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  1. Your best bet is to get on Clementine's discord and as in the #looking-for-group thread. Good luck
  2. Starting to regret not having a link to the previous discussion thread that the community all added to last year since a lot of this was talked about previously, however recalling exactly what was concluded alludes me. What I can say is that it's very unlikely that we as a community can come to any agreement on either new classes or severely altering current ones. We're a bit more democratic here on Clementine, and changes arn't generally made unless a majority of us agree to it to some degree. Perhaps this will change in the future since the PSUC development team has altered a bit, so we'll see. Thank you very much for your info though! Let's hope this thread sticks around to refer to it later.
  3. Google translate: "Any chance the server will support PS2? Because now that DamonPs2 has been banned from everyone's cell phones, the new emulator promises online play" No, sorry. The server does not support console play and I'm unaware if the developers are working towards console play at this time. Playing on our phones is a fun thought though!
  4. Unfortunately, PSU's coding/system/platform is very, very restrictive. I do not believe we are able to add additional types, however we can change the current ones we have. I made a suggestion awhile ago to redo the base classes to be something viable, or perhaps repurpose them for things like "Acromaster." Same here. IMO, it was the better story out of all the PSU:AOTI stories and it's sickening that Sega decided for that to be server side only.
  5. Not one-hundo on this, but I believe blocking someone means: You will not see their chat. (Unsure if they are able to see yours.) They cannot message you. They cannot invite you into a party. (Unsure if you can enter into theirs.) They cannot enter your rooms. (You can enter theirs.) They cannot join a party that you are in. (No error message pops up, they simply are unable to join.) They cannot send you a trade. (Unsure if you can send them one.) Unsure if they are able to view your character's info. They cannot send you their card. (You can send them your card, they will have the option to accept it or not.) If they accept your card or already have it, they will (still) be able to see your location. ) As Souma said, blacklisting applies to the whole account. Any character on that account will be blacklisted from any characters on your account. ( ! Be careful whom you send your card to! ! )
  6. There was a large list of items that the PSUC team was going to be working on and these issues were addressed on there, however I'm having difficulties finding atm. For now, I will answer with what I know has been talked about before for possible solutions (nothing is guaranteed however,) Suggestion 1: Fixing new player retention There was talk about giving new accounts a set of meseta/items/boosts/etc. to help with the initial grind. Also, people suggested removing level requirements to missions so that lower levels can play higher level missions with others. We're aware that would allow for power leveling, however the problem that arose would be that people would lock their parties more to keep lower levels out, so this was an inconclusive answer. As far as incentivizing people to help out newbies, there was nothing that was agreed upon that would convince enough players to do so. For now, it's only from those who decide to spend their time helping others out of the goodness of their hearts. Suggestion 2: Cyclone Dance dmg output buff This is very specific issue that only pertains to a select group of players, but feel free to make a separate forum topic to discuss this further. Suggestion 3: Rare drop problems "Missions spotlights" are basically what everyone's dailies are. You get boosts for taking down specific mobs/bosses. The idea of mission specific boosts for everyone I believe is possible, but would require a manual update each time, so not sure how much time the team is willing to sacrifice to do this. For drop rates, it's the Goldilocks issue. There really is no "just right" rate for rares. Luck will always be apart of it and everyone thinks they are cursed in some way or another. Discussing this issue on here or bugging the team will help not fix the problem. Making your issues known about this is fair, but please understand that it's an issue everyone has in some way or another. Hope this helped you out a little, and thanks for your input.
  7. The issue seems to be fixed now. They operate at a slightly slower speed which feels better.
  8. Why do you believe PA boosts are different to EXP/drop boosts?
  9. I prefer the gypsy version of the PM so I got that one. However, there may be devices we can feed them later that'll change them into other things.
  10. So going off later posts, you mean instead of timed events with certain boosts, just give everyone consumable boosts to use as they please at certain times? If this is the case, it's a good idea as you say, since people can then choose when they get their boosts and which ones they want. However, that would mean that instead of getting a bunch of players logging on and playing during that certain time, some would log-in, get the consumables then log off. They'd continue to play when they want which may mean weeks or months later. The real question is, are events more about giving players boosts or boosting player count? In your opinion, which of these is more important for a private server like ours?
  11. I'd like the rates to stay for sure. Feel like I get a lot more accomplished while I play than before. However I can see how keeping these rates may dilute any boosts we may get later during events. More or less, how crazy do the boosts have to be become before they are too much? Suppose one could measure the time it takes for a brand new account to reach a point that they could solo and complete the hardest mission currently in the game would be a decent way to access how long a grind it should take for everything. This is a bit crazy to calculate since there's so many factors that go into it. Basing this outcome on simply maxing character level / class / PAs / weapons would be over-rated since those aren't all necessary to complete missions. For a ballpark range, would playing 100 hours be sufficient to solo, complete and S rank the current hardest mission? (Since this player would then be able to complete every mission solo.) Just as a reference, we can use a standard work week which is 8 hours a day for 5 days, making 40 hours a week. So, would two and half weeks of straight grinding to achieve this be agreeable? Someone with less time on their hands, say 20, it would take 5 weeks to complete. 10 hours? 10 weeks. You get the picture right? Not saying we should do the math here, but as a rough estimate, we can try to understand how long it should take someone to be able to play any mission and discuss if that's reasonable or not.
  12. Oh yeah, let's just nerf a PA that only 3 2 classes can use and one has max skills at 20. This discussion is moot. Taking out JA's would fundamentally change melee classes just to save a second or two when attacking. Use basic attacks when you feel it's right to JA or don't. If that's too hard, play a gunner.
  13. I'm really enjoying the boosts too and wish they would stay, however there may be a fall/winter event coming up that will bring back the boosts, so they won't be gone for too long. (This is 100% my assumption, no one has said anything about another upcoming event. )
  14. Seority

    Melee PAs

    @Jess Victorix is the one who balanced out the melee PAs from this last patch. Would be best to get information from him.
  15. I've used it and I've seen it work, but it doesn't proc a lot. Usually the enemy dies as soon as happens, making this SE kinda pointless on this weapon type lol. It's still a cute weapon though.
  16. As a player whom has spent double digit hours hunting for items that dropped in only a few runs for others... It's just RNG. Some of us have a it way worse than others. Oddly, the ones that bitch about this the most, seem to be the more lucky ones. Maybe I should try this strat out?
  17. Isn't this why FM was the best on official damage wise? They have the highest risk to reward, as well as having to deal with loads of RNG to get a decent palette. (50% weapons and 10/10 six for each element. ) I was unware of how multiplicative the damage was when it goes against those with low DPS or any poor soul whom lacks lv 40+ buffs/debuffs. This doesn't seem right at all. I'm with you @Selphea. If I were to make a dps class currently, it would definitely be gun-focused for sure. Also, the yummy ATA and DFP of CASTs make them more tempting to pair with.
  18. As a player whose been playing for awhile and has a decent understanding of how to play PSU well, perhaps the damage spikes and high evasion from some of Clem's spawns is what's throwing you off. Answer would be to play a different way. Use PA's that offer lots of movement or weapons that have high ATA to ATP. Maybe a simple change of your playstyle would help with your survivability to this challenge spike. Personally, I have yet to solo a mission to where I die more than once per mission, so apologies if I don't quite understand why you're having such difficulties. Different missions will be easier or harder to every class. Some will be a breeze for those whom have incap abilities, while they my have to slug through other missions where incap is barely useful. The most popular missions currently are heavily effected by megid/killer shot, which makes them seem unfair, but again, that's just these missions, not all of them. @Selphea's idea of megid only proccing after a certain hp percentage is a good idea, and would make incap more a strategic use instead of pure RNG. If you're being hindered by limited controls, perhaps you should change those so you can react quicker in the moment. Might I suggest Midori's Controls to let you switch armor and weapons instantly as well as quick menu selection: If I may ask, what missions are you having such trouble with? I only have a human capped as a AF/AT, so I can't test on exactly your race+class, but I'd like to see what you've been going through so I can come to a better understanding of these issues you're having. Thanks~
  19. Easy compared to what? Easier than release? Easier than official? Easier to other games? It's hard to stipulate what you mean by easy when there's no comparison. Perhaps do you mean is, "Is PSUC casual focused or hardcore focused?" As a quick measurement, what I believe PSUC is at the current time is: casual --x------- hard solo -x-------- group support: ineffective --------x- effective PSU in general has always been a sit back and push buttons type of game. It's no where near dungeon raiding MMOs where you need a fully stocked and balanced party to succeed. Clementine seems to follow this formula naturally, *aside from the inflated damage and evasion of current problematic spawns. PSU was soloable for the most part but I felt it did a good deal of balancing the rewards between solo and party groups. However, Clementine heavily focuses on solo play since there is little reason to play with a group aside from bodies to press buttons if desired. No content is locked by party necessity. Support-based classes/skills/play-styles/etc are very effective. They are not nessessary since the server is very solo-friendly, but support orientated plays are very useful. ----------------------~~----------------------- Agreed, that it's hard to speculate what should Clem be. Should it be casual focused? Completely soloable? Support effective? We also need to understand that we are not near end-game, more like 1/2 - 3/4 there, so we're basing our decisions with an "incomplete" look. For difficulty, meaning the necessity to play correctly and/or level of preparedness in order to complete a mission to receive rewards, PSUC staying more towards the casual in-general would stay true to what PSU is. One can play however they want and be able to complete most missions without issue. As others have stated, we get to choose the the difficulty setting we wish to approach. This is the best way to apply difficulty, make it a choice. The issue currently is not the challenge jump from S to S2 (it seems a fair difference with previously mentioned exclusions obviously,*) but rather by the rewards between the two. The possible drops we get from S2 are astronomically better than S, so there's little reason to do S unless you simply can't do S2. As for the solo-bias or party-bias, PSUC heavily tilts towards solo players. No content is locked out by needing to be in a party. It's mostly a preference if you choose to party or not. Now, it should be this way since it would be discriminating to those whom prefer to play by themselves, but sadly this means that the server leaves little reason for people to party up. Those whom enjoy party play will have a harder time finding a group. If we are able to change certain missions, perhaps giving huge short cuts with either buttons or locks that duos or parties could use to get through missions faster, that would incentivize people to group up without ostracizing solo-players. Support effectiveness isn't usually a huge proponent when talking about game difficulty, specially when one would consider it to be more of a party-play issue. However, the usefulness of a support based playstyle does matter when it comes to the generality of a party-game. Just like there are those whom wish to play alone, there are those whom wish to play only in parties. If support-minded players were ineffective, then it would drive away those players and lower the incentive of party play even more, which again is against a cooperative game like PSU. It's a very good thing this isn't currently the case for Clementine. Supports arn't needed, but highly appreciated. The question shouldn't be then, "Is PSU too easy?" but rather, "Should PSU be this easy?" My question to you @Lupophobia is, when was the last time you were unable to complete a mission? When's the last time you ran out of scapes and had to return to lobby, losing your S rank for the mission (if you wanted it in the first place?) Does it take longer than an hour to finish a run? Completing missions, gaining rewards and drops is the essential point of PSU. Therefore, if it's extremely rare that you are unable to complete a mission, wouldn't you say that PSU isn't that difficult?
  20. Perhaps I haven't played enough missions solo, but the game doesn't seem as drastically hard as you are putting it. Sure, it's not a cake walk and does take some time, but things seem fairly do-able. My issue is when you've battled through all that mess, what you're rewarded with is frequently underwhelming. "Oh look, 4 Photons at clear boxes again." That's the main thing that kills my momentum over anything else. Also, I feel the same with @Selpheain which I want to use my cards and techs while I play, but then I'm cutting my dps in half if I don't soley use my dagger. It seems like certain things are so op, that you're doing something wrong if you don't play a specific way.
  21. If it so easy, please let us poor folks in on how it's done! What do those of us whom weren't able to participate in events get the best gear? Should we just not play until an even happens?
  22. If we're speaking purely on opinions/feelings/hypothesis towards on PSUC then: I don't see the game as difficult, however I play on a hybrid class that can use techs. Currently, it is way easier to solo as AT than AF and I agree that's very odd to me. My damage is only slightly better on AF which probably shouldn't be the case, but none of my skill PAs are above 30, so that may attribute to my views. There will always be a meta, that's just how games are. If the best items are found at the most difficult missions, then those are the missions people will run. A casual can easily run a few S's and gain a palette that's acceptable. However, the need to play meta should be minimal and only apply to those who desire to be: If people who dislike playing meta are pushed towards it simply to play, that's a problem. I do see that a bit currently, but not a severe problem for now. As for the current meta of incap being too good, that's probably because it's the best option for the most popular missions at this time. As for enjoyment playing PSUC, I still love doing what I do best (support-main-always ) but it does get tiring. Soloing as AT is easy, but I lose intetest since I have no access to a travel PA. Even if my runs are slower and I end up spending more meseta per run, playing AF is so much more engaging. Since PSU is a interactive-intense game, having to spend a few seconds to a minute or so just moving the direction stick after pressing auto-run to get to the next mob? Super boring. The point of PSU is a treasure-hunt game of course, where you run missions, to get drops, to run better missions, to get better drops, to run better missions, so on and so on. Drop rate is a huge deal for this reason and while I'm fine with some items being really hard to get, spending 15-30 mins on a solo run just for lv150+ enemies and S2 mission boxes to drop C rank items, hurts. It invalidates my time and effort greatly, specially when even a 7* synth item will at least sell for a few hundred meseta and a few of those would fund the mates I used to do the mission. As for deal-breakers when it comes to PSUC. I have none. PSUC is PSU and I love it dearly. While there will always be a better PSUC to strive for, I'm honestly satisfied with what it is now. Everything is just a minor issue I have. Sure, if it was better I would play it more, but maybe it's good that I don't only play PSU.
  23. So what was stated previously was correct then? If that's the case, and I'm not misunderstanding you, then I disagree wholeheartedly. Can Dam-techs be useful on Acrotechers? Yes. Is it the best option for limit break on Acrotecher? Well, you haven't convinced me. We both agree that Dam-techs stifle flexibility, but I see this as a huge negative, while you seem to not to agree about that. You say that Dam-techs are better than Gi-techs since they SE better because of tick speed compared to re-casting Gi-techs. While I do agree with this, it is a minimal difference. The SE level (aka proc rate per tick) is the same on Gis and Dams. The fact that Dam-techs are so restricting with movement&options while using it, greatly outweighs this small advantage of tick speed and goes against the very nature of an Acrotecher. See? Now I'm repeating myself. A reason to why Dam-techs LBs are better than the rest hasn't been stated yet. @Giro made great points to why single's would be better, but your response in a sense was, "That's just the way things are." That's not a justifiable reason. We can agree to disagree if you're done explaining and that's fine. I simply asked because it's difficult to understand your points and I didn't want to take your stance out of context. (My inner English teacher is screaming right now heh.) Perhaps one day we can both experiment with these ideas and flesh them out a bit more beyond numbers and opinions. When it comes to protecting a static ally, say another force casting Dam-techs, () your Dam-tech is one option and may work better than Gi-s in that situation (as long as a majority of the threat is coming from a certain direction.) However, with this specific case, if enemies are surrounding them on all sides, whips would be a preferred idea since whips will hit more and faster than Dam-techs. Also, you'll have the option of blow-back if needed. AT's should protect their party for sure, however, if the ally is being assaulted majorly from one direction, then wouldn't line techs be a better option? As a ranged weapon, bows are the best. They have greater range and you can aim them much easier than cards. Cards let you have more mobility, but since you can't decently aim with them, they are mid-range at best. It's the same deal when it comes to Weak Bullet vs. Megid. Sure, Megid can hit more targets, but it's slow and it has limited aim. WT has access to both cards and bows, while AT does not. Aside from Noszonde and Nosmegid, AT has no long range capabilities. Another reason why even Nos-tech LBs would be preferred over Dam-techs.
  24. That's a fair point. TBH, if Acro's had Nos, that would be the same for them. And they dont even have bows. Seems like Dam-techs are just... unless you can use a rod.
  25. Am I getting this right then @Fruzsina? Dam-tech limit breaks are better than any other limit breaks on Acrotecher because: They can tick faster than recasting Gi-techs. They then, theoretically, can SE more than Gi-techs. Despite the fact that they limit your options for casting other spells and take away all movement, which hinders the point of the class which is support. This is ok because parties should allow you to be unavailable for a certain period of time, even though dealing dps is in your words, "if you're the main damage dealer in the party, something went wrong ^_^* or you're leveling low levels." And AT can not have single or line LBs because, "Hybrids aren't mean to use Only spells," Am I missing something here?
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