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  1. Let's say I have Lv 3 photon fortune and I join a party where the leader has Lv 0 photon fortune. Is the game using my Lv 3 or the party leader's LV 0 photon fortune to determine my chance of winning a rare mission?
  2. Welcome back. I hope you have fun playing the game.
  3. I've said similar things before. At some point, we will need real meseta sinks, and ideally they are based on weapon grinding and / or element %s. Making the NPC consumable item buy prices expensive is not a good meseta sink. It just discourages players from using those items. If Marm wants to do things like weapon repairs and adding element % the same way it was done on the official server, he can set it up so players spend meseta on it, instead of real money.
  4. Only having one event mission is fine, especially since it was only for 2 weeks. But I agree with items being only available for a limited time a bad idea in general. I think all items should always be available, and events should only make it easier to get certain items.
  5. I tried using Megistar as a WT with default cast speed and TCSM, and it's not good. The changes to Megistar are very bad overall. Thanks to the extremely slow cast time combined with the shorter range, means it's hard to buff the other players. It's way too easy to miss the other players, which means you often end up having to cast it multiple times. It ends up being slower and more of a hassle than the regular buffs. OK so, just use it to buff yourself, right? That's much worse than how the tech originally worked. The cast time is so slow. I'd have to swap to Har / Quick just to cast it, which is a pain. And if I just wanted to cure a debuff or use it for the HP drain, I would have to swap to Har / Quick every time. If I'm running a mission with enemies that use debuffs, I'd be better off equipping a 2nd, regular buff tech for that, which means less palette space than before. Do I really need to use Megistaride items to refresh my buffs now, despite having access to high level buff techs on the classes I play? I used to just be able to use Megistar to handle all of my self buff needs and it was great. Megistaride means less inventory space, and it still costs 750 meseta, which is around 3x to 4x more than it should cost on Clem. The duration for buff items is also shorter than Megistar on WT/GT, so I would have to refresh my buffs more often than normal. Megistar used to be good as a self buff, but now it's bad at both an AOE and self buff. Can we change Megistar back to how used to work, and for an AOE buff, maybe create a separate tech for that?
  6. Thank you to Marm and everyone else who worked on the update. It's glorious. I'm having a blast playing this game and it keeps getting better.
  7. On the official server of the game, you could add neutral, fire, ice, etc to the item name you were searching for, and it would filter the results for that element only. So for example, I could enter Sonichi ice, and it would show me all of the Sonichis that are ice element. This was a really handy feature, and we should do it on Clem too.
  8. Midori Hoshi


    The game runs in slow motion, right? That means your PC isn't able to run the game at the frame rate you have it set to. You can try reducing your graphical settings and/or frame rate until the game can run smoothly at full speed. Another idea is to set the game to use all CPU cores. After you log in to a character, hold Ctrl and Shift, and press Esc to bring up task manager. Right click on PSU and select details. Right click on PSU again here and select Set affinity. Click the checkbox for All Processors and then click OK. You have to do this each time you log into the game, since it will keep reverting back to a single core.
  9. It's a dream come true to finally have limit break techs on Clementine. Thank you to Marm and everyone else who worked on it.
  10. If I remember correctly, due to how the game picks random numbers, there is a very small chance that any grind can fail. So think of the "no chance of failure" grinds as a 99% success rate.
  11. It does include them. The issue is that the PAs for those weapon types take a good 5x to 10x longer to level than other bullets. Hopefully they fix it, because it's really poor balance.
  12. It will be a ton of work for Marm to get working, but regardless, GAS likely won't come out until the 180 level cap, which could be years from now.
  13. We should eventually have GAS, and will likely be able to increase many of our PA caps from 40 all the way up to 50 with it.
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