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  2. So uh when is the source code gonna get leaked so people with a brain can make a good private server, cause some of these changes are honestly retarded and ruined the game
  3. Eastern Peril s3 Time-3:08 タイムレス/Cast/FM Can def get a sub 3 ill try again sometime
  4. I'd like to know where you tested this and on what mobs and the results if you don't mind
  5. lmao no I didn't mean slicers for bosses, I meant slicers in parties usually 4 or more the damage from them just wasn't great and it would knock mobs back/away from the rest of the party making it hard for others to hit the mobs,as for their bossing it was total shit, bosses would move too much and AF couldn't JC at all with sekka they would just get knocked up constantly rendering the PA uselss on bosses most of the time
  6. Uhhhh AF has not been keeping up with FM at all until zeta came out , renzan couldn't kill trash as fast as spiral dance or skadd and slicers were piss poor in party play not to mention their horrible boss damage.....
  7. I feel as if the HP scaling makes a lot of classes and PAs not as good as they used to be and there needs to be a change
  8. was this run before the rentis & disaz fix or after?
  9. ヨキ(Yoki) タイムレス(Timeless) Valen
  10. Beach Bums s3 Trio Cast FM lv 135 Human AF lv 135 Human AT lv 128 no video atm since I forgot to turn the record on but will upload a vid with better time soon
  11. oh bro by all means I have the patience but im not sure about the rest of the community though, guess we jus gonna have to ride out the rough times then
  12. hmm so basically we gotta wait x amount of months for a good balance change/update?
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