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  1. Today's patch https://drive.google.com/file/d/16XMn5lp6QfI5tDvWtjAsjwek0W7pgvHP/view?usp=sharing
  2. Developers added a fix to weapon effect\animation files, because of this link has been updated.
  3. Last patch contains a large 251mb file and some people with slow connection reported download interruptions on it. If your download fails, this is alternative solution for you, just extract it to DATA folder manually with replace and run the game. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z695RBiQrlYKa-FzUw32wue1_3s5x5Tb/view?usp=sharing
  4. No, it's not suspicious, you can get casino coins once a day on each character on your account. So it's allowed and someone just wanted to move their characters for gathering daily coins.
  5. Hmm... there's really dead link, you should contact them in discord to update it I think.
  6. I think you should put your inspiration in development of your own games while you still have it, even if you have no skills you can start with friendly constructors such as rpg maker or game maker, they support scripting languages so you can go advanced with time, most popular indie game developers started there and had a great success, it's way productive waste of time instead of just throwing your ideas and wish someone will wave a magical want and fulfill your wishes
  7. So in 5996addwhatever, idk real file name because laz to unhash, that's afs we have over9000 nbl archives that contains something. Am I dumb to think that bin files are actually textures or I should look for some headers in hex to find them? I'm so confused, and people don't telling me how they edit player model textures. I just want to finally get my face and clothes from infinity to psu >_> I'm a person of graphic\3d editors and definitely not a master at digging in such a researches\manipulate with json (but one day it would be great to learn how to use json to make patches without replacing whole files, if my expectations of it isn't wrong because I don't have special education), sega's formats are just a hell for newbie like.
  8. Today I deleted it from my drive and copied again, now it works and even opens in excel, I don't know what happened xD Sorry. Yet again good job and many thanks for trying to help. P.S.: you should post a link to your table at wiki uploads channel so wiki development team took a look and made it a part of grinding page, it will be a loss if such a great work will be lost in shitposting stream of discussion section.
  9. and I thought why I have so many problems, it turned out that all this time I didn't have monomates with me yeah, especially after that update, where the mobs were given a higher speed than the player =)) The doors are red, the sky is blue, I dropped dead reading capsule made by you =)) I have a feeling that during the Christmas event we destroyed the entire population for the next millennium =))
  10. I tried saving on google drive, downloading as html and as pdf, those grinder quality fields just inactive.
  11. =)) even if you imagine that your dreams of such a beautiful gui will come true, you don't have an open source server in order to put your quest there and test it for errors, it usually takes a lot of tests to make the quest playable before final release.
  12. Great work, however can't get input fields working even after download. This table should fix all the confuse about current grinding, also now we have a chance of double grind, of course I don't know what chance is it (and probably didn't search enough).
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PeGKZ-T6_eMyNnL1xdi8F7oZCB-9cRZl/view?usp=sharing Uninstall backup included
  14. I want to wish you a good health, Marmy. Leaks happens, traitors exist, this is what life is, sometimes it get's tricky, but when you're still living there's no time to give up, take your rest, do something you like. <3
  15. It is clear that, as before, it is impossible to communicate normally with you and I am not going to tell you which decisions are correct and which are not, for that you have been given life in order to independently seek solutions, but I want to warn you that it is worth thinking very well before take steps to where there is no way back. The ill-fated ferocity of fate resists the bitter tears of those who have chosen the wrong path. Anyway, glad you're ok.
  16. So long story short, you want to replace working feature with more unstable and exploitable one. Genious idea.
  17. Cool, I made similar one but was too lazy to solve other players pickup issue, not so hard, I'm just getting tired fast ._."
  18. No problem, enjoy ^_^ Btw I know who you are :o just to make you informed =)
  19. and one more thing, delete this topic and move it to the help section, this section is used to publish guides, the presence of questions and extraneous topics here will make navigation difficult
  20. I heard that they changed mobs speed starting from S, but boss, idk, boss speed should be calculated from slowest pc performance of party members

    Steam Deck ?

    oh, how could this happen in our friendly community. People are so terrible.
  22. But what makes you think grinding break\consumption is the only weapon overstock solution?
  23. Oh, don't worry. You don’t think badly of us, and we don’t think so. If the anxiety is too strong, you can gather or join large parties when there are a lot of people, everyone is focused on the process, and not on how good others are, this is guaranteed. And in the end you chose MMO because you enjoy playing with others, avoiding people means lying to yourself. Time to start fighting your anxiety.
  24. Wow! Thanks for the useful information. I'm looking forward to the topic "how different types use healing items" and "how different types sell trash to the vendor", because everyone likes to read the obvious things in long lists so much. Isn't it so?
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