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  1. Going along with the balancing issue, it seems we're in agreement that it's ok for certain classes to be stronger to others, with exceptions of course. For a more visual aspect, let's see what we can do. Damage: Masters>Fortes/AF>Hybrids/AT Defense: Fortes>Acros>Hybrids>Masters Versatility: Hybrids/Acros>Fortes>Masters Every class is strong in thier own way. The problems being stated about GT, to visualize it: Should be something like: Gun Damage: GM>FoG>GT Support ability: AT>FT>GT How it is currently: Gun damage: GM>GT>FoG Support Ability: AT>GT>FT (This isn't 100% just a sample of what's going on.) GT creeping up and surpassing other classes who should be more effective than GT in these areas. Is this particularly correct?
  2. Wasn't there a chat on the main Clem page awhile back? Also, you can read the Discord chat without signing in. I think a global chat on this small a private server would be fine, we'll just shut it off when we reach 1k regulars.
  3. Is everyone in agreement that FM/MF are the top classes? If so, why isn't anyone arguing to nerf them? Just to get on the same page, I agree that GT should get a slight nerf to thier support abilities since it outshines the class specifically designed for it. However, I am not asking for nerfs to FM/MF simply because they're the best currently. Rather, I would like to see more love for the classes like FG so they can be on par with FM/MF. This is what I meant.
  4. @ZetaAre you saying that Guntechers are the best class in the game? Sure, it's way more powerful then it ever was, but I still don't see it being above Fighmaster or Masterforce. If the choice is to nerf GT down to another class's level, then that means you will have to do the same for the others and I'm unsure people would be for nerfing classes that they worked hard to max out or enjoy playing. Making the other classes slightly better seems like a healthier idea and, to be fair, are we really worried about power creep right now?
  5. Your input on this is valuable @ScarletMel, especially if you're an Acrotecher main, it effects you the most. Don't sell your opinions short on the chance they may disagree with others. And of course any party will welcome either an AT or GT, but if they had to choose... I'm pretty sure yours and my friends will prefer to play with us regardless.
  6. Guntechers can do the exact same thing, heal, buff, etc. with higher rates of SE's and dps on top. The only thing they can't do is add the level 41+ 4% buff (23% to AT 27% see pics in OP.) If you're thinking in terms of space, 6 players being the max, would a party rather have the support role be filled by a Guntecher or an Acrotecher? The point of buffs/debuffs is to do more damage, however if a class lacks dps/SE output, then why would a party pefer that class over the other? I, like you, agree AT should be the best support class, but it's currently being outshined by GT. Aside from buffs, any class can be on heal-duty thanks to global sol's and stars.
  7. Getting into the details would be a bit much for me, so I won't, although most people here would probably agree that the classes are not balanced to one another. It's good to see that GT and WT got necessary buffs to make the classes viable. However, I believe it's best to raise every weaker class up, rather than nerf the strong ones down. Instead of making players regret thier class decision, let them have a choice variety of decent ones. If we're basing Guntecher after it's description, "Long-based support," I would say it does that quite well currently.
  8. Seority

    Pokemon Unite

    https://unite.pokemon.com/en-us/ Anyone playing this currently?
  9. Thanks for your input @Fruzsina It's dishearting to know that the class designed to be the best support no longer is, but I like you love AT as well and want to see it shine again. Both classes have access to the same level of Megid. AT can spam it faster, this is true. However, Killer Shot has much longer range, faster rate of fire and is easier to target with. If the mission is purely based on multi-incap SE needs, then perhaps AT has a leg up, but they will still lack dps wise. This is what I was thinking too. They are lacking something that the other classes have received. I'm unsure if the devs/mods are taking time for class balancing anymore, but if they do, I'd love to see these changes for sure.
  10. I've been gone for awhile and haven't kept up with all the changes that Clementine has made from the OG servers. Asking some of the community, it seems that Acrotecher may no longer be the best class to pick for support. Is this really true? Here's the stats for reference: Which do you think is the best support class at this time and why? Maybe the better question would be, which of these classes would you prefer to see in your parties? If you're interested in my analysis, read further, otherwise please post your thoughts! l---------------------~~---------------------l Acrotecher Pros+Cons + Top level buffs (50+range) + Attack+Tech speed bonus (120%) + Whips (which can SE) + Better DFP/EVP/MST - Low attack PA cap (20 skill) - Worse ATP/ATA/TP - No long range weapon Guntecher Pros+Cons + Better attack PA caps (40 bullet) + Better ATP/ATP/TP + Long range options + Multiple status effect PAs + Killer Shot - Lower level buffs (40) - No attack/tech speed bonus Buff stats: Spose I might be siding with Guntecher as the best at this point in time. I just don't see how a 20% speed boost can out damage level 40 bullets which can also SE way more than techs or whips can. Sure, Acrotecher is much tankier, however how often is this necessary? Yes, I saw that level 50 buffs have a wider range, but level 40 buffs have a very wide range already, and if you don't catch something the first time... just cast it again... Don't even get me started on Resta / Reverser when stars+sols can be used by ANYONE.
  11. As a veteran player who just returned a week ago, I wholeheartedly agree with you Selphea. I too went to Acrotecher and was perplexed that the requirements changed, however I'm not too perturbed by the MP distribution as most other people are on here. That said, I'm not racing to a master class, so I'm sure my view on this is skewed. My biggest hurdle was always being out of meseta, and still is. I get meseta from the daily and PC'ing basically every thing that drops in the mission. Good friends of mine helped me out in this category, so thankfully I'm not using jank, but I can only imagine the struggle had they not helped. Starter bundles sound like an amazing idea. @Adooma After hitting a certain level, once per account, you can receive one of these. Obviously, it shouldn't contain too much so people don't farm them, but enough to get over the just-starting hump. Some ideas of an honor/fame/rewards system has been brought up in the Discord. Bonuses for experienced players to help level others up. This would make a good incentive for people to at the very least pay attention to new players or even start up alts and be apart of C/B level missions. The biggest problem which you pointed out is there is no "mission-statement" per say for Clementine. What is the goal of this server? To play PSU, yes ofc, but how? Should be quick to level, fast-paced, endgame focused? Or more chill, and an enjoyable experience, geared towards the grind? Of course a happy middle is always the goal, but doing so is a different story. Giving players the option of any of these may be what we should strive for. Take the suggested starter-pack for instance. You could use it to boost yourself quickly, or not use it and grind the old fashion way. Hell, there's even a command to take off the scaled leveling at lower levels, so I say, why not both? Very glad to hear that the team is aware of these issues and is currently working on solutions. Thank you Selphea for going in-depth about this.
  12. When it comes to grinding weapons, I'm on the side of what it is now. To work for the few spare hours I have a day, to finally find a good rare, just for RNG to break it into oblivion is not preferred. However, I understand that this joy comes at the expense of people like you whom enjoy the risk of breaking items for a chance to make them better. I hope the feelings are mutal if this situation was reversed. As for logically looking at this, yes 1/1's or 0/0's are rare in and of themselves, but the fact is that they are the exact same stat wise to a 1/10 or 0/10. Most people want grinding for higher stats, hense why the mecahnic exsists at all, not to achieve oddities. I don't want to yuck your yum, but going against what the mecahnic was designed for is not logical. Sorry it's not what you desire. As for the issues you have with staff, it's best to leave that to DMs, just a word of advice. RNG =/= Difficultly You can see the issue with this right? However, I do agree with you that if there is no risk to an action, it's not an accomplishment. Did you really make this thread to discuss the grinding issue or is there another reason for this thread? Much appreciation for your attempts to make the grinding system better on Clem, and I'm sorry to see that you may be leaving because of it. Focusing on your future is more valuable than on an old game, I agree. Much luck on your journey going forward.
  13. Very nice guide! Only thing I see missing is number of hit boxes per enemy. Thanks Midori~
  14. To my dear friend and mentor Midori Hoshi, You have more passion for this game than anyone I've ever met since playing back in '08. Your knowledge and expertise far exceeds my own when it comes to PSU so I won't bother questioning your thoughts on matters like drop rate, PAs, etc. Something I do want to say is that I understand your pain for loving something so much, wanting something so bad, and knowing that it can be possible... Just to never have it.... is excruciatingly painful. Memories of what Phantasy Star Universe used to be is what brings us all here, what kept this project going, and what makes it alive today. People like you, Marm, the team, and many others throughout the years have made this all possible. Without that devotion, passion and care, none of this would be a reality today. So I thank you and everyone here for making this all happen. However, the memories of the past can never be relived. Nostalgia is a potent drug. If I have learned anything from revisiting these memoirs is that they will never be as they once were. Expectations of the similar experiences, emotions, or desires should not be sought-after. Although those remembrances is what drives this game and brings us together, we must realize that they can never be the same again. So, what are we to do when we seek something that may exist, but never can? Compromising. Understanding that what could be but accepting what it is. You have fought, struggled, stressed, and labored so much for that which you desire that you got lost fighting for aspirations, rather than fully acknowledging what has been accomplished. Oddly, one finds meaning when attempting to achieve a goal, not when it is or is not accomplished. Please Midori, I hope you return to us one day. Some of your frustrations with the game are collectively shared with us, others may not be, but the point is that we all want Clementine to get better, and will always have that desire. Just like one would do with someone they love, accept the game for the flaws it has now, but always aspire for it to become greater. With much love and sincerest thanks, Seority Genesis
  15. More traps, puzzles, buttons would spice things up. Maybe having to kill one enemy in a group but not others? Something that we have to use our noodles for~
  16. Nice shots! Poor Ruby Eclipse, felt so bad for the guy and the stuff he had to go through. Those were some good times~
  17. While multiple people interact with separate items, only one does the animations. For example, when I interacted with the yooga mat, while Hanzo was interacting with the sandbag, his character ended up doing the yooga animation instead of the punch bag one and my character doesn't do anything. I could select any item and force Hanzos character to do the animation as long as he was also interacting with another object. If I only I selected an intractable object while Hanzo was not, my character would not do the animation. Hanzos character was the only one that would do the animations. We're not sure if it was because he was the owner of the room, the first one in the room, or if it was because he the first to interact with an object. Thank you for recording, uploading and posting this Kami.
  18. Same here. Hours of Castle runs, zero incap happening.
  19. The event was wonderful to play, but I'm glad it wasn't here for long. Special events should be short and sweet.
  20. Thank you Marm & testers! Can't wait to try out the techs!
  21. I feel for you mil, I can see how investing so much time into this alpha server seems like a waste when it'll all be wiped some day. None of us know when that day is, but let's focus on what you can do today. We can all play on the server, for free, that's being constantly updated and cared for by a passionate team of developers. Sure, somethings don't work properly (or at all yet) and some tasks require more time than usual to complete, but you can still play the game currently, today. If this is unappealing for you, then *shrugs* maybe you should to wait till the full release to invest your time wisely. You can use non-capped PAs as well and be efficient in clearing mobs. You've voiced your opinion, most of us agree, but we can't do anything about it (unless you're a dev.) Why not just hop on and enjoy the few moments you have on this game?
  22. Voice chat was a great way for the community to mingle and help each other out. Cyan has posted about bringing it back up again, with more moderation then there was before, which will may avoid the issues of the previous one. (Clementine Discord, #announcements) Even with some altercations, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the VC, and met a lot of fun and interesting folks. Hope to see it come back soon.
  23. This would be really awesome, I'm super down for some TA competition! Gives us a reason to get better gear and what not.
  24. This is how it always was in PSU. Your character got flung only backwards when hit. Odd but true. Thanks for letting us know though.
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