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  1. Leave my crossbows alone.. Though I like lvl20 Cap for Skills..the lvl30 Support, eh I'll consider it.
  2. YOmap


    drops in BBB S4 from the Fire Gol Dolva
  3. The only restriction is basic types can't use Feri-senba. Please fix this!!
  4. It's not being Incap by Megid. Its boss mechanics that happen all at once when you can't do anything about it. Motherbrain AI isn't a pattern so she'll do her arm swipe, rockets and razonde all at the same time and those attack happen within milisends of each other. Even with 56% lightning resistance, it still one shots me. So, NO...1 cap Limit is not ok.
  5. Since there are boss drops now, I like to hunt boss drops. Problem is we have a 1 scape limit and once they scape is gone, and you die, YOU HAVE FAILED THE MISSION. You can't reload the mission. Can we please increase the scape limit to 5? Not everyone likes to be in parties, specially when I am hunting something.
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