consistently during peak hours, and around 30-50 during off-hours.
  6. General Changes: - Party Multiplier per member has been decreased to 10%. - A new Type, Acrogunner, has been introduced. Currently Acrogunner will be named “Acromaster” until the client can be patched to have the name changed. - Changed Acrofighter's requirements to 5 Hunter / 3 Ranger to make space for Acrogunner, which will use 3 Hunter / 5 Ranger as requirements. - Guntecher’s Support TECH cap is now level 40. - Diopside has been moved from VR: Space 150-174 to VR: Space 190-199. - Fixed an issue where Gunmaster’s MST modifier was starting with the level 20 value at level 1 and decreasing upon leveling up. - Fixed an issue with SEED Magashi’s level 190 drop incorrectly being dropped at level 175. - Fixed an issue where Boss stat modifiers were loading in the incorrect order, as well as some incorrect modifiers. - Tweaked Boss AI for De Ragan. - Fixed an issue with De Rol Le's armor not breaking, as well as his exploding minions not dying. - Ra- TECHNICs and Gi- TECHNICs now have Limit Break capabilities. - Scorched Valley’s HP modifier has been reduced to 70%. - Protector’s Lambda is now available at Moatoob’s Ice Plains, and has unique clear box drops. - Protector’s Zeta is now available at Falz Memoria. - Airboard Rally is now playable at the 5th Floor of the GUARDIANS Colony. - Jellen and Deband have had their multipliers halved at all levels. Lvl 1: 11% -> 5.5% Lvl 2: 15% -> 7.5% Lvl 3: 19% -> 9.5% Lvl 4: 23% -> 11.5% Lvl 5: 27% -> 13.5% - Enemy immunity towards incapacitation has been changed. - The following enemies do not resist incapacitation: - Bal Soza - Mizura - Komazli - Gaozoran - Zasharogan - Jaggo - Rappy - AMF Heavy Infantry - Armed Servant (Basta) - Armed Servant (Obme) - Armed Servant (Ozuna) - Armed Servant (Taguba) - Rogue (Jasse) - Rogue (Ogg) - Rogue Mazz - Rogue Wikko - SEED-Guardian (Kn) - SEED-Guardian (Sa) - SEED-Guardian (Sh) - SEED-Guardian (Tw) - SEED-Lab staff - Special Ops (Assault) - Special Ops (Kanohne) - Special Ops (Solda) - Special Ops (Vobis) - Bysha type-Koh21 - Bysha type-Otsu32 - Gohma Dilla - Gohma Methna - GSM-05 Seeker - GSM-05B Bomalta - GSM-05M Tirentos - YG-01K BUGGE - YG01U BUGGES - YG-01Z BUG Weapons: The following weapons have had their SE boost increased: - Gi Gue Laser -> 2.5x - Combat Cannon -> 2x - Anti-Android Rifle -> 3x - Mirage Crusade/Mirage Crusade+ -> 2x - Komazli Rod -> 2x - Happy Rappy Parasol -> 2.25x - Mirage Storm -> 2.5x - Chaos Sorcerer Rod -> 2.5x - Evil Curst, Solferino -> 2x - Diopside -> 2.5x - Alchemist Shadow -> 2x - Divine Raikou SE+ -> 2x The following weapons have had their sound effect fixed: - Gudda Plasma - Final Impact - Gabridant The following weapons have had their names corrected: - Illegal Testament is now called “Ill Gill Testament.” - Shippudohtoh is now spelled “Shippudotoh.” The following weapons have had their normal attack modifiers adjusted: - Axe -> 150% - Sword -> 130% - Double Saber -> 85% - Dagger -> 85% - Knuckle -> 85% - Twin Dagger -> 85% - Twin Claw -> 85% - Twin Saber -> 85% The following weapons have had their set bonus fixed: - Missouri S012 - Missouri RX4 The following weapons have had their visual effects fixed: - Sunriser Experimental formula changes: - A new damage formula has been introduced to fix issues with DFP not protecting players enough and Deband / Zalure not doing their job. - All of these changes apply to TP/MST as well. Formulae: Ele. = 1 + ((Weapon_Element% / 151.5)) Player -> Enemy: (Critical * ((ATP / 3.7) * PA Mod. * Ele. * ATP_Buff - (DFP/3)) * (2000/(2000+DFP)) * DFP_Buff) Enemy -> Player: (Critical * ((ATP / 2.5) * PA Mod. * Ele. * ATP_Buff - (DFP/1.5)) * (1050/(1050+DFP)) * DFP_Buff) We’ll be tweaking the formula in the next couple of patches to get it ready for release. The condition interpreter for missions has been rewritten. Mission select, start, clear and fail conditions should be better handled now. This might cause a couple of bugs though. The randomizer has been changed from using the Mersenne Twister structure to using PCG. Along with this randomizer change, we are experimenting with variable drop rates for items. This means if an item has not come into circulation after a certain amount of time, its rate will increase to get that item into circulation. As mentioned near the top, Protectors Lambda and Protectors Zeta are now available to play. Protectors Lambda will be available at Moatoob's Northern Continent: Ice Plains. Protectors Zeta will be available at Falz Memoria on the GUARDIANS Colony. Clear box information for these events can be found on the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LBw5JooIWUVYFtFKiTB4HfxjFgTWbIwWOrC3TeaTHNY/edit?usp=sharing
  7. There are other rare missions, each at their respective Guardians Branches. They should be listed under normal missions at the counter.
  8. We are still expecting one last wipe. There's no time frame to when that will happen but it is definitely closer than ever. If you want to play the current build to see what's all been completed then go right ahead, however keep in mind your progress will eventually be wiped.
  9. Clementine currently has different drop tables for enemy loot. They'll likely be changed in the future to mirror official as close as possible, but for now you can find Enemy Drops here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DvTQQmbPTocsXeEAzFYe2BtwMbaz7Vm_qiHk7Nutk_Q/edit?usp=sharing And you can find Area Drops here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pDpWbM31EkHhhbmzQH_oMay31jjeEYVr6peaEYwflOs/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Hi, currently only Hyper Viper is available as a drop on Clementine. It drops from SEED-Vitace 100-149. As for the missions, Security Breach does not exist on Clementine, and Illusionary Shaft is a rare mission that can only be played when a player wins a rare mission.
  11. Seasonal enemies do not currently work. Sorry about that.
  12. Kyu

    creating a wiki

    Hey there! I hate to come and tell you this after you already started work on it, but we've already got a wiki of our own for Clementine that's currently being developed. If you want to continue developing yours, that's fine, but please understand most of the data you gather for what's currently on the server will likely be outdated upon the full launch of the server.
  13. To further elaborate on this, boxes in general do not have items in them yet, at least not regular items you'd expect like official had. They do have items from the offline mode box list, but that's it right now. The full box drops list is still being worked on, however our current event mission Protectors Kappa does have box drops for all ranks.
  14. Kyu

    Inventory question

    Yes, each piece of clothing takes up a slot in your inventory.
  15. The server was undergoing maintenance, sorry for the inconvenience. It should be back up now.
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