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  1. I quit this game. The only way I would consider returning is if the multiplayer box item penalty is removed, and all classes have access to travel skills.
  2. Before I start, I want to say to Marm that I love you and am thankful for all you have done for the game. Thank you for not making Clementine pay for advantage. That alone is awesome and admirable. I know you are doing your best, and I don't want you to get too upset or stressed from reading this. I also don't want you to feel like you have to do any of these things. I also realize that most, if not all of these issues were not your decisions, but done by some of the high ranking devs under you. I gotta be honest. I'm not enjoying this game. I've been lying to myself and others about it. I stick with it with the HOPE that things will be fixed, improved, etc., but I'm getting sick of waiting, and I hate the uncertainty. Clementine has some major fundamental problems that need to be addressed, or at the very least, I want to know for sure that they will never be addressed, so I can stop wasting my time, and seek out better games. I have been considering quitting the game lately, but figured I should at least voice my concerns and see if there is a chance at solving them first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Problem #1: The game discourages multiplayer. Literally JUST before the game launched, we found out that the game would heavily discourage multiplayer, thanks to a huge box item penalty for additional players in the party. It was a punch in the gut and really let me down and ruined my excitement for the game at launch. Thankfully, over time, this ridiculous penalty was gradually reduced again and again. The current game no longer heavily discourages multiplayer, but still discourages it enough to be a problem for me and other good players. If you can clear missions fairly quickly like me, then it means your solo times are roughly equal to playing in open parties. So this means getting 18% less of the good box rare items in large parties. If you can clear missions faster than me, then the problem is even worse for you. If you aren't that great at the game, then you probably don't have this problem and can likely benefit from playing in open parties. The thing is, the game is punishing me for being good at it. That's bad design. If good players are going to be discouraged from playing in open parties, then this game is not for me. I know many of the best players on the game are all about solo TAs, but for me, I want to play multiplayer most of the time. I don't want to be restricted to solo or locked duo parties with another good player. How come I can't play in open parties? It sucks. Solution: Completely remove the box item penalty. It was a terrible idea in the first place, since this is supposed to be an online multiplayer game. It should encourage multiplayer. The +10% enemy HP scaling on its own is probably enough to balance different party sizes. For people who don't play the game, you may assume that 6 players clear missions 6x faster than solo, but what actually happens is they clear in about the same time. If the party has some good players or they have good teamwork, they might clear twice as fast as solo, but that's about it. As a side note, if items are dropping too much, the solution is to reduce the drop rates so items drop less often. At no point should the solution be to discourage multiplayer. If your online multiplayer game discourages multiplayer, you have failed as a game designer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Problem #2: Bad class balance There are 12 total classes in the game, not counting basic classes, but only 5 are planned to be viable. Those 5 being FM, Fighgunner, WT, GT, and AF. The other 7 classes lack travel skills, which means they can't keep up with FMs in parties. If you only care about playing solo, then this may not be an issue for you, but for people like me who want to play in open parties, it heavily restricts which classes I can choose from. As many of you know, MF is my favorite class (or would be, if it could keep up in parties). I love using attack techs, and I love the glass cannon character type. MF is useless trash if there are FMs using Tornado Dance in the party, so the class is ruined for me. If we didn't have such a big difference in movement speed between the classes, the class balance would actually be decent. I know how difficult and unreasonable it is to expect perfect balance, and I'm not doing that, but for most classes to be basically useless when there are FMs in the party is not acceptable. Solution: Give all classes access to travel skills. Release the dagger travel skill, give MF C rank dagger, and give GM and PT C rank double saber. This lets players of all classes have the option to keep up in parties if they want / need it. All 12 classes would be viable to use in parties, instead of being limited to only 5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Problem #3: Lack of challenge This one is partially because of the poor class balance, so solving that issue would also help solve this one, at least for me. Since WT is the best class for someone who wants to primarily use attack techs, it means having super high defensive stats. Even as newman, WT is a goddamn tank. I barely take any damage, and deaths are not a thing outside of neutral attacks or incap. I don't use Scape Dolls whatsoever. I know that to some extent this game will always be easy and we will always fly through missions, but if I could at least play as MF, then there would be a chance I could die occasionally. I would have to be a little careful not to get attacked too much in some situations. The risk / reward playstyle of MF being a close ranged glass cannon is enjoyable to me. Actually having a chance of dying if I'm not careful is fun and exciting. Generally speaking, the players get much stronger with each new mission rank, far outpacing the enemies. By the time you meet the minimum level req. for a new mission, it's already a total joke. The game is super easy and only continues to get easier and easier. I know that if enemy HP is too high, it ends up putting too much of a focus on status effects, so this is not an easy problem to solve. Solution: Give players some kind of option to increase the difficulty (and item drop rate). I'm not talking about the various ranks for missions, but something different. It would be great if we had some way to boost the difficulty for the players who want it. Maybe if we had a server command only usable outside of missions by the party leader that could boost enemy stats and item drop rates. It might be difficult to balance right, but ideally it would be worth doing if the party was strong enough to handle it. Maybe we could have multiple difficulty levels to choose from, so if a party wanted a real challenge, they could do it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Closing thoughts Is Clementine supposed to encourage multiplayer? Should it punish people for being good? Do we want all classes to be playable alongside FMs in a party? Do we want to have the option to have a challenge? Maybe the answers to some of these questions are no. Please tell me honestly. If for some reason the Clem devs disagree with me on the goals for the game, say so and make it clear, and I can know that the game isn't for me. Maybe Clementine specifically wants FM to be overpowered, or for the game to punish good players and force them to play in small locked parties. Maybe there really is a "fuck good players" mindset amongst the devs. These poor decisions make some sense if your goal is to keep good players out of your parties because you don't like how it makes you feel or because you dislike how some players try to be good at video games. I love this game and did my best to help with development and made suggestions to improve it many times in the past. I would be sad to have to quit after all of that effort, but it would be even worse if I continued to put time and effort into a bad game that remained a bad game. I'm ready to quit and move on to better games if I can know for sure that this one is purposely designed to be this way. Again, I'm not demanding anything. We don't have to actually do any of the things I'm suggesting. I mostly want clarification on what the devs think about what the game should be, and if they actually care about good players, class balance, etc. This ended up being longer than I thought. Thanks to anyone who actually read it all. tl;dr Clementine discourages multiplayer, has bad class balance, and lacks challenge. Are any of these issues going to be addressed, or should I seek out a better game? --------------------------------- *edit* Update: I quit this game. The only way I would consider returning is if the multiplayer box item penalty is removed, and all classes have access to travel skills.
  3. No one has been able to figure out how to scale the HUD with custom resolutions yet. I've heard from some people that it should be possible, so let's hope it happens. Until then, I would say 1080p is the best resolution for the game. The HUD is a bit smaller than you'd want, but it's not that bad, at least on a large monitor, maybe 30+ inches. 1440p or higher would require you to play on a massive monitor or TV, because the HUD is comically small there.
  4. Foverse is an attack tech. Also, AT can do the TP debuff with Grants or the card bullet, Kyumeisei-shiki.
  5. If for some reason, you insist on ONLY using one or the other on your FT or MF, rods are probably better. But the real answer is that the tech weapons have pros and cons, many of which you listed, so ideally, you would customize your gear and PAs to use the optimal weapons when you change mission.
  6. Thank you to Marm and anyone else who helped with this update. I hope we can filter player shop items by neutral element as well. *edit* Neutral works too.
  7. I'd love to have this too, however it's done. A quick and easy way to get all active party information. If it can't be done normally through the game, then maybe via an add-on like Gnome Glasses, or a standalone program, or a website. Whatever works.
  8. Just tried the new version (1.13), and it does not work whatsoever. Nothing is ever displayed. I tried all of the hot keys and nothing works. A previous version did work for me.
  9. http://prntscr.com/ybmzvi Tried the updated version and it works! I'm impressed with how well it works and how it lets me customize the position, colors, etc. Good job, Gnome. My only complaint is how the top bar keeps toggling on and off whenever I type / or ?. The insert key also clashes with some of my chat shortcuts. Is it possible to let us set our own keys or combinations of keys to control it?
  10. I'm trying to get this to work, but it does nothing. I followed all of the instructions carefully, multiple times. I allowed the files via Windows Defender. I made sure they went directly in my PSU folder, ran the new launcher as admin, tried insert and both slash keys while inside missions when items were on the floor, and there is nothing.
  11. I haven't tried this yet, but it looks great. Hopefully it doesn't lag my 10 year old PC like Pluvio's does. As for future updates, I would love buff timers. Let's say you cast Shifta. It could display the little red up arrow icon for Shifta, along with the SE level of it (from 1 to 5), and have a countdown timer next to it. Giresta's HP regen should be included; maybe you could use the Giresta tech icon for it. And if you want to be extra fancy, there could be a visual and / or audio cue when buffs are around 20 to 30 seconds from expiring, to act as a reminder to refresh. Another idea would work in tandem with consumable items and / or trap server commands that Marm creates. Think of the hotbar from PSOBB. That way, we can know how many Trimates or Fire G traps we have remaining.
  12. If you want to strafe with a gun, use crossbow, card, handgun, twin handgun, or machinegun. RCSMs will shoot even if you run full speed. Longbow is very powerful and has a lot of range, so it makes sense for balance reasons to not allow you to strafe with it.
  13. I don't know how difficult it is to do, but it should be possible for Marm to add or move some of the consumable shop NPCs to be closer to the mission counters. I don't know why Sega even made so many of them that far away in the first place. It's bizarre.
  14. What demon said. If it ends up looking stretched, post on the forum again, and I can share my solution for when it happened to me.
  15. It's the Xbox controller Guide button to open the menu in PSU, not the Xbox controller Menu button. The Menu button making your char take a step to the left sounds correct, since if you hold that button, it does turbo left and right to reduce the time when frozen. It's an ice break button. The only thing that sounds like a problem is your X button opening the menu. It should only do an attack. Make sure you edited the right ini file and did it correctly.
  16. Right bumper doesn't work for that? You can try changing it to left trigger, but with how complicated the controls are, it might cause some issues. Up to you.
  17. You're doing something wrong. Maybe you didn't follow the steps exactly. Or you aren't running JoyToKey as admin, or your controller isn't showing up as joystick #1 in Windows.
  18. Let's say I have Lv 3 photon fortune and I join a party where the leader has Lv 0 photon fortune. Is the game using my Lv 3 or the party leader's LV 0 photon fortune to determine my chance of winning a rare mission?
  19. Welcome back. I hope you have fun playing the game.
  20. I've said similar things before. At some point, we will need real meseta sinks, and ideally they are based on weapon grinding and / or element %s. Making the NPC consumable item buy prices expensive is not a good meseta sink. It just discourages players from using those items. If Marm wants to do things like weapon repairs and adding element % the same way it was done on the official server, he can set it up so players spend meseta on it, instead of real money.
  21. I tried using Megistar as a WT with default cast speed and TCSM, and it's not good. The changes to Megistar are very bad overall. Thanks to the extremely slow cast time combined with the shorter range, means it's hard to buff the other players. It's way too easy to miss the other players, which means you often end up having to cast it multiple times. It ends up being slower and more of a hassle than the regular buffs. OK so, just use it to buff yourself, right? That's much worse than how the tech originally worked. The cast time is so slow. I'd have to swap to Har / Quick just to cast it, which is a pain. And if I just wanted to cure a debuff or use it for the HP drain, I would have to swap to Har / Quick every time. If I'm running a mission with enemies that use debuffs, I'd be better off equipping a 2nd, regular buff tech for that, which means less palette space than before. Do I really need to use Megistaride items to refresh my buffs now, despite having access to high level buff techs on the classes I play? I used to just be able to use Megistar to handle all of my self buff needs and it was great. Megistaride means less inventory space, and it still costs 750 meseta, which is around 3x to 4x more than it should cost on Clem. The duration for buff items is also shorter than Megistar on WT/GT, so I would have to refresh my buffs more often than normal. Megistar used to be good as a self buff, but now it's bad at both an AOE and self buff. Can we change Megistar back to how used to work, and for an AOE buff, maybe create a separate tech for that?
  22. Thank you to Marm and everyone else who worked on the update. It's glorious. I'm having a blast playing this game and it keeps getting better.
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