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  1. Cute cats, but they shouldn't be in the Despair and Hope section of the forum. Try the Other section at the bottom.
  2. It will bug out if you attempt to fight a boss a second time. For now, you only get one attempt.
  3. Hizeri / Concentrate (High TP, slow cast speed head unit) Orpad / Legs (Decent evasion body unit) Lumira / Spread is already available from the male forces in Sinners Banquet.
  4. Yeah. It really seems like enemy techs weren't changed at all with this update. I hope Marm can do it for next time.
  5. If someone wants to do this, they are welcome to. If they make a copy of the online spreadsheet, I think they would be able to edit it.
  6. Probably not. You should just stick to the Clementine drop chart when checking what item drops where.
  7. Like others have said, clothing prices are already very affordable after you've played for a few days and leveled up a bit. 40k is almost nothing later on.
  8. Usually for a poll like this you would have an option for keeping the prices the same. All 3 of these options are saying the prices are too expensive.
  9. Both switches is Alterazgoug, and the right switch only is Dimagoras. Sorry if I spelled those names wrong. I don't feel like checking the official English spelling.
  10. What I usually do is play normally, and then stop using a tech when it reaches level 50. At some point when I only have a small handful of techs left, and am unable to contribute to the party because of it, I will solo to finish them off.
  11. I didn't know that buffing techs also affected enemies using them. The +50% damage boost to Foie and Diga are likely too much then. I'm almost certain they will need to be reduced, maybe to +10%. Enjoy them while they last. Sorry for any trouble.
  12. It's true that Kagajibari isn't casting different elements of techs, but he can be burned. I've done it many times.
  13. This is a good example of a bug that I don't want to see fixed. I'd argue it makes the game better.
  14. I am serious but if it makes you feel better, we plan on increasing the number of max targets for techs in line with how official did it with limit breaks, so when that happens, it will be easier to level techs.
  15. Not yet, but hopefully sometime in the future.
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