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  1. The first one actually already exists as a retail event called Protectors ζ (zeta) http://re-psupedia.info/Protectors_ζ. It even has secret style objectives for minimum and maximum kills like the original. Quest making is an annoying process due to the tools available not being as indepth as something like Qedit for pso1 so it has a lot of hex editing still. Respective tomorrow would be a neat idea and since there is a beach map, you can sort off have 1 part be similar and get creative with VR ruins and spaceship. Unfortunately if you wish to try and learn how to make quests, you would need access to the quest nbl files which I wouldn't know where you could get them but the tool itself is freely available for editing them made by Agrajag https://github.com/Agrathejagged/tenora-works, it would be the generic parser that would read and somewhat organize the quest file itself. Some day the community can start working on making some mission files but when ever that might be who knows, would be fun to see a bunch of peoples takes on new missions regardless of their balance.
  2. PSP2i area style maps (Fantastic Voyage, Red Hot Jungle and the snow cap map) and the classic pso worlds (Rare mission zones). Something to slap SEED-Argine in since he only shows up in CoM, the end of Military Subway and rare parum mission. The christmas mission you did where it moved from 1 map style to another was cool visually, same with the beach one with the time passing farther you go in. I personally like missions with lots of smaller enemies that you just kinda barrel through a bunch vs a few large enemies that toss you around. No more mizuras ever again please and thank you <3
  3. Move on to a new game, save yourself brother.
  4. PSU is limited in what can be done by trying to make things special. The longbow thing simply just can't be done since the animation it self forces you to stop and there is no animation in place for when you are strafing and shooting in the game with no way to be able to add it in since this is how the other guns like crossbow work, different animations depending on direction or no movement. The number of bullets that come out of a gun technically acts as "1 shot" that has 5 hit boxes in separate directions which leads to the same thing as before, the game doesn't support varied times on each shot since its all 1 animation. Until the game is extremely well understood, these are an impossibility.
  5. I don't know why I am even replying to the nonsense charts above me but I'll just put this here anyway. This is the current grinding rates for S ranks provided to me by Marm. They don't really seem that crazy but everyone has their own experience with them. The rates with my system would be the chart below here since you either didn't read what I put or you just completely did not understand it. This whole post was just to be a place to make a conversation about grinding and how people as whole feel along with getting a collection of ideas / opinions all in one place to be viewed more easily and started it off with my own. The poll at the main post is not a VOTE on whether what I put there is going in or not, it is quite literally a place for people who do not want to give a full reply but want to add their opinion and for those who do not want to read all the replies and instead just get a general glance at what people feel. I would ask for some of you to relax a little and just treat this as a standard conversation for future reference, however I'd like to thank everyone who has read what I put as well as leaving a reply! Hope you all have a great day and don't go too crazy if either something does change or doesn't change, it is a game at the end of the day. Cheers
  6. Hello Clementine community, I am here to start the discussion of weapon grinding and how it can be improved and/or changed as a whole for a more enjoyable experience. I wrote out my own view on how things can be redone which can be found at the google doc link Here (Its a bit of a long read). I have shown this to several members of the staff as well as all the other helpers / balance team members and they mostly liked it but if any major change is to happen, the rest of the player base would need to look it over and give an honest review of it. After you have read it and are willing to give a critique or response in general, I humbly ask that whether you like it or dislike it, that you add as much details as to why that is and how it can be more improved as well as your own ideas that you may have as I would love to read them! Somethings to note is that none of the rates on there have been tested, nobody at this time would have any idea how they would feel and would need to be ran by several people in a test server to get a general idea but I'd also like to add a few extra questions that could help that process: 1) With this system you would be using a decent amount more grinders than you normally would. How many grinders do you think it would be reasonable for to achieve a 10/10? What is too much or too little based on your experience in obtaining grinders. 2) This system is mainly to promote people to add a few upgrades on weapons without risking its entire value. How far on grinds with the current grinding system do you usually go to before you consider too much of a risk / loss? 3) What are your overall opinions with the current grinding system? What do you think about upgraded weapons in general? I understand that this isn't anything how "Official" did things but a lot of Clementine isn't how official did things but it seems the majority of people have enjoyed all of those changes so far. Nothing feels worse in PSU than spending a very large amount of time trying to get the weapon you want (and if its a melee weapons, you need that high % too) and when you go to grind it, it comes out 4/4 and your previous gear is still better and you feel as if you wasted all that time trying to progress but you accomplished nothing. I hope that at the very least this has inspired some of you to think about other new ways to approach PSU systems that aren't very fun, I'm looking forward to all of your responses on this matter! Thanks for reading / participating.
  7. Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created?
  8. What in Gods name have you done
  9. Its a bug that swaps extra units when you use nanoblast and change blocks. it doesnt actually change anything, you just sometimes get a fancy effect from another unit in the game data that varies based on mission local. Dont worry about it, you can always swap your armor to remove the effect.
  10. Yea the same thing happens with the formal dress. I traded for white/yellow and it gave me the first one on the list which was the pink one. Still want the color I spent 10 hours rare farming for. Should've just left all the clothes in the npc shop like all the tests before, was the best feature clem did.
  11. They ain't wide enough. I need some real WIDTH for this piercing boy, it ain't fair that them dingle dong olgomons barta got 3x the width when I just wanna clap cheeks. Thanks for listening
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