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  1. I noticed that to with Doug Dimmi-dome Dimmagolus on C rank. Threw me off a bit too. Seems like it's intentional, but I'm not sure. SHOTGUN is right however and this should be in Help rather than guides.
  2. Awesome overview @Selphea! Very accurate from what I can tell! Of course, I could write a novel about the details of playing the best way possible for AT, but I'll stick to small tid-bits. Priority is healing+SE removal>SE>buffs/debuffs>mobbing. It's rare for an AT to normal mob unless soloing/duoing. Why? As Selphea already stated, whips are slow and, along with daggers, have blow-back during the 2nd combo of their PAs that screw up mobs more than not. The best bet is to pick off stragglers or work your way from the outside-in with mobs so they stay toget
  3. Yeah @Jakoo56 we're just discussion ideal setups. Don't believe anyone here thinks this should and even can be worked on yet. Unless, you would like us to refrain from even talking about it?
  4. For boosted speed, I think keeping it on masters and acros is fine. Yes, the ATP is altered on masters so they aren't super broken, but they still out dps their respective counterparts. As for movement PA's, every class should have access to them. You as a player don't have to use them, but the option should be there for those who do. However, if we're spit-ballin on reworking classes in general, there's plenty to ponder. My crazy ideas consist of massive boosts to some classes as well as finding a way to make the basic classes usable. Hunter/Ranger/Force: Give them A rank t
  5. Agreed @Lupophobia there should be more than one main support class. You're right, the topic should be about GT+AT only since PT is obviously a great support-based class that should be as useful as AT, just in a different way. Honestly, I'm fine with GT being a support hyrid class, but the problem is that the AT's +4% buffs don't accel over it's lack of dps compared to GT. Now, I would rather bump up AT's offensive abilities than kick down GT's, but I'm glad to see the discussion of what other people's thoughts on the subject are. If most people think I'm crazy and AT is currently the be
  6. Had a feeling you were having to deal with the Segac coding. Well, if it's possible at all to selectively "build/upgrade" weapons, that be good for us RNG-cursed. Or a way to change a weapons appearance. Love the wackier weapons, but sadly they are rarely useful. Much appreich for your efforts!
  7. The acros have high evasion and I consider that a defensive statistic. I'll change the title to be less confusing. Yes, because FG could mean Fighgunner or Fortegunner so, FiG=FighGunner and FoG=ForteGunner. So far what you're asking makes sense, however balance needs to be tweaked across multiple classes in general, not just for GT IMHO.
  8. Going along with the balancing issue, it seems we're in agreement that it's ok for certain classes to be stronger to others, with exceptions of course. For a more visual aspect, let's see what we can do. Damage: Masters>Fortes/AF>Hybrids/AT Defense: Fortes>Acros>Hybrids>Masters Versatility: Hybrids/Acros>Fortes>Masters Every class is strong in thier own way. The problems being stated about GT, to visualize it: Should be something like: Gun Damage: GM>FoG>GT Support ability: AT>FT>GT How it is currently: Gu
  9. Wasn't there a chat on the main Clem page awhile back? Also, you can read the Discord chat without signing in. I think a global chat on this small a private server would be fine, we'll just shut it off when we reach 1k regulars.
  10. Is everyone in agreement that FM/MF are the top classes? If so, why isn't anyone arguing to nerf them? Just to get on the same page, I agree that GT should get a slight nerf to thier support abilities since it outshines the class specifically designed for it. However, I am not asking for nerfs to FM/MF simply because they're the best currently. Rather, I would like to see more love for the classes like FG so they can be on par with FM/MF. This is what I meant.
  11. @ZetaAre you saying that Guntechers are the best class in the game? Sure, it's way more powerful then it ever was, but I still don't see it being above Fighmaster or Masterforce. If the choice is to nerf GT down to another class's level, then that means you will have to do the same for the others and I'm unsure people would be for nerfing classes that they worked hard to max out or enjoy playing. Making the other classes slightly better seems like a healthier idea and, to be fair, are we really worried about power creep right now?
  12. Your input on this is valuable @ScarletMel, especially if you're an Acrotecher main, it effects you the most. Don't sell your opinions short on the chance they may disagree with others. And of course any party will welcome either an AT or GT, but if they had to choose... I'm pretty sure yours and my friends will prefer to play with us regardless.
  13. Guntechers can do the exact same thing, heal, buff, etc. with higher rates of SE's and dps on top. The only thing they can't do is add the level 41+ 4% buff (23% to AT 27% see pics in OP.) If you're thinking in terms of space, 6 players being the max, would a party rather have the support role be filled by a Guntecher or an Acrotecher? The point of buffs/debuffs is to do more damage, however if a class lacks dps/SE output, then why would a party pefer that class over the other? I, like you, agree AT should be the best support class, but it's currently being outshined by GT. A
  14. Getting into the details would be a bit much for me, so I won't, although most people here would probably agree that the classes are not balanced to one another. It's good to see that GT and WT got necessary buffs to make the classes viable. However, I believe it's best to raise every weaker class up, rather than nerf the strong ones down. Instead of making players regret thier class decision, let them have a choice variety of decent ones. If we're basing Guntecher after it's description, "Long-based support," I would say it does that quite well currently.
  15. Seority

    Pokemon Unite

    https://unite.pokemon.com/en-us/ Anyone playing this currently?
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