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  1. Will update as necessary Weapons missing audio: Lumars B Rank GRM Bow (firing sound) Izlucre B Rank GRM Bow (firing sound) Weapons missing unique visuals: Deva-zashi S Rank Yohmei Dagger (weapon trail - feathers missing) Bar Whip A Rank GRM Whip (weapon effect missing) Power Whip A Rank GRM Whip (weapon effect missing)
  2. Splendor Crush - Twin Sabers The 'niche' of this PA as I've understood it is to provide short-range on demand damage ending with a Launch and then Blow-away. The problem: It's perhaps too short range for it's own good on the first few hits. It clearly was buffed from it's previous form to be more AoE focused and has trouble reaching targets in front of it. Obviously there are other Twin Saber PAs that do it's job better, but it's so small a reach it defeats itself more often than not. The proposed change: -Increase slightly forward range for the first part of the combo to engage targets better. -Adding Blowdown to the first combo to provide safety to the user and set up for the last part of the combo properly. Increasing it's forward reaching range closer matching it's 2nd part of the PA (11+) to help reach it's targets better. Paired with Blowdown, I believe this would help secure it's place on a pallet occasionally. Good, solid control and decent damage gives it a place to use and doesn't step on the toes of higher cost PAs from the same weapon. Grand Crusher - Swords The long awaited JP PA from the PSP series arrives with little fanfare. It's job was to provide a quick, high damage point blank at the end of a chain. The problem: While the exact numbers are best left to the devs to decide themselves, it's pretty clear that this PA is so grossly undertuned that it provides nothing to the current Sword roster. It does less damage, tragically low in fact, it has no reach, it doesn't have the chain system to help it along and it's PP cost is incredibly high for so little reward. Most of you Fortefighters and Fighmasters are familiar with Anga Jabroga and understand it's use. A high powered, long charge up skill that is meant to hit a lot of targets and do a lot of damage. Swords generally use Tornado Break to deal with large bosses, hitting 6x1. Grand Crusher hits 6x4, which on paper, sounds fantastic. Then comes in the actual numbers. GC's 1 combo 210% x4 (6 targets) vs TB's 1 270% - 1 250% - 1 390% x1 (6 targets) The proposed change: -Greatly increase the forward range of the hitbox, closer matching it's visual. -Adding Launch to the last hit to help give it a better mobbing niche. The visual of Grand Crusher suggests that it should be hitting a much larger distance in front of it. With a sort of blade-beam like graphic, it seems like it should be able to reach at least that distance in front of itself. Given that it's quick, decisive animation, it also stands to reason that it could possibly do Launch upon the last hit. Providing crowd control that things like Tornado Break usually does by disrupting mob packs with a Blowaway. Gravity Break already hits hard, as it should. But it's limited on targets for a good reason. Perfect for large stationary targets. Grand Crusher should be the fast, more to the point alternative to what already exists. Actual number tuning left to the devs and testing themselves.
  3. Hello, Clem is a pretty fantastic server so far. With everyone in high spirits we can look positively at the future of this and take a closer look at something each of you should know well. I mentioned this to some others and have many times complained about it on Discord. I thought it would helpful to collect ideas and discuss the future balance of the PA's we use. This is so the devs can see in one place. If there is already a thread for this, please disregard and I'll be sure to follow up there instead. Some things to note before posting: - Please do not discuss the rate of what PAs level at the time of this post, unless they are important (doubtful) to the balance of the skill/bullet/tech itself. They already know what everyone thinks, believe me. - It helps to have recent experience with the PA you are talking about, accurate information is important. At the very least, provide examples or be confident it can be proven in some way. CHECK THE WIKIS! The current PAs mostly match the JP ones JP Photon Art Wiki Link - These changes should not just be related to numbers. At the time of this post, it's not wise to exclusively focus on them, unless they are obvious offenders see : Grand Crusher - Try to be somewhat objective, and reasonable with your ideas. Keep your formats clean. It helps when others read! It won't be as helpful to say 'let's nerf Rising Strike cuz it's not as cool as Gravity Strike'. - Consider that nothing might not ever come of this. Demanding work from the devs is also unhelpful, this thread exists purely to put out constructive feedback for them to consider. It's out of our hands from here. I will update this main post as required. Be civil to one another.
  4. reposted from the dredges Previous Type/Class changes carry over PA level restrictions example: Striking Arts are limited to lvl 10 on Force, as we all know. If you have a level 11+ Striking Art that gets an extra move (Rising Strike for example) It obviously not working because of the 10 limit. However, if you were to change to say, Wartecher, who's limits are lvl 40, you -cannot- get the 11+ extra move UNLESS you relog. I can confirm this with at least Rising Strike and Moubu Seiren-zan. If you were to change from WT to FO, the PA limits from those transfer over as well. Again, relogging fixes this issue.
  5. Can confirm this happens for me too, I didn't trouble myself to figure out which variant it was in particular but indeed it did happen to me.
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