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  1. A lot to cover here. For the collector, it's literally one, two, or probably three slots, at max. A x2 PA experience boost ticket, a x4, and room for if you get a stack, which is probably unlikely. If you can't make that, I'm not sure what to tell ya. I'm genuinely trying to consider this, but it just comes down to "make space 4Head" because it's only three slots at max. If you come into S3+ with unleveled PAs, you're throwing. Period. Not everyone has friends like that, sadly. Also, the second bit literally contradicts the game. You need to stop progressing, by playing lower difficulties, not because of your power level, but because of just wanting to try a different class, PA, etc. It actively discourages trying anything else unless your current options are absolutely terrible and/or not working as effectively. Not to mention, you need to take a leap of faith, pray that the PA you buy and grind up is actually worth a damn, then pray the time spent pays off. There is a reason why this system was removed in the later games. It's cool on paper, but has a lot of issues wrapped up on it. Also, considering PA leveling is one of the most contentious issue in the game, next to grinding of course, this should be a given. Sadly, this isn't a fool-proof suggestion. That being said, this is a problem with the fact that boosters don't pause.
  2. Somewhat. Giving consumable PA EXP boost tickets to use at any given time, instead of server-wide, timed PA EXP boost periods, was the entire point of the suggestion. The other boosts can remain server-wide or whatever they want to do with them. Regarding the player count, in the case of event milestones, players don't need to log in to reap the rewards anyway, as of right now. They just exist on the server, then come log in and level PAs once all the more dedicated players have played the event ad nauseum. With the randomly distributed boost periods, it's the same scenario. Logging on to play during the event should be a choice. This is not a live-service subscription game where our objective as a server is to bring in as much revenue as possible through FOMO and other tactics. Besides, a PA EXP boost during an event, which literally happened during IC, means people are going to be leveling PAs in bufu egypt somewhere (I spent a lot of the event just leveling techs to LV41+ in FV during this time). Provide incentives that are good, but can be passed up on without feeling immense regret, so that it can remain a choice to the player if they want to come play. These are things like EXP, MP, meseta, rare drop, and rare enemy boosts. Also, just having a fun event mission in general will get people to log on. The bottom line here is that feeling forced to play, otherwise known as FOMO, is not fun. It makes the game a job, chore, or whatever word you want to use. There are better ways, although requiring somewhat more effort to achieve, to get players to actually come play your game. Listing the ways to do that, and the different roadblocks that would come with pursuing that, would take me ages to explain and is an exercise in catastrophizing over hypotheticals.
  3. Firstly, what I mean by "I couldn't care less about it being made it easier" is that idc if it is made easier. In other words, I wouldn't mind. Secondly, if you get extremely pedantic about my suggestion, then yes, it is technically making it easier. I'd rather use the word convenient, or favorable if that tickles your fancy more, for people with a tighter time schedule. Thirdly, the tickets will ONLY be obtainable like how a server-wide PA boost is obtained now. Either from event milestones (if they do that again) or just when the devs feel like giving those tickets out. That can be a special occasion or whatever like the most recent boost we got. This differs from yours, which would make things easier by every sense of the word because it allows for you to get a PA exp boost as many times as you want because PA frags are always obtainable. That's the difference. This change simply allows you to choose when you want to sit down and crank out PA leveling, so that the player doesn't need to lose sleep in order to do a mandatory part of the game. If you don't use those tickets wisely, which can definitely be a thing, you will still be stuck with the regular rates. To reply to the more off-topic bit, PA leveling, power leveling to be specific, is disconnected from the core gameplay loop because at a point, god forbid you're not only playing one class type and don’t know exactly which weps you want to use when you start, you will have to go into a solo mission with a preferable spawn layout and power level your PAs so that they can keep up with the content with you are doing. Anyone that doesn't do this is behind 9 times out of 10. This makes it no different than leveling buffs and debuffs. The usual gameplay loop is doing whatever mission you want for X drop, exp, MP, whatever, and at the highest rank available to you. PA leveling is counter to all of that. I thought I wouldn't have to say this considering it's obvious to anyone with experience, but I guess not.
  4. As I said with another post on here, this makes acquiring forms of PA exp boosts easier. Again, I couldn’t care less making such a boring part of the game easier, but not everyone agrees with that. Convenience though, but acquired through the same means however, is fair. The current approach is FOMO, live-service garbage that a private server doesn’t need. Not to mention, it’s for something boring, mandatory, and arguably completely disconnected from the core gameplay loop. Not what I want to spend my time off work doing tbh.
  5. This gives the player access to a PA exp boost whenever they want and as many times as they want until the end of time. I couldn’t care less about making PA stuff easier, but the point of this post was to opt for something more convenient, not easier. Just give me the choice of when I want to level PAs.
  6. Yeah, I mostly put that in to appease the people who liked the current system. I don't care how it's distributed, really. As long as I have a choice of when to use it a PA boost.
  7. If possible, a usable consumable, boost item instead of a server-wide boost would be cool. Give X amount of 30 minute boosters when we hit Y milestone for an event or whatever occasion it may be. Full-time and third shift does not really play well with timed boosts. I would like to be able to make use of PA experience boosts to their fullest considering PA leveling is one of the most boring parts of the game. Thanks. : )
  8. Never knew this mission existed in JP. This seems pretty cool, and I wouldn't mind seeing it. It would certainly streamline the "needing to run all over the place" process for PA leveling.
  9. I genuinely feel bad for Marm, Jakoo, and anyone else that may have been out of the loop of these things being adjusted so harshly. It's a bunch damage control, minor tweaks and changes, inconsistencies in info, and criticism that could've otherwise been avoided. Furthermore, I feel for the community that has to play through this; players new to PSU especially. I don't think anyone would've asked for what the state of things are now. This move to make things more grindy has made the game less enjoyable for the casual, but funnily enough, hasn't stopped the hardcore players pretty much at all (First level 50s in 2~3 days iirc lol).
  10. Just a simple request to tell the player where to access rare missions through the dialogue that pops up when you obtain one. Since they're not hosted in every mission counter, it would be nice to tell the player where to go for such an important thing so they don't miss out. Personally, I got tripped up by this a bit yesterday ngl lol. Also, I have a friend who's new to the game, so I could only imagine how frustrating that would be for him when he gets excited over a rare mission and can't find it. Again, hopefully a simple tweak to make that change just a bit more new player friendly, and to remove a bit of wiki whoring. Nothing urgent though.
  11. I honestly didn't notice this. That just makes this whole situation even more ridiculous. It's literally a double down on early game grinding. That being said, this should probably be changed back as well. Like, why was any of this even tweaked...?
  12. You're inevitably going to encounter an issue with intermediate classes not getting enough MP to level in a reasonable amount of time with the current system. I feel the increases in the higher ranked missions, just aren't enough. Some multiplier, that's determined by the difficulty being played, needs to be tweaked for those ranks, but otherwise the formula seems fine to me. It results in the player not being brutally punished for playing any and all missions since, if memory serves, MP is calculated based off length and monster density, or something to that tune. Furthermore, this can also populate the market due to the wider variety of missions being played. While you'll always have a dominant strategy, this certainly closes that gap some. All of this being said however is completely exempt from rare missions. It's kind of shite only getting like 253 or so MP from C-rank Phantom Ruins ngl. This is a stark contrast to the 625 it gave on official, and that was with lower MP reqs. Edit: C-rank could probably get a tiny bump, but the core issue is still the MP reqs being increased at all. Very strange decision.
  13. Can't put it much better than this, honestly. Really confused on the direction of making the early game the spike in difficulty, all while knowing that people want to play their desired classes as quickly as possible. I know for a fact that this will deter people from playing, as it has happened in the past with easier rates on official servers. Lastly and most importantly, I was under the impression that Clementine was going to aim to be as close to the official server as possible, then change things through suggestions and the like once people got familiar with the game again. Not only has that not been the case with this, but it has been pushed in such a direction that serves to hurt the player; quite frankly in the worst possible way. If we're going to stray away from vanilla, let's make changes that people actually want.
  14. Voted 2-3. Phantasy Star Portable 1, which was primarily a solo game, had 3 scape dolls and it was perfect. Not too many for the entire party, just enough for solo, etc. For PSU, one scape doll is far too limiting for solo play and I'd even argue the same for multi play due to how damage is calculated rn, a lack of resists (vijeri included), etc. So unless your party is up to snuff, you find yourself in some tight spots quite often. Looking at the other end of the spectrum, 10 is far too much because it most certainly eliminates any real urgency that death brings outside of losing your blast gauge.
  15. This has already happened with Unsafe Passage S, Fight for Food S2, Sleeping Warriors S2, and Castle of Monsters S+ (albeit, this mission is just a good all rounder). You cannot stop the discovery of a dominant strategy, you can only make it so that other options aren't completely useless for those who want to run them. True, however if you wanted to switch classes and go for a master class, like myself for example, you are stuck farming for MP unless you go "leech" in CoM for MP & EXP, which people have starting doing already. Now while I feel normalization was a fantastic idea to make all missions relevant, basing it around non-AotI MP standards was completely wrong. For example, Fight for Food S2, which imo is one of the best MP missions for duo+, gives 150-160 MP per clear. This is comparable to Plains Overlord S2 on retail giving 187. However, if you compare to this White Beast (sorry, I know white beast sucks), it only takes A-rank to closely match that at 164 MP per clear, which is drastically easier than Fight for Food S2 based on a rank premise. To use larger outliers, Egg Thieves gives 500 MP per clear on S2, while White Beast S2 gives 257 per clear. Now while I don't feel everything should be Egg Thieves tier, I do believe that normal missions at S+ should be in a 150-300 range, while leaving egg thieves as is due to it requiring a comp (can change on this tbh), to make class leveling faster when you're higher level. Why? Because by those mission ranks you need the extra stats from your type as fast as possible to keep up your damage if you do happen to switch. I should not be stuck farming Unsafe Passage S once I can run S3, but I predict this will be the case if we keep a system like this in the future.
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