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  1. First off, Marm, I'm grateful you spent so much time on this project to bring PSU back to the players who missed it dearly. For that I don't think there is enough thanks. Dude, just take care of yourself now. You've more than earned it Second, I know I'm probably not the most popular person with the team, and for what it's worth I apologize for any drama my end may have caused. Regardless of that you guys have made something awesome and I hate to hear stuff was stolen. From my short time with the team I know how much you guys have worked on it and it really bothers me that someone would do that. I remember in the very beginning before Gnome even joined the team just how much time Marm and Tony spent piecing the puzzle together. I was there absolutely in awe of what they were trying to do and wanted to help in what little way I could even though it would have been done without me. Even if it was just explaining mechanics that may or may not help them piece the puzzle together that much faster. I would literally watch them in text chat talking about things I didn't understand until they had a question for me that I could answer. I've seen it firsthand, these guys get so much flack, but work on it for hours on end just to get the smallest thing working. They gave me a new perspective in video game development and how much work goes into something that people just take for granted. And to Gnome, I know there isn't really much I can do for the team at this point, nor would you guys probably even want me to, however, if you need to reach out to me on Discord for something feel free to. Even if it is to just vent.
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