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  1. Here are codes that allow to play, on the PSP emulator "PPSSPP", to Phantasy Star Portable 2 (North American version ; ULUS-10529) and to Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (Japanese version ; NPJH-50332) at 60FPS. Nothing really new, though maybe not everyone knows these codes exist. But these codes really improve the games and I thought it'd be a good idea to have them here. So, here they are : Phantasy Star Portable (ULUS-10529) _S ULUS-10529 _G Phantasy Star Portable 2 _C1 60fps _L 0x00630B6C 0x00000001 _L 0x20662FF4 0x42700000 _L 0x20662FF8 0x0000003C _L 0x20662FFC 0x3F800000 _L 0x20663000 0x00000001 _L 0x20663004 0x3F000000 _L 0x20663008 0x3C888889 _C0 30fps _L 0x00630B6C 0x00000002 _L 0x20662FF4 0x41F00000 _L 0x20662FF8 0x0000001E _L 0x20662FFC 0x40000000 _L 0x20663000 0x00000002 _L 0x20663004 0x3F800000 _L 0x20663008 0x3D088889 Source Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity NPJH-50332 _S NPJH-50332 _G Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity [JPN] _C0 60fps _L 0x202937B4 0x46010043 _L 0x0069D46C 0x00000001 _L 0x206DA554 0x42700000 _L 0x206DA558 0x0000003C _L 0x206DA55C 0x3F800000 _L 0x206DA560 0x00000001 _L 0x206DA564 0x3F000000 _L 0x206DA568 0x3C888889 _C0 30fps _L 0x202937B4 0x46000843 _L 0x0069D46C 0x00000002 _L 0x206DA554 0x41F00000 _L 0x206DA558 0x0000001E _L 0x206DA55C 0x40000000 _L 0x206DA560 0x00000002 _L 0x206DA564 0x3F800000 _L 0x206DA568 0x3D088889 Source
  2. Nice finding ! In fact, few years ago, there was on the PSU official forum a tutorial made by... I don't remember who, which explained how to make custom music for the game. I didn't have any interest on it, but I found it cool how easy it was to "extract" (and eventually convert) music from this game, that I decided to list "almost" every tracks (and propose a batch file, that you have partially on the 1st post, to make this easier). In fact, by ignoring .adx added to archives, the latest version of PSU:AotI includes 191 .adx The list has only 130 entries. Why that ? Because it was based on the in-game jukebox. That explains the typo I kept for "Raia" and "Eathan" (they were existant ingame : I thought I'd have the Raia variant, but... I don't. Or I lost it). Tracks order, which follow the tracks order in the jukebox (sadly, I haven't "screenshot-ed" it, and the PSPo2i one is different). Because I thought it'd be more convenient for modders, and because I've checked every file online (you'll understand later), tracklist name (they are as they were in-game, and may be different to what they are on differents OSTs). Folders ("md BGM\PSU", "md BGM\PSPo", etc..) are my own, simply to sort tracks by game (in-game, iirc, tracks were divided on three pages) But because Gmarch wasn't in the jukebox, I somewhat missed it. For obvious reason, in addition to the jukebox music disc I decided to list the "bonus tracks". So... What are the 61 others .adx ? 6ccb10e8efc08822cfba6ec3454d8a18 - Casino - Win 77dd8b3024bb6b16c1557e0e92ba912f - I expect it to be related to the casino but, afak, it was never used. Probably bankrupt. 2027abc764c2970b422ddd4bdf3ca963 - Casino - Slot - Small gain during Fever iirc 80d11a9806ab49509c85f348786982af - Casino - Slot - Jackpot/big gain during Fever iirc 2c9133c1f0eeed16d53c2ecb2a16ea5d - Spaceship S.E. 5c218f4226701b573cd07ed06a889911 - Spaceship S.E. 95e2afc09fac6a2e6ba84489d113b081 - Spaceship S.E. & BGM 6a81f4e61fae59c07cfcfd15c9da0d8a - Spaceship S.E. & BGM All of these are boss intro/outro : a40afa5096f38299a0ddc59d0b7c26a8 2e558e68d9d575c8a793ae4052f64351 2ef11d684a45837236062f2c6588d2b5 - Dark Falz Intro 04c7756df07705b177e518560503aff8 87a96ae232fdaba3369dc1a9d4c6c8f3 8429ef6998314b09e01687374f50bb58 0e4614e3ba31cda41152b8cebb969913 7d8eebeb5aa779ac5b50db44582c1a7b 8ff45b2427ebeb03abdce27d8c3a4a8a 97b0b5fa53b1b6f4c598895a8cc80cd2 585fd0aa3bbc8da7183a186f805ae5b6 1368c866d5862d18ef218ec182ed88d1 ea8cc55f87b81015cc0de49366ee2de3 eab2c7350160bf28853b7026151819c4 ef6456ea78ea05551c77d5fa1334badd 2f781c8eaf076d73af79c4f5e74d8890 - Dark Falz Outro 06d601ede3d8b46e520f6b1bc0933a35 25ef5ea2f77d86c0a9d3d7aa9fc46275 765512d02611760fe181c6c6ca7be2c6 228281463fa23868d55c25832f3ea620 - Mother Brain Intro b67a1bcaf6b4592bc760bcf3cb9654cf 5c924519880f931c6e7a17cf118bd757 23ea4a40fa4b82727f6b74aeb9b86a69 2755c119ddb894329b0fba08d9f79912 7cd5031e76d927c10c38698e9b6c9dd2 - Mother Brain Outro 331caf9549a022bb35f3f253c13133cd b6cebf6557c5b7893a44121bf3b070eb fdcc516a1749027c435b2ab9cef894c8 I never searched to identify them because, excepted Mother Brain and Dark Falz, it has no interest in my eyes. 788f9c807fd0ce5a2ca57989c97f6656 - Game Over (only used in Story Mode) da4b61bf8b9dbf915b299ce02bfc3be8 - Silent ; may be interesting to know if it was used (and when/why) The 4 following tracks are part of the "Disc 026 - Comedy". They're all used in Story Mode. Maybe they were also used during some events (Dengeki Maybe ?). 8607b4c0e0078d329fb38280caea8da2 - Called "Happy End" in PSPO2i (Disk 46) 4cdc35c72bd9fce4ef2e079f76fb3698 - Called "Warmth" in PSPo2i (Disk 31) e0bb1ad20c19d815a0dcdbb561f898f5 - Called "Funny" in PSPo2i (Disk 30) b010f16aa44d50098af69772c2bd4ded - Called "Dubious" in PSPo2i (Disk 29) I never seen the interest of these, because SEGA could virtually generate them by simply create loops in the original track. ebc1cfc85432ae187d6133aee86470da - Result Screen (good) 4a232beb7e19109e7c52f8f3891dc953 - Result Screen (bad) Some variants of the main themes : 3c2e73c4453324ce6e1bea838e4161c6 - Save This World - Orchestra Short Version 2 - 00ab44366553c9ab5e05acba10c16680 - For Brighter Day - Short Version - 7327ea6caa8f1a739455ae31b25ccfa4 - For Brighter Day - Orchestra Short Version - f7f6c7e40b6dfa87b061cb4635d48941 - For Brighter Day - Remix Short Version - f7817a9427049eaa54fc1548801f31c0 - With You - Extra Short Version - 82632901ae8ffe23f4d57d26d90d9097 - With You - Short Version - 5aced909abb4534409afdcf95e329a30 - With You - Instrumental - d018713d4a1fc62c2ec73a488e56e9b7 - Mirei - Short Version - c8639b8b3afcd3de5c74dc9d07f6fb7b - Mirei - Long Version - Don't know if they're used. 35acae7ccb21b8857332b869e965406f - Like Matriotix said, "G March" (a.k.a. Counter Mission hymn) Some PSO Tracks that deserved to be in the jukebox, but they are not (and no one know why) : 8867241135a197bf86f86de3cda0fdbc - Mother earth of dishonesty PART2 223faa4ed1db4e770cdcc38dd1e19a3e - The kink in the wind and the way PART2 f3f5325f2e0f600962b89e6cadd7dd9b - Empty space out of control PART2 a531649d2659f394fa70dfc9879ea626 - Revolution to the origin PART2 Duplicate of two PSU tracks : 84165eab3e9f115722b1f4881d5cd9f5 - Copy of 5ca355ff67a177563c0be89256f82a9d "056 - Z.C.Enemy 1.adx" 6b3028a4225813da92604795c6b99203 - Copy of c82ced14f244d8e55db6d006a53d2034 "057 - Z.C.Enemy 2.adx" No idea if they were used, but only the originals were in the jukebox. ba7332e066b5a4fcba4f68562222f5c0 - I can't figure what is it, even with the OST (quite sure I've already heard it in-game). To finish on another anecdotes, on this list, I had to romanize some track names. Don't remember why (probably it causes the batch command to dysfunction). Here's the "affected" tracks, and their correct name in JP : 099 - Kikami Shouten ➝ 麒神衝天 kimishine ➝ きみのためなら死ねる akadoko ➝ 赤ちゃんはどこからくるの? For the "Bonus Tracks", I had no idea how to name them (and how to sort them). And how can I be sure to haven't missed any tracks ? I've made a copy of the entire data file, used a batch file to add to every file the .adx extension, I've opened all the 2177 files with foobar2000 (and the foo_input_vgmstream plug-in), and only kept tracks that have a duration (which means they are truly .adx). Stupid, but efficient. So, now, people have the entire list of *.adx used in-game. And thanks for having corrected the bug which prevented me to post (or create a new thread).
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