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  1. Hopefully this fixes alot of problems people are having...if it doesn't, I'll go cry. You can toggle between Japanese and English in the settings.
  2. For sure, I can compile in release, that's not an issue, I tried this previously for others that couldn't get it to work, to no avail. I'm willing to compile it in Release again, to see if it helps. I have a few features I want to work in before I release 1.14. I suppose I can release 1.14 to see if it works as release, but I'm unsure if it'd fix the problem.
  3. It's a possibility, I'll consider making a standalone version.
  4. @Tadoru your English is fine, I will be adding Japanese support in 1.14
  5. Let me know if the _potential_ fix for the controller problem didn't work for you, it fixed it on my end, on a DS4, both wireless and wired. Thanks.
  6. I'm aware of an issue causing the addon to not work at all when a controller is connected at start-up (for some users), currently 0 idea why this is happening but I'll continue to investigate and edit this post when I find the solution.
  7. Yeah, so in code, / is an OEM key, it's dependant on your keyboard Layout
  8. Sure, I'll add that in, I'll update soon for you. I assume you're also Zane on Discord, so I'll DM you when it's up. Shouldn't be long
  9. I kinda figured this would be an issue, I need a better grouping of keys to be honest. I hope to make them configurable later on, if there's a key you know how that does nothing in PSU and is available on your keyboard, let me know, I can make a secondary hotkey that does the same. If your keyboard has /, you can use that to open the menu and overlay (it won't toggle the overlay as a whole though)
  10. I know I didn't get to alot of what people wanted to see, but hopefully in my next update push. For your first question, it's something I wanted to do, so people can set their preference as they want. I'll look into doing this for the next update. For the second one, you can already do this in the current version, and since 1.0. I know it isn't explained anywhere so I don't blame you for missing it.
  11. Updated to 1.1 - minor patches to some issues -HSV color picker should work fine? (left click the color box) -Removed some font options that didn't work -Added saving to the column width of the item scanner. -Made it so the PA HtL text didn't vanish when it was confused and scared. -Hopefully fixed the issue causing alot of people not being able to use this. Let me know if the fix worked for those of you that couldn't get it to work, I thought I'd found the cause but I can't be 100% Apparently 1.1's fix worked for some users that couldn't get it to work, please let me know if it didn't for others. 04/02/2021 - v1.11 -Fixed an issue caused in 1.1 that made the item scanner's columns disappear. (Sorry about that)
  12. I know a good handful of users are experiencing issues getting this to work, I'm looking into the cause and will update the files when I have a fix. Thanks for the feedback, if you press save settings it shouldn't revert (unless revert is being pressed somehow) I'll note the star being wrong for 10star and I'll look into making a better style editor. Edit: Rather just edit the last post that flood this with more. @Jyuki Unsure if this was more what you meant. These are already in the version available, but not sure how robust/how exactly you'd like to see it. or would you like RGB to be displayed on the HSV color picker as well? Edit 2: I believe I've discovered the problem causer of most people not being able to use this. Will continue to investigate and figure out a fix to implement. Thanks
  13. Gnome Glasses Current version: 1.14 An all-in-one(someday) addon for PSU Current features Floor reader (Item scanner) - This will display all drops on the ground in your current block, this is up to 50 items, and will scroll. PA Hit to next level display - This is kinda basic, but will display the number of hits to next level of the PA you're currently using. (Will only update on hit / buff use) Smooth text on Playernames & others - Just makes player name text _smoooooooth_ The ability to completely customise the look of the addon, in the style menu. The ability to move, drag, resize and do with what you want, the windows of this addon. Media Floor Reader(Item Scanner):Example PA Hit to Next Level: Example Smooth text: OFF and ON Installation: 1) Download the zip below. 2) Extract the files directly into your PSU folder, you can choose to replace your current online.exe, or just use this one separately, they both function the same outside of injecting my DLL. 3) Open the Launcher as ADMIN <- this is kinda important pls no forget 4) Launch game 5) Profit???? Hotkeys / general use info: Insert or PLUS(+) - this will toggle the display of the overlay at all. / (Forward Slash) - this will toggle the menu bar, from here you can open style settings and turn on and off windows. Moving windows around and adjusting display is straight forward, just use your mouse, drag around and off you go. Patch Notes If you have any bugs / issues, feel free to either DM me directly on Discord, or just leave a lovely informative post here. Thanks. Disclaimer: The Launcher still gets flagged by windows and others, I love working with Microsoft, they definitely haven't lied to me many times about fixing this issue. Just so you're aware, you might have to allow this launcher on your PC, like you probably did with online.exe. GnomePSU1.14.zip
  14. It'll be something we look at doing, once we transfer webhost I'll slap it on the roadmap I suppose
  15. I know, I know, I'm an esteemed Artist. This is @Ethateral, enjoy.
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