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  1. Nice shots! Poor Ruby Eclipse, felt so bad for the guy and the stuff he had to go through. Those were some good times~
  2. While multiple people interact with separate items, only one does the animations. For example, when I interacted with the yooga mat, while Hanzo was interacting with the sandbag, his character ended up doing the yooga animation instead of the punch bag one and my character doesn't do anything. I could select any item and force Hanzos character to do the animation as long as he was also interacting with another object. If I only I selected an intractable object while Hanzo was not, my character would not do the animation. Hanzos character was the only one that would do the animations. We're not sure if it was because he was the owner of the room, the first one in the room, or if it was because he the first to interact with an object. Thank you for recording, uploading and posting this Kami.
  3. Same here. Hours of Castle runs, zero incap happening.
  4. The event was wonderful to play, but I'm glad it wasn't here for long. Special events should be short and sweet.
  5. Thank you Marm & testers! Can't wait to try out the techs!
  6. I feel for you mil, I can see how investing so much time into this alpha server seems like a waste when it'll all be wiped some day. None of us know when that day is, but let's focus on what you can do today. We can all play on the server, for free, that's being constantly updated and cared for by a passionate team of developers. Sure, somethings don't work properly (or at all yet) and some tasks require more time than usual to complete, but you can still play the game currently, today. If this is unappealing for you, then *shrugs* maybe you should to wait till the full release to invest your time wisely. You can use non-capped PAs as well and be efficient in clearing mobs. You've voiced your opinion, most of us agree, but we can't do anything about it (unless you're a dev.) Why not just hop on and enjoy the few moments you have on this game?
  7. Voice chat was a great way for the community to mingle and help each other out. Cyan has posted about bringing it back up again, with more moderation then there was before, which will may avoid the issues of the previous one. (Clementine Discord, #announcements) Even with some altercations, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the VC, and met a lot of fun and interesting folks. Hope to see it come back soon.
  8. This would be really awesome, I'm super down for some TA competition! Gives us a reason to get better gear and what not.
  9. This is how it always was in PSU. Your character got flung only backwards when hit. Odd but true. Thanks for letting us know though.
  10. Thanks for your service FUFME As for the topic, it's very sad to see this happen, but as others have already stated, it's just a natural thing players do. If any lowbie's need help with starting out, or others need help with runs, I'm always willing to help when available.
  11. I'm in no way advocating this to be the way it's done lol. It should be that parties take the 10 mins or less to do a run but to make that happen, enemies HP and ATK have to be increased to up the challenge of multiple players. It's just this way so that drops balance out is all, since we have our own drops rather than shared like it was on retail. (6 different people, 6 separate drops.) That's up to you then. If players did play better in general, then having them along would always be best. Maybe encourage them to be more productive when playing together.
  12. The reason for the HP and ATK buffs (so I hear) is to keep groups of parties semi-balanced when completing a mission compared to soloing, and I believe it's purely for drops.*** The EXP buff is to entice players to group when leveling (making it easier over all.) Challenge brings meaning to this game, and makes it more difficult to get certain drops. Personally I don't see an issue with the rates as is. However, if certain missions are difficult to complete (even with a party) then maybe the mission is too high for you to reach. Level PAs, up your class, get better weapons, gain levels, use traps, just-attack, use correct elements, dodge enemy spells and attacks, support your team, etc. In essence, get better than you are now to hopefully overcome the difficulty from before. ***If it takes 1 person to do a mission in 10 mins, then a party of 6 should complete the same mission in 60 mins to keep the drop rates balanced. As anyone knows, this isn't the case and groups generally complete missions just as fast if not faster than a soloer. Hense, the drops for that mission got ran 6 times all at once which floods the market if the drop rates were 1:1. So, drop rates must be lowered when in groups, but the question is by how much? This is why the HP/ATK buffs are in place to balance this in some way.
  13. Thanks for posting this Kami. The npc shop prices do need to be altered to become more affordable/accessible for most players. Since npc items are generally worse then dropped ones, they should be cheaper to afford than player shops. However, the current player shop economy is in a very awkward state of constant high production and low demand, so items are worth way less than what they should be. It's best to just lean on player shops for now and ignore the npc, but yes this does need to be addressed
  14. What Frost says is correct. Every hit you land with a PA is a "tick" of experience towards leveling it. Wiether that's multiple mobs or multiple targets on a single mob. Just casting/using it (without hitting) does nothing, nor does hitting 0's, hitting boxes or "ghost" enemies. Some level up faster than others, so most that can hit more than one target at a time do level faster. With support spells (where you're not targeting enemies but rather allies,) every player you "tag" with your buff counts as a "tick" and that includes yourself. With debuffs and the Sa- techs it is the same, but just enemies. You won't see damage come up, but you'll notice the circles around the mob/ status effect happen that shows you have "tagged' them and will get PA experience for those tags. I hope this clears up the confusion for you K.Cloud, this is a great question that we've all had to ask at one point.
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