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  1. It sure didn't feel like it to me xD It felt faster.
  2. Where the hell did I say I wanted things for free? I said I wanted rates to be like OG PSU.
  3. This. I find myself much more limited on playtime now than back in the day. I don't want everything to be a pain in the ass to accomplish. Not saying make it stupid easy either.
  4. I personally would just like the rates to be like in the official AOTI servers. This goes for PAs, EXP, MP, ect.
  5. Fair enough, I thought an actual subforum on the Clem forums would stand out more is all.
  6. I think the forum and maybe even discord could benefit from a clan section. I personally would like to find a clan to join up with.
  7. OG Xbox 360 player here. Played the demo for about about a year back in 07 I believe and joined actual server in 08 ish. I was there up until closure. Main character was "Raven" on both platforms as a beast. May be more notable that my GT was Raven Darkwing back then for a very long time.
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