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  1. Little info : at this moment i can't access my room, iv'e try to switch characters to be sure. Is this something generated by the recent update?
  2. Nice, eager to play it when update done, thanks for all your work. And a huge thanks with already some special content thtat we have that hasn't available at the time we had the official servers for europe and North America. That aside, do you have any plans about the synthesis system for the future ( i mean crafting ) and about casino voloyal will have any chance to get some rewards out there in the future? Hope for the best ^_^
  3. Hi folks, one funny thing did happend to me while redecorate my room, in the first time i did it manualy by going remove one by one every piece i did put in place, and the second time i did it with the fonction to all remove at once and... i lose all my stuff lol Ok it's not a big deal cause i didn't spend too much mesetas on it, but just in case you want to redecorate and not lose everything i got and did spend on it, just do it manualy. ^_^
  4. Rycka


    Well as for my side i can't judge about that, iv'e played with other players last night while streaming, one's one of my acquaintances and the other one was very gratefull before leaving the team. ( And is on my friend list now ) It was a hard fight on the donjon but still the fun was there at the end ^_^ ( and a couple of xp lv as well )
  5. Hi folks ! One of the aspects that a like the most on this game was the social side, all this expressions and possibilities while chating was kinda of impressive even for today. So while searching i'll link bellow a page with all the option you can use while interact with the others ^_^ http://psupedia.info/Chat_macros.html have fun !
  6. Well as for myself it did work nicely. But the client is pretty heavy on space it took like at least 2 to 4 hours to install all the patches è_é @SHOTGUN : iv'e tries a phew action rpg's recently, true that pso2 is a bit slow pace compare for example to Soul Worker ( i am on their private server not the official ) but the graphics still are realy pretty for a game that's already 7 years old ^_^
  7. Hi folks ! For those who still want to experience the last game of the franchise without knowing japanese i got maybe the solution, and honestly i found this.. whithtout really searching, it was kinda a lucky coincidence. http://arks-layer.com/index.php By going to the link just above, you can download a patch that enable you to play de client mostly in english ( or at least the essential cause didn't try everything yet ) i suggest you if you want to dl that to let you pc running the client during the night cause.... the client very heavy, and maybe due to all the updates as well ( currently the full client's around 12 Go ) . ( PSO2 Tweaker ) As you may know jp servers don't block ip adresses unlike the SEA version was, so if you are interested give it a try ^_^
  8. Hi folks ! Just to let you know i do streaming since little time ago, was a long time in World Of Tanks, but now i kinda stream the games that i like to play, mostly rpg's of course and maybe other genres as well's possible. Feel free to have a look, i do have a youtube channel under the name of Ryckah and with over a hundred of videos of some games like Ar tonelico, Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, Rabi-Ribi for example ^_^
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