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  1. Just like in the PA list, the name doesn't show on your weapon. It should still work if you press the attack button for it.
  2. Currently all but three classes have access to a travel skill. Those classes are Protranser, Gunmaster, and Masterforce. I think that's poor balance. These classes tend to lag behind others when played in parties. Plus, it would just be more fun and interesting to have a travel skill on them, because running slowly over a long distance is boring. Let's give every class access to at least C rank dagger for a couple weeks as a trial, and then come back here to do another poll and discuss if we feel it made the game better or worse, and go from there. The exact changes I'm suggesting: - Give PT, GM, MF, and FM access to C rank dagger. Set GM and MF's skill level cap to 10. - Give GM access to C rank handgun, because they are the only class without it, and it would give them something to do with their left hand when using dagger. *Regardless of the results of this poll, all of these decisions are ultimately up to Marmalade.
  3. Well, hopefully it doesn't happen again now.
  4. Was this before or after yesterday's update? The patch notes from yesterday say this bug was fixed.
  5. According to the JP wiki, Cresaud+ should have 280 PP and 551 Attack. The rest of the stats look correct.
  6. We have area drops now, so that means any enemy in a low level Relics area can drop Twin Autogun, including Shagreece in Crimson Beast.
  7. Why is this in the PSO section? It sounds like you are talking about PSU. PSU has an in-game option called Controller (it should be called Direct Chat). You should set the option to Keyboard, regardless of how you actually control the game.
  8. There is no way to do that. You should write down your login info for next time.
  9. I've experienced this bug a couple of times myself. Relogging usually fixes it, but it may take a couple of attempts. Your items will be back in the PM storage.
  10. You mean 850 ATP req, not 870. The JP wiki also has it listed as 850 ATP requirement. Good find. Para will probably be able to fix it when he sees this.
  11. On official, incapacitate was really only useful for small enemies, 4-legged robots, and sorcerers. I think we should do the same for Clementine.
  12. You didn't lose all your decorations. I think they are sent to your partner machinery storage when you choose the option to remove them all at once.
  13. Change your in-game controller setting to keyboard. The Z key doesn't actually cycle through the notifications. You press Z then you can use left and right on the d-pad to cycle through the notifcations.
  14. Amazing update. Thanks for your hard work, Marm, and everyone else who helped out.
  15. Cute cats, but they shouldn't be in the Despair and Hope section of the forum. Try the Other section at the bottom. *edit* Oh, someone moved the topic to the right place. Cool.
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