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  1. The issue seems to be fixed now. They operate at a slightly slower speed which feels better.
  2. Why do you believe PA boosts are different to EXP/drop boosts?
  3. Watched the vid, but I'll respond to your post first. With each update the game does change, so I would suggest logging in from time to time to see if those changes fix some of the issues you have with the game. If you aren't capped, then the exp boost we've had for the past month along with the new missions have helped many new players/characters find groups and level up quickly. As far as "get(ting) jack shit," I'm unsure what you mean, but if you're also not capped, the stuff you're looking for probably wasn't obtainable anyway. Most jank stuff can be bought on the player shops for extremely cheap, and if you're low on meseta, then that's a problem I can totally understand. Feel free to reach out on the Discord if you need a hand. You may find that some people are happy to help you. One may argue that almost all mmos are structured around large player bases and yes PSU is no different. It's the challenge that every private server takes on. I'm curious as to what "forced meta" you are implying. Care to indulge about that? ---------------------------------~~---------------------------------- As for the video, the speaker made many interesting points. The balancing of 'reasons to play the game' vs 'rewards for playing them game' was nice to hear about. They couldn't go only off raid drops since that means people may never get what they want. The opposite was also bad because the game became more a job where if you clock in enough hours, then you'll get what's desired. Having a mix of raid drops but also guaranteed trade in items to get gear seems to be the perfect scenario. I enjoy that they started to give certain items purpose rather than just treating everything like a board to stick stats to. "An item that gives a buff when picking up gold," sounds fun! Noting when he specified that items that change the way a player plays were the most interesting. Making every item useful, or at the very least interesting is something PSU definitely needs. The closing statements to the final two points are eye-opening. "It's better for players to feel awesome than for everything to be balanced." "It's better to solve the problem of players having everything they want than of them not having what they want." Those sentences pretty much sum up the whole point of this colossal thread. Glad to see that most of us are open for change, we just need to be patient now and wait for changes to come.
  4. I prefer the gypsy version of the PM so I got that one. However, there may be devices we can feed them later that'll change them into other things.
  5. So going off later posts, you mean instead of timed events with certain boosts, just give everyone consumable boosts to use as they please at certain times? If this is the case, it's a good idea as you say, since people can then choose when they get their boosts and which ones they want. However, that would mean that instead of getting a bunch of players logging on and playing during that certain time, some would log-in, get the consumables then log off. They'd continue to play when they want which may mean weeks or months later. The real question is, are events more about giving players boosts or boosting player count? In your opinion, which of these is more important for a private server like ours?
  6. I'd like the rates to stay for sure. Feel like I get a lot more accomplished while I play than before. However I can see how keeping these rates may dilute any boosts we may get later during events. More or less, how crazy do the boosts have to be become before they are too much? Suppose one could measure the time it takes for a brand new account to reach a point that they could solo and complete the hardest mission currently in the game would be a decent way to access how long a grind it should take for everything. This is a bit crazy to calculate since there's so many factors that go into it. Basing this outcome on simply maxing character level / class / PAs / weapons would be over-rated since those aren't all necessary to complete missions. For a ballpark range, would playing 100 hours be sufficient to solo, complete and S rank the current hardest mission? (Since this player would then be able to complete every mission solo.) Just as a reference, we can use a standard work week which is 8 hours a day for 5 days, making 40 hours a week. So, would two and half weeks of straight grinding to achieve this be agreeable? Someone with less time on their hands, say 20, it would take 5 weeks to complete. 10 hours? 10 weeks. You get the picture right? Not saying we should do the math here, but as a rough estimate, we can try to understand how long it should take someone to be able to play any mission and discuss if that's reasonable or not.
  7. Oh yeah, let's just nerf a PA that only 3 2 classes can use and one has max skills at 20. This discussion is moot. Taking out JA's would fundamentally change melee classes just to save a second or two when attacking. Use basic attacks when you feel it's right to JA or don't. If that's too hard, play a gunner.
  8. I'm really enjoying the boosts too and wish they would stay, however there may be a fall/winter event coming up that will bring back the boosts, so they won't be gone for too long. (This is 100% my assumption, no one has said anything about another upcoming event. )
  9. Seority

    Melee PAs

    @Jess Victorix is the one who balanced out the melee PAs from this last patch. Would be best to get information from him.
  10. Short answer is no. Not 100% sure of the details, but how I understand it, it's impossible to program. The game breaks if goes beyond these set of arbitrary numbers.
  11. I've used it and I've seen it work, but it doesn't proc a lot. Usually the enemy dies as soon as happens, making this SE kinda pointless on this weapon type lol. It's still a cute weapon though.
  12. As a player whom has spent double digit hours hunting for items that dropped in only a few runs for others... It's just RNG. Some of us have a it way worse than others. Oddly, the ones that bitch about this the most, seem to be the more lucky ones. Maybe I should try this strat out?
  13. I understand this. I like this. I agree with this. This isn't what I'm talking about however. Someone who prefers weapons breaking with no option to fix, will remain unhappy with this system. To this person, 10/10's should be rare and hard to achieve, making them special and desirable. If items start dropping lower than 0/10, then all the better I'm assuming to the these players. Unless the option of repair is challenging to achieve, I don't see the ones who were chanting for weapons breaking in Gaz's discussion enjoying the next grinding changes. Personally, I'm looking forward to the new changes, even though I'm not keen with weapons breaking. (Weapons that drop as 0/X<10 is fine with me.)
  14. That's the problem I have understanding when it comes to breaking items. What's the point of an item breaking if it can be fixed? Nothing will be permanently broken. For those whom advocate for items breaking, it should be for permanent breaks with no fixing, for it to actually be different than what the system is down. Hense, a break&repair system won't satisfy those players. My post was more a question to those who would prefer unrepairable breaks. What makes that system better than the one we have now? If people just want to see numbers change for whatever reason, I'm seriously lacking some information as to why this is needed, when in theory it changes nothing in the end (except take extra resources and time.)
  15. Hypothesis for the grinding situation~ After listening to a lot of players whom wished to bring the old system back, it seems to me that there are two types of opinions when it comes to grinding for those whom care about grinding in general. There are those whom believe every weapon should always have the option of being 10/10, and those who don't. I wish to understand further as to the importance of weapons breaking permanently since I find myself in the camp of the former. If everyone has the ability to get a 10/10, why should it matter? How is a weapon losing it's potential permanently better? I heard some say for the market. Why would one be excited about selling a 6/6 when a 0/10 would possibility be worth more? Is this in assumption that drop rates will also increase because of this? If one desires 4/4s or 2/2s, etc. then why not just grind to 2/10 and stop? Others state that it's for the flex. If 10/10s gave no more stats than a 9/10, and GAS wouldn't potentially have a bonus to 10/10s, then yes, I can see it being all for show. However, this is obviously not the case. Should 10/10s only be obtainable for those whom play the most and also have great luck? Not to say that those whom do play a lot shouldn't be compensated in some way or have a badge of honor in some manor, but should it really be through the necessary mechanic of the game? Seemed that some claimed that 10/10s are in a sense "end game" for PSU. This is hard to judge since I honestly have no clue what PSU's end-game is. Is it to obtain the best gear in the game? Is it to speed run? Simply have fun? No idea. Again though, how does breaking weapons, chucking them away, just to start the process over again end game? I suppose they are stating that their "end game" comes too soon with this current system? Is there a way to make both camps satisified with the grinding system? Probably not completely. What about weapons break and can be fixed back to x/10 but at a great cost? Then statistically, those whom play the most will have a higher chance of obtaining 10/10s and it's still an available option to everyone. Really wish I could of discussed with GazRawrs group about this so I could understand this all more. I have a feeling I'm missing a huge point here. Aside from the time+grinders needed (aka the success rate of grinding currently,) I'm on the side of the current system, but it can certainly be better and I believe those whom need weapons to break for some kind of importance should be satisfied in a way as well.
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