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  1. I want to wish you a good health, Marmy. Leaks happens, traitors exist, this is what life is, sometimes it get's tricky, but when you're still living there's no time to give up, take your rest, do something you like. <3
  2. It is clear that, as before, it is impossible to communicate normally with you and I am not going to tell you which decisions are correct and which are not, for that you have been given life in order to independently seek solutions, but I want to warn you that it is worth thinking very well before take steps to where there is no way back. The ill-fated ferocity of fate resists the bitter tears of those who have chosen the wrong path. Anyway, glad you're ok.
  3. So long story short, you want to replace working feature with more unstable and exploitable one. Genious idea.
  4. Cool, I made similar one but was too lazy to solve other players pickup issue, not so hard, I'm just getting tired fast ._."
  5. No problem, enjoy ^_^ Btw I know who you are :o just to make you informed =)
  6. and one more thing, delete this topic and move it to the help section, this section is used to publish guides, the presence of questions and extraneous topics here will make navigation difficult
  7. I heard that they changed mobs speed starting from S, but boss, idk, boss speed should be calculated from slowest pc performance of party members

    Steam Deck ?

    oh, how could this happen in our friendly community. People are so terrible.
  9. But what makes you think grinding break\consumption is the only weapon overstock solution?
  10. Oh, don't worry. You don’t think badly of us, and we don’t think so. If the anxiety is too strong, you can gather or join large parties when there are a lot of people, everyone is focused on the process, and not on how good others are, this is guaranteed. And in the end you chose MMO because you enjoy playing with others, avoiding people means lying to yourself. Time to start fighting your anxiety.
  11. Wow! Thanks for the useful information. I'm looking forward to the topic "how different types use healing items" and "how different types sell trash to the vendor", because everyone likes to read the obvious things in long lists so much. Isn't it so?

    Steam Deck ?

    Where did you see Linux in the system requirements on the download page? You have the option to emulate, but this is not supported, write this request to the OS developers.
  13. Some kind of verbal mess vommited out by a snotty youngster. Learn to adequately express your childhood thoughts first.
  14. We love you and want to see you more real and less ignorant. The same goes for humans, if they were less ignorant it would be fun to play even at low levels. Every time I try to keep a company of newbies, they say "no, thanks" and go out, after which they write that they are bored and lonely and shower with ridiculous suggestions to simplify the game to click to win, themselves not understanding the fact that this is nothing will not relieve them of boredom and loneliness. And they pretend to be kind and positive, it feels like they are not real and always lie about what they think. For example, recently I came up with a new nonsense and told everyone that I was a transbian. And they answered, "Well done, I support you," WHAT? I imagined this word, how can you generally support something that does not exist, you know, this is hypocrisy, it's like I'm talking to machines programmed to speak in a positive way. The same people show passive aggression over time. All that I saw was that it is impossible to be friends with anyone, everyone wipes their feet on me and at the same time smiles, so as not to violate the prevailing atmosphere of hypocrisy and keep the mask. I am very sorry for being a bitch.
  15. Seeing such kindly naive outgiving making me think that not everything lost for this world
  16. Well, yes, but you did not send this proposal directly to the developers, but published it here to find like-minded people, so it would be quite logical to express your thoughts in a more understandable and fun way.
  17. Nothing will save this server, because problem not in the game, it's shitty because of community and owners and always be at 50 online and endless wipes, you will see. There is so much hypocrisy, passive aggression, lies, and indifference that it cannot be otherwise. On the other hand, they try hard for some reason, although they themselves hate the game, the server and the players. And you have no choice where to play, unless only offline or in local network multiplayer.
  18. As for me, this is a typical nerd with three chins and an arrogant character, I hope he never returns
  19. A wall of mediocre obvious things. You feel sorry for your time at the initial stage, but you don't mind the time of those who will read the same thing for the hundredth time. Therefore, respecting our time, spare us from reading such topics, thank you. <3
  20. Tldr add more memes and cute cat pics and try again.
  21. I had private bar room remodel in infinity, when my friend ask me "If you don't drink alcohol, why are you always use bars in your room designs?", I said it's bottled tea.
  22. We look forward to when we will have access to your computer you can play with us.
  23. Make a mission and call it traveling PA. All types have access to it. Problems?
  24. NPC mobs but face textures during event replaced with pics of community member so we can finally kill each other
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