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  1. I'm scared, hold me. I can hear the bus, it's getting closer, make it stop.
  2. I look forward to seeing you lovely ladies on Launch day, and cannot wait for the crashes and fun in a nice sleepless night Love you all, look forward to it.
  3. As mentioned above, unfortunately most of the text is server-sided. While we have no plans currently to fully support other regional languages, it might be something for the future. Any Japanese text is currently quest text that hasn't been translated by us. We haven't really experimented with having multiple languages on the same server, there may be a way to have an option or get the option setting from the client. Right now though, there isn't a way to change the language and I apologise about that.
  4. Stop right there, criminal scum.
  5. your inventory is out of sync with the server, relog. Not relogging can result in loss of items :x
  6. For those of you that don't yet have the game, maybe you were waiting for us to actually upload a new installer so you don't have to mess around with manually patching, etc. I uploaded the new installer on Google Drive, I'm open to suggestions as to where else we should upload the installer. MEGA is probably a no-go, as you require premium to download more than 5gb in a 24 hour period (or something to that effect) Find the downloads at the page below. https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/client_download/ Thanks
  7. I don't want to sit here and try to cradle people with the idea of there not being any wipes, or try to talk my way around the topic. Yes, there will be likely wipes. This will happen in the event that we require major database changes, or something of the like.
  8. - Fixed a couple of SQL issues with the room server. Might not improve stability, but we'll see. - Fixed bullet PA's not being able to penetrate. Please report if the freeze bug returns. - Fixed a bug with Murasamera for an incorrectly assigned status effect. - Slightly boosted Blast Bar charge rate from 8 minutes to 5 minutes. - Marmalade As a side note, both myself and Marmalade are in the UK so our timezone might be different to alot of people, hence why this update is marked 26th April, as it was just after midnight when this update was pushed.
  9. The forum has a feature called "Clubs", mouse over the main menu up in the top left and go to Clubs, this would probably serve as a clan recruitment thing. Clubs act as their own little subforums too.
  10. I apologize about the extended down time, but we found a lead and chased it down. Sorry for any inconvenience. - Blast Bar charging has been optimised. - Shop prices were changed for the following items: - A+10 Grinder changed to 500k - Mars Espeda changed to 1 mil - Divine Cateract changed to 1 mil - Fixed lineshields being removed on block change while nanoblasting - Fixed SUV Damage multiplier (It was super high) - Fixed Nanoblast Damage multiplier (It was also, super high) - Fixed Protransers not being able to use EX traps - Fixed an issue where high rank items were dropping from low rank missions - Fixed an issue where RCSMs weren't inflicting status effects - Fixed PP recovery bonus on Just Attack - Fixed AT Support Technic level limit - Added Meseta rewards for mission clearing - Potential fix for the ranger soft-lock issue Thanks for your patience - Marmalade
  11. If you're referring to White Beast, no they didn't just do white beast. "Increasing the rates across the board" won't make people play in different areas, they'll just find the hot new mission that seems the most optimal. You either play the game, casually and for fun (like myself) or you grind like hell and find it to be a chore, which I don't.
  12. I enjoy the current rates, (this is speaking from a personal opinion), but on the topic of conversation about meseta. People that have hit cap, have earned over 2 - 4mil meseta already. (This buys you pretty much anything) Getting enough money for a weapon is easy enough, sure you won't be able to buy like 6 weapons to fill your palette but there wouldn't be much point, right? You're only going to upgrade it in 10 levels. This is my personal opinion, and not a reflection on what the Clementine team thinks. but I'm happy with where things are currently at.
  13. All decoraction interacts are not yet available, so this is likely to happen with every decoration that has an interaction feature.
  14. Hello Folks! First off, for those of you that have our old client, that you used to live, you can already head over to our Download section to acquire the patch for live -> rewrite. Alternatively, opening the launcher will also auto-update your game. To create an account, you have to be at the login screen in-game and you don't need much else than a username and password in mind. Fill in the login page, only with your username, type _n after it, this tells the server that you're wanting to register a new account with that name. For your password, simply put in the password you want. you don't need to append anything to this. Hit log in, and the server will tell you that you successfully created your account. After this, go back to the login screen and remove the _n Log in, make your character, away you go, neeowwm.
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