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  1. Im not really sure what's best for balance here, i'll leave it at that for now. But... For this specifically, im game. I usually play as a wartecher, and i could really use some increasing PA lvl thing especially for my sa-TECHs. I mean, come on, as a class that couldnt use any traps (yup, dont even call those de ragan breaths a trap), some CC stuffs will be nice. Even with the current SE bonus from diopside, i still got a hard time applying SEs as a WT, no kidding. If this happens to be too gamebreaking for a certain class that can blast open their way with megids these days (ahem), there's always the option for making this feature exclusive only for some classes that needs it.
  2. I dont see anyone's name in the duo list soo...XD
  3. An old video of certain try hard doods run, in memory of zagenga. So many mistakes in this one tho XD Rueka / Human / WT / lvl135 - Lazyguy / Beast / FG / lvl135 - TIME = (9:47)
  4. Rueka

    Trying out travel PAs

    Interesting...Yeah, im using frame skip. Rather, I have to, else the recording will be slower than it already is. If you happen to be online, please message me, lets try comparing our travel PAs. Im kinda curious now XD
  5. Testing out travel PAs, since the class/type I use can happen to use all of them. Enjoy!
  6. Sinners Banquet S3 Rueka/135/Human/WT/Time = 22:04
  7. Not sure if this place has any shortcuts, please tell me if there are ^^ I still need to do a proper TA run on my mad beast one too, but I guess I wont be doing that for a while, since im quite sick of mad beast now XD Sinners Banquet S3 Rueka/135/Human/WT/Time = 22:04
  8. Sure, i'd love to. Please put it in the leaderboard Also, im a Human level 135 Class Wartecher level 20, if you need the info.
  9. Umm..i realize there's no mad beast mission in parum list, so im not sure if this place isn't included in TA run for a reason or not. I made a vid for the said mission. This isn't a TA run tbh, its just a test recording, no travel PAs, aiming for S rank run, and checking for drops (Yeah I know, my bad) Feel free to not include this post if this happen to be against the rules. Just want to drop my vid here ^^
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