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  1. ok so the Title says it all for this suggestion but I also know this is something that would either be really hard to pull off or even be imposable. how ever I just wanted to at least put it here in the suggestions to see what people thought and to get the idea out there. because honestly fighting a dragon with dark and light elements is cool but it would be just as cool to have the same in like say dual swords one of each element just as an example.
  2. Aradea

    Name Change

    I think it would be nice to add something in the make over store that lets a player rename there character. if they just wanted a general name change or if there was just a miss spelling that slipped past that doesn't get caught until later on.
  3. im not sure if its a bug or im just missing a detail but I just changed to Acrofighter and it shows that I should be able to use the twin pistols yet it is not letting me equip them.
  4. Aradea

    melee photon art

    oh you make a fair point I did resently change it. I forgot that has an affect. im playing as ranger and I was fighter. good point.
  5. I have been using the assault smg gun and for some odd reason its not recharging no matter how long I keep it out.
  6. before the resent patch I was able to do the second part of the photon art combo for the single dagger as it was at/over level 11. its at level 12 and sense the patch it is only letting me use the first part of the ability and not the follow up attack.
  7. Aradea

    Room Jukebox

    switch songs and before I could hear the next song kick in I tried to load the list of songs only for it to come up empty and unable to do anything. ended up timing out and logging back in.
  8. my friend and I where at the beach on parum and on our way to kill the mother brain boss but when we got to the boss room it froze us in place and wouldn't let us move or click anything. it looked like it had wanted to play a cutscene however we had to force close the game just so we could get out of being stuck.
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