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  1. I think it would be great to see some more moatoob desert missions that transition into the forest of illusion areas. Maybe fight something in the illusion areas not normally native to moatoob.
  2. Extra units: Rappy Mode Rappy Down SUV: Ascension Gift
  3. http://psupedia.info/Mission_chart.html select the mission you want to find the rare spawn for and scroll down to the bottom of the page. itll list the rare spawn routes. MOST routes are correct. i happen to know for a fact that dancing birds is wrong. so happy hunting and good luck.
  4. When you save a shortcut that uses all three lines, it will eventually auto delete the third line. its not a big bug, but its annoying the heck out of me....
  5. SOME MUSTARD here, and i was the Rainbow Rappy on the 4th floor. Back before races besides CAST could get it... good times
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