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  1. I might be over simplifying here, but if the cost with your suggestion is 113m then we'd have to halve those numbers again to get to the 55-60m mark. At that point we're looking at +1s for 500k, +7s for 1m, and +10s for 2m. Conveniently that's right about where most of the community is hoping to get the grinders, anyway. I also want to point out that while our weapons can't break, the price of grinders on official were 1.2m-1.5m, and mesetta was HEAVILY inflated. High tier items were selling for 500m+ if not over a billion at 0/10, while we struggle to sell most high tier items for more than 10m as the market currently stands.
  2. Adding the lower grinder is an option, however I think it would be more expensive than you'd think. +1s are useful up through the second grind, then your chances go down to 50/50, which basically means on average you'd need 3 +1s to go from 2/10->3/10, or 5 +1s total to get to 3/10. +5s would get us from 2/10->3/10 ~70% of the time, then we hit 50/50 territory again. To get a weapon from 3/10->7/10 using +5s would take nearly 100 grinders on average, so even at 2m a pop it would still be more cost effective to use +10s at their current price. If we changed the S+5s to S+8s the grinders needed decrease significantly from nearly 100 grinders to 25 from 3/10->7/10 For a frame of reference just using S+10s you'd need about 27 grinders from 2/10->10/10 so currently it's ~135m With your prices that drops to 108m for 2/10->10/10, or 113m for 0/10->10/10. That's progress, but I don't think it would be enough to get people to grind their weapons. **side note i'm alright with math, but not amazing, so none of these calculations account for the additional grinder needed when we break something, or could be completely wrong! if someone catches a mistake please point it out to me**
  3. So I know this comes up in the discord a lot, so I figured I'd make a thread for it. As of right now the prices of SUVs are pretty steep. As far as I understand the reason for this is a money sink. With the current amount of daily players I'm not entirely sure that's needed, but I can see where you guys are coming from. I've talked to a few people about this, and the general consensus is the high rank SUVs shouldn't cost more than 2-5m each, with 10m being the high outlier of opinion. If they absolutely have to stay high priced I do have another suggestion. Could we change the sell price of each SUV to 80-90% of what their buy prices are? With that we'd be able to keep a money sink appropriate to the size of our community. I don't know if it deserves it's own thread, but the price of grinders comes up quite a bit as well. From what I've heard from friends and other members of the community 1-2m per grinder seems a little more reasonable to actually be able to upgrade our weapons. Right now we make about 2m/day in pure mesetta (if you're playing 3+ hours a day running). Once every few days you get an item that sells in the shop for 5-10m, with the very rare occurrence of a 20m+ drop. Let's say if on average you're making 5m a day running somewhat efficiently you'd be able to buy one grinder each day. The majority of classes have around 40 weapons they'd like to use, so that would be 400 grinders if everything went perfectly. Unfortunately it's more likely 600-800 for a full palette. That's nearly two years of playing if we're being optimistic, which also feels steep to me. Perhaps we could also take a look at lowering the price of S+10s? I was selling S+10s for 700k each synthing myself towards the end of the server, and other members have told me on JP it was around 1.2-1.5m/S+10 Thanks for taking the time to read, feel free to add any other suggestions you all think might make the Dallgun View Shop better.
  4. Something I've thought about a lot is seeing what dropped when the enemy dies rather than when you pick up the item. I'm not sure if that's feasible, but it would definitely help on those missions with lots of foliage covering up the ground!
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