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  1. If it so easy, please let us poor folks in on how it's done! What do those of us whom weren't able to participate in events get the best gear? Should we just not play until an even happens?
  2. If we're speaking purely on opinions/feelings/hypothesis towards on PSUC then: I don't see the game as difficult, however I play on a hybrid class that can use techs. Currently, it is way easier to solo as AT than AF and I agree that's very odd to me. My damage is only slightly better on AF which probably shouldn't be the case, but none of my skill PAs are above 30, so that may attribute to my views. There will always be a meta, that's just how games are. If the best items are found at the most difficult missions, then those are the missions people will run. A casual can easily run a few S's and gain a palette that's acceptable. However, the need to play meta should be minimal and only apply to those who desire to be: If people who dislike playing meta are pushed towards it simply to play, that's a problem. I do see that a bit currently, but not a severe problem for now. As for the current meta of incap being too good, that's probably because it's the best option for the most popular missions at this time. As for enjoyment playing PSUC, I still love doing what I do best (support-main-always ) but it does get tiring. Soloing as AT is easy, but I lose intetest since I have no access to a travel PA. Even if my runs are slower and I end up spending more meseta per run, playing AF is so much more engaging. Since PSU is a interactive-intense game, having to spend a few seconds to a minute or so just moving the direction stick after pressing auto-run to get to the next mob? Super boring. The point of PSU is a treasure-hunt game of course, where you run missions, to get drops, to run better missions, to get better drops, to run better missions, so on and so on. Drop rate is a huge deal for this reason and while I'm fine with some items being really hard to get, spending 15-30 mins on a solo run just for lv150+ enemies and S2 mission boxes to drop C rank items, hurts. It invalidates my time and effort greatly, specially when even a 7* synth item will at least sell for a few hundred meseta and a few of those would fund the mates I used to do the mission. As for deal-breakers when it comes to PSUC. I have none. PSUC is PSU and I love it dearly. While there will always be a better PSUC to strive for, I'm honestly satisfied with what it is now. Everything is just a minor issue I have. Sure, if it was better I would play it more, but maybe it's good that I don't only play PSU.
  3. So what was stated previously was correct then? If that's the case, and I'm not misunderstanding you, then I disagree wholeheartedly. Can Dam-techs be useful on Acrotechers? Yes. Is it the best option for limit break on Acrotecher? Well, you haven't convinced me. We both agree that Dam-techs stifle flexibility, but I see this as a huge negative, while you seem to not to agree about that. You say that Dam-techs are better than Gi-techs since they SE better because of tick speed compared to re-casting Gi-techs. While I do agree with this, it is a minimal difference. The SE level (aka proc rate per tick) is the same on Gis and Dams. The fact that Dam-techs are so restricting with movement&options while using it, greatly outweighs this small advantage of tick speed and goes against the very nature of an Acrotecher. See? Now I'm repeating myself. A reason to why Dam-techs LBs are better than the rest hasn't been stated yet. @Giro made great points to why single's would be better, but your response in a sense was, "That's just the way things are." That's not a justifiable reason. We can agree to disagree if you're done explaining and that's fine. I simply asked because it's difficult to understand your points and I didn't want to take your stance out of context. (My inner English teacher is screaming right now heh.) Perhaps one day we can both experiment with these ideas and flesh them out a bit more beyond numbers and opinions. When it comes to protecting a static ally, say another force casting Dam-techs, () your Dam-tech is one option and may work better than Gi-s in that situation (as long as a majority of the threat is coming from a certain direction.) However, with this specific case, if enemies are surrounding them on all sides, whips would be a preferred idea since whips will hit more and faster than Dam-techs. Also, you'll have the option of blow-back if needed. AT's should protect their party for sure, however, if the ally is being assaulted majorly from one direction, then wouldn't line techs be a better option? As a ranged weapon, bows are the best. They have greater range and you can aim them much easier than cards. Cards let you have more mobility, but since you can't decently aim with them, they are mid-range at best. It's the same deal when it comes to Weak Bullet vs. Megid. Sure, Megid can hit more targets, but it's slow and it has limited aim. WT has access to both cards and bows, while AT does not. Aside from Noszonde and Nosmegid, AT has no long range capabilities. Another reason why even Nos-tech LBs would be preferred over Dam-techs.
  4. That's a fair point. TBH, if Acro's had Nos, that would be the same for them. And they dont even have bows. Seems like Dam-techs are just... unless you can use a rod.
  5. Am I getting this right then @Fruzsina? Dam-tech limit breaks are better than any other limit breaks on Acrotecher because: They can tick faster than recasting Gi-techs. They then, theoretically, can SE more than Gi-techs. Despite the fact that they limit your options for casting other spells and take away all movement, which hinders the point of the class which is support. This is ok because parties should allow you to be unavailable for a certain period of time, even though dealing dps is in your words, "if you're the main damage dealer in the party, something went wrong ^_^* or you're leveling low levels." And AT can not have single or line LBs because, "Hybrids aren't mean to use Only spells," Am I missing something here?
  6. If keeping the LB's semi-equal was the point then let's see what we have currently: GT - Ra@10, Nos@15 WT - Gi@10, Nos@15 FT - S&L@5, Ra@10, Dam@15 AT - Gi@10, Dam@15 MF - S@1, Gi@5, L@10, Nos@15 So: 2 Ra's, 2 singles, 2 lines, 3 gi's, 2 dam's, 3 nos's. Not exactly equal, but at least two classes have access to each. Not sure how or why this came to be (again, if true) but let's see how we could shuffle this around to make more sense. Dam on AT is obviously one I'd say needs to be moved. Nos on WT is also very odd and questionable. WT is a melee-based class so Dam would make more sense that way as well as access to level 40 techs. How about we take Dam off of AT, give it WT replacing Nos, and just add Single tech LB to AT? (Essentially trade 1 Nos for 1 Line or Single.) This is what I think the list should be: GT - Ra@10, Nos@15 WT - Gi@10, Dam@15 FT - S&L@5, Ra@10, Dam@15 AT - S@10, Gi@15 MF - S@1, Gi@5, L@10, Nos@15 Does this seem fair at all? Agreed @Giro LB's should be distributed based on each classes ability to use it, rather than evening out their access between the classes.
  7. Speed matters more when you cast more spells. If you only need to cast a tech once, it's better to wait a half second longer to do more damage, not to mention the range on TCSMs and wands compared to rods being smaller as well. Am I stating that AT should out DPS an MF or FT? I wish I could understand your hatred for doing more DPS as a support class if it's an option. Thank you for looking this up. I was not made aware that it's different from what it shows in game. However, rods go against the AT play style (quick and mobile,) so I'll disagree with that. Both tech types have level 3 SE of their respective elements. (LV3 burn, LV3 freeze, etc.) It's true that Dam-techs will tick faster than casting Gi-tech's repetitively, but not by a significant amount. The major down-point to Dam-techs is that you are stuck in one spot to do so, while Gi-techs give you more freedom. You can quickly do a Gi-tech then let off a heal in-between casts. That's not an option with Dam-techs. Going along with what I stated above, Dam-techs play against the nature of Acrotecher. You can't heal or buff or move. ATs should be speedy and mobile, not stuck in one place, operating as a worse Freeze EX (until the JP techs come out that is. ) I, with you, would also say, "Well, that's how it is and we just have to deal with it," if this was still an official server where we had zero say in what things are. That not being the case here, I find it healthy to question the structure of things, specially since we can do something about it. For some reason I was under the impression that the Forte's are the tankiest versions of each class, however that's not the case for Techer. (Fortetecher stats on left, Masterforce on right) Why (at level 20) does MF have 20% more DFP then FT and only 12% less HP??? If any class deserves the title of, "Glass Cannon," it should be MF! This is something that should be discussed at some point. If FT is basically worse-MF, why the heck would one play one? Anyway, if this is down to, "Dam-techs should be used for SE effects," then I would propose their SE levels to be increased, or (somehow) boost the SE proc rate on Acrotechers specifically to justify the sacrifice to mobility and the ignorance to AT's increased cast speed. Same would go for Regrant and Megiverse.
  8. Apologies if this has been discussed previously, but I'm curious as to why Acrotechers have dam-tech limit breaks? For a set of techs that require you stay in place, with little use of the increased casting speed (only cast once then hold), along with limiting TP from being only on wands or TCSMs (and the max 4% elemental bonus) compared to rods seems a bit useless. The only reason I can see for this is because AT is very melee focused class so close ranged techs, like dam-techs, would fit. Wouldn't single or line techs limit breaks be more fitting for Acrotecher? They gain an advantage with the increased casting speed of wand's/TSCM's and the Acrotecher's and don't miss out on much TP from not being on rods (since casting speed can negate the difference to a minimal amount.) If SE was the purpose for this decision, then level 3 SE's from max level 30 Dam-techs are also on Gi-techs, which AT has the LB for anyway. Also, they compliment AT's quick and agile style of play, since you're not stuck in one place (I'm lookin at you whip PAs! ) If this came to be because the different types of techs (single, line, gi-, dam-, zon-, etc.) limit breaks had to be equally distributed among the tech classes, then why not switch MF's single/line tech LB with AT's dam-tech one? Masterforce can use dam-techs in better fashion (rods = +12% elemental damage and more TP) than AT's can. However, if this is not the case, then just switch out dam-techs for line/single techs on AT. Again, not sure why this is. Doesn't really make sense. Any thoughts?
  9. Seority


    @ZetaIs correct, you only need level 100 on a certain stat to guarantee synths. For example, Dori's are TCSM's which are Tech weapons, so you'd want your bot to be level 100 in Tech to get 100% synth rate. Fastest way to level a bot up is to feed it PM-GROLLS that you can trade at The Collector for 5 Omega Acid's each. (You'd want PM Techgroll for the Tech levels to synth more Doris.)
  10. Seority


    Are you against getting your bot to level 400 for 100% synth rate?
  11. I assumed the forum was updated so you could only like one post a day. Glad that's not the case, but currently I still can only like one post per day.
  12. The same legalities that apply to PSO private servers should be the same towards our PSU one (even though much of the game has been backwards engineered to make it functional.) People donate money, meaning no exchange of goods is happening, and they are then given tickets. If someone donates, but does not receive tickets, they legally cannot get a refund because it's a donation, not a purchase. Those tickets are then used in an in-game exchange for in-game items (lines of code for other lines of code.) However, Marm & others have stated previously that they do not want to take donations like these for this server. Heck, it took years of convincing just to get a patreon going! Keeping this whole system in-game/free only is most likely and I'd argue the better option. (Sadly even if I'm one of those people who have more money then time. )
  13. Agreed. When it comes to the super rare items, this would hurt substantially. However, there seems to be a flood of S ranks in player shops, but no one can grind them due to the S grinder costs. So, they stay extremely cheap and 0/10. For those weapons, this option would help recover their prices on the market. If this system was implemented, whenever a rare (but not super rare) drops, it will sell for much more than NPC prices at the player shops, and there'll be more of these weapons grinded available.
  14. I'm all for any system that awards for your time rather than luck. These should only be awarded in S+ mission IMO. The point scale seems reasonable. Would it be too off to guess that approximately 1 GC = 1 min of time? (For soloing at least?) Going off this estimate, that's 250 hours of mission time (roughly) to achieve this. Just pointing this out to help understand the time costs of this point system. Seems fine to me, since players will be running missions anyway, so why not more bonuses?
  15. That's a very good point with these modified armors @Lupophobiato help balance out the races evenly across all classes, rather than just the ones they specialize in. From what I remember in on the OG servers, CAST's SUVs were always superior to Human/Newman ones and even Nanoblasts. Currently, it seems that Human/Newman's SUVs are better than before, but I still wouldn't consider them as good as CAST's. Nanoblasts are stronger than before, however they've always been situational and beasts have the most weaknesses to balance out that power. So currently: CASTs: +Powerful SUV -Unavailable extra slot Beasts: +Strong Nanoblast -Crippling ATA Humans/Newmans: +Weak SUV or available extra slot Giving Humans/Newmans weaker versions of CAST SUVs was very dumb IMO. Why not give them awesome extra slots or armor sets that buff them in different ways? (Did someone say attack speed? ) Your idea Lupo could help out with this greatly. Maybe give an extra slot that gives +300 TP but only CASTs can wear it? So a CAST could be a decent techer if they wish, but at the cost of their SUV? What if there was an armor or unit that gives a static bonus to beasts depending on what badge they took? +ATP for red, + DFP for blue, +ATA for yellow, +STA for purple? Not sure any of this is possible, as usual, but the idea is great all the same!
  16. Absolutely love the idea of making use out of things that on their own arn't so. Honestly, even crazy things like an armor set that gives +200% bonus to B weapons. I don't know if anyone would care, but it would make things that have zero interest into things of use. Also, troll weapons/armors are totally wanted. (By me at least heh!)
  17. Ahh, found out my issue. Trying out your premade, looks pretty dece! Had to turn off the sharpener however. This game has enough edges as it is lol! HBAO only ReShader&HBAO
  18. Got the Nvidia Profile Inspector working, but I don't notice much of difference. Been attempting to get ReShade to work, so far no luck. There was a guide on this long ago, but I can't find that either. Reshader is installed and I have PSUC.exe as a profile, but it never starts with the game. Hate being computer illiterate.
  19. I noticed that to with Doug Dimmi-dome Dimmagolus on C rank. Threw me off a bit too. Seems like it's intentional, but I'm not sure. SHOTGUN is right however and this should be in Help rather than guides.
  20. Awesome overview @Selphea! Very accurate from what I can tell! Of course, I could write a novel about the details of playing the best way possible for AT, but I'll stick to small tid-bits. Priority is healing+SE removal>SE>buffs/debuffs>mobbing. It's rare for an AT to normal mob unless soloing/duoing. Why? As Selphea already stated, whips are slow and, along with daggers, have blow-back during the 2nd combo of their PAs that screw up mobs more than not. The best bet is to pick off stragglers or work your way from the outside-in with mobs so they stay together as much as possible. Gi-techs are the best at this. Take this list as what AT is intended for, main support for a group, not a solo class. Single target single enemies use sabers/cards/single techs (foie/diga/zonde/barta). Multi-target single enemies use daggers+2nd combo/gi-techs. Mobbing use daggers(1st combo only)/whips(1st combo only) and only for SE/gi-techs/cards. (Don't use PA's 2nd combo to blow back unless 100% certain you can one shot said mob, or the mob can not be blown back.) Bossing use daggers+2nd combo/whips***/gi-techs/cards/twin hanguns. (Use whips at bosses with caution. Resta/reverser must be available at any moment and the 2nd combo of a whip PA locks a character for awhile.) I also think it's great that Selphea added in traps to every class as well. People, please use your classes traps!! It's not just for PT! Specially if you can use Freeze G, which AT can! Drop traps down during difficult mobs, like ones that always tend to spread out too quickly, or ones that SE constantly (knockdown/blowback/freeze/stun/megid/etc). Anyway, great job Selphea! Here's what I would change to the list: I understand that restructuring the list throws off your format, so feel free to switch it back if you prefer.
  21. Yeah @Jakoo56 we're just discussion ideal setups. Don't believe anyone here thinks this should and even can be worked on yet. Unless, you would like us to refrain from even talking about it?
  22. For boosted speed, I think keeping it on masters and acros is fine. Yes, the ATP is altered on masters so they aren't super broken, but they still out dps their respective counterparts. As for movement PA's, every class should have access to them. You as a player don't have to use them, but the option should be there for those who do. However, if we're spit-ballin on reworking classes in general, there's plenty to ponder. My crazy ideas consist of massive boosts to some classes as well as finding a way to make the basic classes usable. Hunter/Ranger/Force: Give them A rank to all respective weapons (Hunters get all melee weaps, Rangers all guns, etc.) and B's for the rest, minus tech weapons on Hunter&Ranger. Bump up their main PAs to 40 and secondary to 30 (20 skill PAs on Force.) Let them be leveled to 20 and boost up their %'s so they fall short of their Forte counterparts. These can be fun classes to play basically whatever combinations you'd like without other classes feeling threatened by them. Forte's: Give them level 50 in their respective PAs and boost up their HP/DFP even more. They should excel in survivability, but still be focused on selective skills. Hybrids: Most of the problems with these classes seem to be fixed and I wouldn't touch anything on them currently. ( I don't play them however, so my knowledge is negligible.) Acros: Give AF level 50 skills and AT level 30 skills + level 40 attack techs. In an odd way, always felt acros are master classes for specialized weapons, so they should get higher PA's as well. Masters: These are fine currently too, except I'd throw S grenade launchers on GM. The other two have multi-hit weapons, so GMs should have one too. This is me just dreamin, but hey who knows what could happen in the future?
  23. Agreed @Lupophobia there should be more than one main support class. You're right, the topic should be about GT+AT only since PT is obviously a great support-based class that should be as useful as AT, just in a different way. Honestly, I'm fine with GT being a support hyrid class, but the problem is that the AT's +4% buffs don't accel over it's lack of dps compared to GT. Now, I would rather bump up AT's offensive abilities than kick down GT's, but I'm glad to see the discussion of what other people's thoughts on the subject are. If most people think I'm crazy and AT is currently the better support to GT, then so be it.
  24. Had a feeling you were having to deal with the Segac coding. Well, if it's possible at all to selectively "build/upgrade" weapons, that be good for us RNG-cursed. Or a way to change a weapons appearance. Love the wackier weapons, but sadly they are rarely useful. Much appreich for your efforts!
  25. The acros have high evasion and I consider that a defensive statistic. I'll change the title to be less confusing. Yes, because FG could mean Fighgunner or Fortegunner so, FiG=FighGunner and FoG=ForteGunner. So far what you're asking makes sense, however balance needs to be tweaked across multiple classes in general, not just for GT IMHO.
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