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  1. Most of the starter clothes are ugly, but some actually look pretty nice. Looks aside, the main problem is that they take up 3 items slots in your inventory. It's good to switch to a 1-item full outfit when you have a bit of spare meseta to spare. Being able to hold 2 more items will come in handy a lot.
  2. My favorite moment would actually be related to dev work, not playing the game. Marm recognizing and trusting me enough to let me help with many dev jobs, both big and small, over the years, means so much to me. From when I was first allowed to help with closed testing, and thanks to being very active with it and reporting tons of bugs, Marm trusted me enough to do stuff like edit techs, then later do enemy drops, translations, etc. To be able to help out so much with bringing back my favorite game, plus making it better than the original, is a dream come true.
  3. Midori Hoshi

    Your hobby?

    My favorite anime is One Piece. It's the greatest story ever told. I sing the theme songs every time I watch it.
  4. Midori Hoshi

    Your hobby?

    My hobbies are video games and anime. But I like to pick a single video game at a time and try to be the best in the world at it, and right now that game is PSU. I tried to play other games while Clem has been down, but I just can't do it. So that means I put more time into anime lately. I watched a lot of stuff on my backlog, and lately I've been watching Ranma 1/2. But while I love anime, I don't like it anywhere near as much as video games. And I usually can't watch anime for hours on end like I can with playing video games.
  5. My favorite game is PSU, but since I can't pick that one, I might go with Power Stone for arcade / Dreamcast. It's an extremely fun fighting game that deserves way more attention. Power Stone 2 is terrible, by the way.
  6. I don't think it's unreasonable for there to be huge punishments for not wearing a mask. Not wearing a mask could very well lead to many people getting sick, possibly dying, and even the survivors could have permanent lung capacity reduction. Throw scumbags like that in jail, since they are obviously a danger to society.
  7. - Unlock AT - Get Me / Quick and then Har / Quick - Max all of my PAs and get MF, AT, GT, FT to 20 With that out of the way, I can play whichever of my classes is best for the current mission. And I will purposely not always try to get the latest and greatest gear ASAP like I did before, so I can be in a better position later on.
  8. I accept science and think death is bad, so I wear a mask to protect myself and others.
  9. I might try this out after the game launches. Thanks for sharing.
  10. My favorite weapon for power would have to be Eternal Psychodrive. Techs are my thing and that's the ultimate weapon, so it has to be that. I do think it's kinda ugly though, so I would love to change the skin someday if that feature happens on Clem. As for looks, NiGHTSdoog is super cool to me. I love how Nights does a little flip with the sparkle effect whenever you cast a tech with it.
  11. I figured this out recently, but if the forum is taking a long time to load the page, just click the link again, and there is a good chance it works quickly. Of course, that's still far from ideal, but at least we aren't stuck waiting minutes for the page to load anymore.
  12. Sometimes it's better to dodge enemies attacks and sometimes it's better to purposely let them hit you, so you can either cancel your attack animation and/or block so you can JC. It all depends on how much damage the enemies do to you, if the attack is physical or magical, and how likely you will block it. As you get more experience playing Force, you will be better at deciding if you should dodge or purposely try to get hit. JCs aren't always about offense either. Since they grant invincibility for the duration of your attack, they can be useful for defense as well. If you are in a dangerous situation, you can purposely let yourself get hit in the hopes you block it, and then you can be safe with your invincible hold tech for several seconds while it's also doing crits to the nearby enemies. This sort of this is very much risk vs reward, but it makes things interesting. There are two parts to techs. The initial cast time and the actual attack animation itself. Some techs will still work even if you get hit during the beginning of the attack animation, and others will be interrupted. If you see an enemy attack coming in advance, you can purposely use the right kind of tech and time it just right so the enemy attack happens around the beginning of the attack animation. There are two possible benefits to this. It can save you time since the flinch animation from getting hit by the enemy attack will cancel your attack animation, but also because if you block, you can JC, and depending on which tech you used and its positioning and the timing and all that, the tech you used before getting hit can get the crit bonus from the JC, so you can get two JC crits with one JC. The more time in advance you have before getting hit by a physical attack, the easier it is to pull off. As for the different kinds of head units, you usually want to be using something like Har / Quick because the boost to cast speed is overall way better than a boost to TP only. However, for some techs and certain situations, you are actually better off with the high TP unit. A great example is using Nosdiga on bosses. Switch to a high TP unit and use Nosdiga right next to a boss, and your overall cast time is exactly the same as with Har / Quick, but your techs are hitting harder. Same idea for the other Nos techs for enemies fairly close to you.
  13. Forces are indeed frail, and you will generally want to dodge enemy attacks early in the game. But eventually you get high element % armor, along with high EVP equip, and you are able to fight up close and even purposely let enemies attack you because you have a high chance of blocking, which lets you do Just Counters, so you can put out more damage. Even without blocking, enemy attacks can be used to cancel your attack animations.
  14. You can't lock on with techs. You can use that button to strafe left and right, which could help you aim sometimes, but you have to aim manually with most techs. At least techs don't get random misses like other types of attacks. If you are in a situation where your tech might miss, maybe it's better to use a Nos tech since they home in on enemies, or you could get closer to the enemy and use a Gi or Dam tech from up close.
  15. Desert Goliath has some neutral element enemies, which are usually pretty dangerous to a class like MF since we have the worst overall defense and can't use elemental armor to reduce the damage. The last room has a bunch of Grinna Bete C, who can quickly kill you with their machineguns, and it has one of the hardest bosses in the game too, Magas Maggahna. I hope it has some good clear box drops to both reward players for clearing it, but also so I can justify running it a lot. http://prntscr.com/u999ct
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