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  1. Hello, I'm currently trying to change my controller settings via the online.exe but everytime I try to confirm the settings I get the "Screen size has not been selected" and the issue is that there is nothing in the screen size box to select, its completely blank so I can't choose anything which means I can't confirm any of the edits I make within the options. A solution would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Did everything in this topic here but now I'm stuck at the end part where you have to confirm your settings within the options, since I use a custom resolution the built in resolution option is blank and will not allow me to confirm the changes I made without changing the resolution within it which is impossible due to it being nothing in the box.
  3. I have a suggestion, just to let it be known I'm a Admin over on the REmodding forums, not going to post a link but a simple google search of "Resident Evil Modding" will pop up. The modding site was originally on Invision back in 2007 and even though we tried updating and adjusting the best we could through the years we always had similar problems to your own in addition to spam attacks, finally in 2012 we moved to Proboards which is free and actually very user friendly. The updates and features its provides in comparison to Invision is so apparent and while its not perfect it is a lot better than what we had with invision, I think that the fact its still standing mostly problem free 8 years after the move from Invsion is a testament to Proboards reliability in my opinion. Just a suggestion on my part from someone who was a part of a longstanding forum having to move due to issues, As a longtime fan of PSU and a huge supporter of the work you guys do to bring back a piece of my youth with this great game I felt compelled to throw out a suggestion even if you guys do not take it, good luck and here's hoping it all works out!
  4. Agreed. I'm just a excited as the next guy but patience is key, however I do not think its out of line to ask for a update, after all the early and latest timeline set for the release has come on gone. I think we all know that things can happen to cause it to be delayed and if the timeline has to be pushed back than I'm all for it if it means getting a more polished version of the game but please at least give us a quick post letting is know its been pushed back.
  5. Hello, I recently ran into a problem about a hour ago after being kicked from the server and now I keep getting stuck on the 'looking for patch" part of the login process. I've reset my modem and my computer and I still keep having this issue and I'm not able to log on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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