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  1. Masei Sou is fine at the moment, mine is currently 31+ and I don’t miss very often as a level 85 Human Guntecher
  2. I think the main problem with the bullet level argument is this: which weapon would you rather have level 41 bullets with, rifles or twin handgun? Even if twin handguns are marginally safer they don’t have much of a place especially since rifles have superior range.
  3. Have you witnessed the drop? I was told by someone else that it was dropping Bajura.
  4. “Forest Infiltration S3's Kagajibari does not drop 'Hoshi-kikami' as Lv is +10 in bossenemy correction The actual drop item is 'Bajura' Please change the list if possible” updated thanks.
  5. While I don’t hate the idea of having separate tabs for each tier of level I think it would make the table a bit too convoluted. adding mission points isn’t a bad idea either but I don’t really want to go through that much work to fit it in. The intent of the table is for players to have access to a resource that shows what drops in the end game, the best possible items with enemies/location. And like you said it will take a lot of work to change, while also making it harder to navigate and a considerable amount of effort. As far as usefulness goes I don’t think the items that drop from enemies below level 80 are very worth taking the time to list out for the game in its current form. It’s still possible for players to cross reference the updated drop table with enemy locations in this sheet or by using the pedia
  6. You say WT loses a lot of “variety” since it has to play like FF ??? WT is probably the most varied class in the entire game. It does literally everything, even bows, which it has no business using. Just because it isn’t strong at everything it does, that doesn’t make it bad or underpowered. WT can do damn near everything it shouldn’t be able to do ALL of those things at a high level. It would make other classes not worth using.
  7. I've check for the majority of the missions in the counters on each planet. The weird thing about ruins in the mist is that it's not even an AotI mission but for whatever reason it's not in the game. I'll cross it off for now.
  8. Offensive Techs were never meant to be the focus of wartecher or guntecher, they aren’t meant to be used outside of status effects really. Anyone using GT or WT with more than 3 or 4 offensive technics isn’t playing the class the way they were intended. WT will always do more damage with melee (they benefit from Gi- spells since they’re in close but since they’re using a Mag it’s usually not worth it). GT will always do more damage with guns (but can do combinations with Ra- Nos-and base spells if they’re using crossbow, card, or machine-gun). GT and WT are the way they are because they have access to different things compared to the primary classes (FF, FG, FT) and have a mixed role. Their strength isn’t in doing one thing super well, their strength comes from being able to do multiple things passably. They don’t need any significant buffs or weapon access changes.
  9. Not enemy level resistance but certain enemies are only affected by status effects once the SE reaches a certain level. Seed Vitace for example will never be frozen by effects less than level 3 (I think, might be 4). The same goes for incapacitate on certain enemies. If you use diragac on robot enemies it’ll probably incapacitate a lot more often.
  10. I've seen the topic brought up for gunmaster more exclusively but I have been trying to think of a way to make Twin Handguns more viable without making them overshadow other ranged weapons. A raw damage buff would be nice but I don't think it's a very elegant solution and would introduce a lot of power creep against rifles and bows if overtuning happened. As of right now Twin Handguns with Bullets at level 31+ do decent damage but leave a bit to be desired. The two suggestions that I have are (if the coding is feasible): 1. (this is the option I think would be most fun but probably the harder of the two to code) Every 11 Level increment (11, 21, 31, 41) for Bullets increase the rate of fire on Twin Handguns. This means you would still have to put a decent amount of effort leveling your bullets but wouldn't just be a blanket buff. This would also help the weapon feel a bit more unique compared to the rifle or bow. And really, who doesn't want to shoot Twin Handguns really fast? 2. The other, simpler option (I think it would be enough to at least make them semi-viable) would be making them the only ranged weapon in the game with a Just-Attack with correct timing. Fairly simple but it would make the weapon feel more unique while making the learning curve not just mash X like other ranged weapons. Obviously this is a suggestion thread so I'd like to hear what others think of the two options.
  11. After using the bullet on the same crossbow (a cubo mamba) for some time I was noticing that even with my health low I wasn't killing enemies any faster. While the game does show larger numbers coming from my crossbow at low health, it is taking the same number of shots to kill enemies as if I were at full HP. I also cross examined this using a regular bow and the numbers don't add up with the output I'm dealing when comparing the different weapon. For example a level 110 Mizura has around 8,500-9,000 hp (calculating an average damage with my bow dealing 735 damage per shot and taking 12 shots to kill). The numbers my crossbow are showing at low health are averaging out at 650 per bolt at 4 bolts. It take me 7-9 shots using the crossbow (depending on misses) and landing every bolt when I fire to kill a mizura. Even if I took into account 2 bolts per trigger pull missing (which isn't happening) the damage I'd deal is 9,100-11,000 damage. If we only account for 1 bolt missing per shot (which is closer to the actual) it should only take 5 shots to kill the Mizura. I also tested this strictly using the crossbow against numerous badira. with no buffs At full HP it took me 7 shots to kill a badira, at 15% HP it took me 7 shots to kill the badira even though the game was showing each of the four bolts doing roughly double the damage as their full hp counterparts. TLDR, the game is showing larger numbers with Yak Zagenga but the damage being calculated in the background is actually the same no matter the HP the player is at. I would also ask anyone using Nosmegid to test if the "HP affects damage" is working correctly on that PA as well.
  12. Nice. If you want to cut down on post length and organize it a bit I’d recommend putting it in a google sheet.
  13. Well Marm made my guide obsolete in less than a day haha, update incoming.
  14. I think you're right Kapplejuice, thought I saw it at a counter somewhere but now I can't find it.
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