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  1. Thanks for your service FUFME As for the topic, it's very sad to see this happen, but as others have already stated, it's just a natural thing players do. If any lowbie's need help with starting out, or others need help with runs, I'm always willing to help when available.
  2. I'm in no way advocating this to be the way it's done lol. It should be that parties take the 10 mins or less to do a run but to make that happen, enemies HP and ATK have to be increased to up the challenge of multiple players. It's just this way so that drops balance out is all, since we have our own drops rather than shared like it was on retail. (6 different people, 6 separate drops.) That's up to you then. If players did play better in general, then having them along would always be best. Maybe encourage them to be more productive when playing together.
  3. The reason for the HP and ATK buffs (so I hear) is to keep groups of parties semi-balanced when completing a mission compared to soloing, and I believe it's purely for drops.*** The EXP buff is to entice players to group when leveling (making it easier over all.) Challenge brings meaning to this game, and makes it more difficult to get certain drops. Personally I don't see an issue with the rates as is. However, if certain missions are difficult to complete (even with a party) then maybe the mission is too high for you to reach. Level PAs, up your class, get better weapons, gain levels, use traps, just-attack, use correct elements, dodge enemy spells and attacks, support your team, etc. In essence, get better than you are now to hopefully overcome the difficulty from before. ***If it takes 1 person to do a mission in 10 mins, then a party of 6 should complete the same mission in 60 mins to keep the drop rates balanced. As anyone knows, this isn't the case and groups generally complete missions just as fast if not faster than a soloer. Hense, the drops for that mission got ran 6 times all at once which floods the market if the drop rates were 1:1. So, drop rates must be lowered when in groups, but the question is by how much? This is why the HP/ATK buffs are in place to balance this in some way.
  4. Thanks for posting this Kami. The npc shop prices do need to be altered to become more affordable/accessible for most players. Since npc items are generally worse then dropped ones, they should be cheaper to afford than player shops. However, the current player shop economy is in a very awkward state of constant high production and low demand, so items are worth way less than what they should be. It's best to just lean on player shops for now and ignore the npc, but yes this does need to be addressed
  5. What Frost says is correct. Every hit you land with a PA is a "tick" of experience towards leveling it. Wiether that's multiple mobs or multiple targets on a single mob. Just casting/using it (without hitting) does nothing, nor does hitting 0's, hitting boxes or "ghost" enemies. Some level up faster than others, so most that can hit more than one target at a time do level faster. With support spells (where you're not targeting enemies but rather allies,) every player you "tag" with your buff counts as a "tick" and that includes yourself. With debuffs and the Sa- techs it is the same, but just enemies. You won't see damage come up, but you'll notice the circles around the mob/ status effect happen that shows you have "tagged' them and will get PA experience for those tags. I hope this clears up the confusion for you K.Cloud, this is a great question that we've all had to ask at one point.
  6. I have the same issue Core. What I do is go to another character slot, select create/remake and try out the voices there. Take notes of the one you want, then return to the character select screen and change your voice to the one you write down. Kinda lame to take so many steps, but at least its something. Hope it works for you.
  7. I did forget about fortegunners, my apologies. I suppose if lasers could miltibix hit, that could work. Gunmasters just need some form of multi-hit function (just like techers can get) to be on par with melee users. Getting the damage boosted/corrected for rangers&guns in general is what I'd definitely needed most.
  8. I think giving gunmaster grenade launchers is a fair compromise, and I agree that twin pistols need a boost of some sort (damage, SE levels, rate-of-fire, etc.)
  9. Would be cool if the MP for each would be listed too, otherwise, awesome list!
  10. Techs are slower to level than retail, but are manageable (almost). It would actually help more if they did the correct amount of damage. Go with the mindset that you have to earn high level PAs with time and effort. The struggle is real, but we all have to do it.
  11. ATA is fixed now and it is possible to "miss" melee or ranged attacks. What needs to be fixed are cc'd enemies (frozen, sleeping, etc should never miss) and attacks from behind should almost always hit, which you can miss on both atm. This is accurate to what should be happening.
  12. Humans had boosts to the acro classes yes, but we currently don't have those (to that degree) on the server.
  13. The moatoob one where you had to walk the old man through it, and there were puzzles and traps. Also the one where you met all the characters from pso like Kireek.
  14. It took me 8 consecutive hours with a buff party 4-6 people to get all the buffs plus giresta to 41. That was close to what retail was.
  15. That's what those 6 hours were. :^] I did the same thing in retail and it didn't take this long (for reverser at least,) hense why im posting about it here.
  16. I'm going to level mine up and do some testing. I believe those whom are saying they aren't working properly, but I'll just see for myself.
  17. Is Reverser a broken PA? Because I've spent 6 hours purely to level it up (outside if normal use) and it's not even level 10. I hope you can agree this is a necessary tech for an Acrotecher. So, the range is terrible (I have to be right on top of someone for it to work) and this is from levels 1-10 for christ's sake. Heaven forbid what'll it'll take at 30 or 40... Would anyone argue that this is fun to do? Reverser is required for me to play AT correctly and it's a bit much to suffer through, especially at the very start.
  18. Well, I'd love for the price to go down also. I don't seem to be making more than 100k a day (the 3 or so hours I get to play a night) so, it'll be a good while before I can even afford it currently at 2mil.
  19. Sabarta is absolutely amazing. Pretty much a free Freeze Trap G at all times. I would highly suggest getting and leveling it. As for the other ones, I'm not sure yet.
  20. PSU is picky about screen resolution. It has to be just right to work on fullscreen. Then if you alt+tab at all, it will crash. Best to do windowed mode for convenience of a headache.
  21. Rule #1 as an acrotecher: Giresta is a health stacking buff, NOT a heal. Should only be used outside of buffing to revive fallen teammates. However, this trick is a good one to know with boss fights. Right before the dragon stomps on the ground, casta Resta, and heal as your team falls over.
  22. As #1 Veteran Acrotecher, I'd love to share my knowledge for anyone wanting advice. For whips on AT, they are a decent source of multi-hit dps, but should mainly be used for status effects. Can't say what Wartechers should or shouldn't have since I never mained the class.
  23. Humans need something though. We have no top stats, no beast mode and our SUV isn't as good as a CASTs. Some kind of special buff would be appreciated (and give people some reason to play human.)
  24. Would anyone actually be upset if the PA rates were buffed (even just a slight bit?)
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