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  1. Their damage definitely is great, but I seen more done with FG when I played a few games with you (I believe we were doing Seed Express and Awoken Serpent). Alone, GM DPS is great and the ability to shoot two hit boxes with a single bullet helps especially well when surrounded by enemies or large mobs with multiple hit boxes. However, the shameful comparison was a bit of an over exaggeration between GM and FG. Before the removal of Grenades from GM, numerous players complained that FG was outclassed, but simply wasn't utilizing the class to it's full potential. I suppose I didn't realize the effectiveness of crossbows because I never played on the JP servers (PC/PS2 and Xbox only) where crossbows had 5 projectiles.
  2. I'm quite surprised at how much attention this post has gotten. I apologize for being out of touch, but my opinion has changed dramatically after witnessing what FG can do with crossbows. The low-HP crossbow bullet (Yak Zagenga) puts GM DPS to shame. While having low-HP can be risky, many TAers have managed it well and gotten incredible completion times. In addition to this, They can also use many weapons which can remove the half HP penalty against large mobs that GM has (I seen someone doing 3K per hit with a 36% Bucanneer using Infinite storm). When played properly, FG was still a sufficient class compared to GM. I don't have too much to say about PT, besides Dus skad, EX traps, and Anga Jabroga. Grenades has it's advantages with PT, but it's not like you'll be using it against Drua gohra when more viable options are available. The majority wanted Grenades to stay, but I suppose GM will do fine either way. It just added more to a limited class and wish we still had it.
  3. In the past, I've been looking for these. When the server is down for extended maintenance or I get bored, I'll definitely try these out. Thank you!
  4. There definitely will be some down falls to maintaining this adjustment compared to the old knock back, but remember that Gunmaster only have guns. We can't switch to any melee weapon with similar functionality and PT have a large variety of weapons to choose from. As Gunmaster, we would often use the shotgun all the time and not great for crowd control when 5 or more monsters were coming my way. Now, we have a crowd control function thanks to the grenades changing. I don't know a whole lot about PT, but I'm sure traps and many other weapons could easily replace any functionality lost by the changes to grenade launcher. Personally, I would like to see knockdown added, but this has the potential of making Grenade launcher too power with weapons like Genocide Bunker or anything that shoots horizontally.
  5. Indeed. Some have argued against this, but the weapon isn't party friend. Besides larger mobs with multiple targets, the knock back function is mainly annoying. Now without knock back, it gives the weapon more versatility and I find myself using it considerably more.
  6. With the most recent update, it brought sone problems and unusual improvements. I was surprised to see how efficient Grenade launchers are without knockback and only flinch. With Gunmaster, this gives us a more liable option of dealing with groups of mobs if the launcher fires horizontally (works great with Genocide Bunker). However, this may have been an oversight as Grenade launchers suppose to knock enemies back. Grenade launcher with knockback also interrupts other players, such as techers and fighters. If a grenade is launched in a group of mobs with knockback, it dismantle the formation, causing certain techniques to be insufficient and interrupts the combo of fighters. As Grenade launchers are now, this won't happen as the enemies will stay in place. With that in mind, should things stay the same? Personally, it's a major improvement when played as Gunmaster.
  7. I'm not certain if this was an intentional effect with the most recent update, but knock back seems to be completely gone. In all honesty, it kinda works better in situations (such as with smaller mobs). A bug, but more like an improvement to me.
  8. Using a LV50 PA, rifle bullets appear to have no knockdown effect.
  9. Well done on the detailed explanation and testing! During the closed-testing phase, I did noticed only a slight increase when changing elements. Considering the 44%-46% on shotguns now, the switch should be more considerate when attacking enemies. In the past, the efficiency of elements were lowered on the official servers when Just-attack was introduced, but the effectiveness of elemental attributes on gun-based weaponry were still more effective than it is on this server. While the increased ATP percentage helped GunMaster, the class still seem to be lacking behind the other master classes. Perhaps it's a lack of available gear (such as shotguns that actually give more ATP) or the elemental problem. Whatever the case may be, a FighMaster with Dus Skad will put my clear times to shame with any 38% spear alone.
  10. This thing still being updated? GunMasters can use Kaos / Knight badly. When that unit was added, I began noticing the efficiency of GunMaster.
  11. I wouldn't get my hopes up too much if I were you. What time is this again, the 9th? Honestly, I lost count. When I see the "Download" button on the Xbox store, I'll believe it.
  12. People will choose to get upset at almost anything. I had someone get mad at a poorly placed joke. There are many social aspects to people seeing others' rares. Perhaps an option to hide pickups from others could be implemented, but there's no telling how difficult a feature such as that could be to add.
  13. I 2nd this. We have all these classes and everyone deviates to the master classes. Obviously, there is a considerable advantage over the other classes. I like Guntecher, but the massive advantage Gunmaster has over it makes me not want to use the class. The hybrid classes brought different playability, but seems like a sacrifice to use anything besides master classes. With the shotgun boost and nade launcher addition.... just forget about it.
  14. Some suggestions stated it should be no more than 1.5mil for each (when asked in discord chat). Considering I only have one more rifle element to level, I'm going to document how long it takes to level a laser cannon bullet from 1 to 41. In any case, it's definitely not worth 10mil.
  15. Yeah, may be best I level them myself. Unless I have a bunch of Psycho wands or Caster brooms, there's no way I'll have that kind of meseta. I can see laser cannon being expensive, but not rifles. I leveled 4 rifle bullets to level 41+. That means that I'll be looking at 36mil just for four of them. In the current economy, that would be more meseta than I made the entire time I been here. It's time consuming, but not that time consuming. If you know someone who would pay those prices, I'll definitely like to know as that would be the most effective way to make meseta. I aporeciate the offer, though.
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