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  1. Zaix

    shadow mapping

    I think this is tiered and works as follows Self: Only you get detailed shadows. Party: You and your party get detailed shadows. Enemies: You, your party, and enemies get detailed shadows
  2. If you do Seed Awakened on C, probably B and A as well, Dulk Fakis obviously only has 1 phase, however it seems to play the video of him transitioning to second form with the blue ring rising up instead of him just exploding. There are also no boxes or Warp Crystal after it ends, but the mission does complete and give rewards, then you just have to abandon the mission.
  3. The Double Saber, Cutie Baton, is listed as a 7 Star in game, but PSUPedia has it as a 6 Star. It's properly shows a B Rank though. http://psupedia.info/Cutie_Baton.html
  4. If you turn into the invincible blue beast when you have a Damage Over Time effect on you, like burn or poison, it will heal it along with your health, but the negative effect will return briefly and do a few ticks of damage. Definitely not deadly, but still an issue.
  5. Yeah ran into this myself. For future reference, the good layout is the one where you spawn in the West side, facing East
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