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  1. I'm not sure what is your goal on this forums, but I will keep an eye in case you start putting ads in your auto-generated posts.
  2. Deathbullet? I am not acquainted with such a term. Perchance thou didst mean killershot—a particular photon art known to be efficacious solely against automatons and notably against droids, such as Bal Soza. Asserting that it is the sole pursuit of individuals doth lack veracity, especially considering the existence of alternatives like zagenga which doth surpass KS in its effectiveness against numerous droids within the confines of the AMF. Many have even attained a level of mastery with KS, surpassing the threshold of 21 prior to the advent of kappa, thereby achieving a level of proficiency suitable for the highest level of enemy detection. To voice discontent regarding a non-existent predicament is futile; the presence of diverse strategies doth seem to prevail.
  3. btw using texmod\umod apps you can refresh dds you edited right in game using 1 key without need to restart game each time to test it, then you can use this dds to add in your files, very usefull to save you time, also if you want edit some other textures than interface but don't know how to find the correct texture file, then use an app called Procmon, enter the area containing this textures and the app will show you all the files loaded in that area (filter it by psuc.exe only) so you can easily find correct files, that how I made my area skins last year, note that each block may have separate texture sets even if they have the same textures. Good luck. =)
  4. You should try contact the mods in discord as they rarely spawns on forums but only if you really didn't break the rules, especially: using cheats, exploiting systems, doing rmt, revealing someone's personal information, targeting someone or doing hate speach against someone. I tend to believe in your story, but people often can be tricky, so there should be logs for such cases, checking them will show the truth anyway and if you didn't break something restrictions will be removed.
  5. Wow, that's really strong, your creativity level is impressive. After so many year you still keep the same passion to this game series.
  6. I see idea name, I see some random facts about clementine, I can't see the idea description and idea itself. Yes, you're failed. xD
  7. Yeah it's known, but you're the first who finally made a guide.
  8. Your opinion is outdated, it's more about base game. xD
  9. Use this tool to bind z key from keyboard to gamepad https://joytokey.net/en/ Important to run it as admin after gamepad was plugged. You will need one of such tools anyway for advanced gameplay with shortcuts and macrosing at endgame.
  10. forum rank depends on the amount of posts you write, maybe i'll go to hell for telling you this because now you'll start creating threads with even faster rate, but if it's really that important to you to have a high rank, then fine, but try to fit it in smaller topic amount, no need to create separate topics to express one simple idea xD
  11. the fact is that there is no one else on this forum except us two I still like the forums more because of 2010 vibes and in general, posts on the forum, even the most stupid ones, increase indexing in search engines, thereby attracting new people ... and spam bots. Unfortunately, the site itself is not focused on attracting new players who are not familiar with the game. If there was a page "about the game" with a description, videos and screenshots, perhaps one of the passers-by would even download it for the first time, there are a lot of nerds on the net who are looking for old games. But our site is so dull and unattractive that, most likely, accidentally visiting here will immediately close the page. Perhaps even those who are familiar with the game will close it, because the forum looks so dead that you might think that this server has been closed for a hundred years, and the forum is still alive, because the developers forgot to turn off Apache and it works in the background.
  12. Giant dark svaltus from event didn't surprise you enough? xD Boss with dps check, some advanced types may face difficulties soloing. b3 broken, need to report... well eventually someone with discord will do it
  13. Yes, it seems to me that if we are talking about the golden age of online game, then we must definitely mention some points of social interaction, maybe memorable events, global or relative.
  14. It's just a game >_> Moreover it's online game, which means person in this priority significant than the game itself, it's code or numbers of your account stored in database you don't even own.
  15. Yeah, and the team of doctors took the developer away on a stretcher when he faced what we call the community.
  16. Chapter 17: Psychosis Whammy: "Alright, folks, let's gather 'round and figure out our next move." Fruzsina: "Agreed. We need to be smart about this. Any ideas, Katz?" Katz: "Well, I've been thinking. We should stick together. Safety in numbers, you know? The more eyes we have on each other, the harder it'll be for the imposters to strike." Whammy: "That's a good point, Katz. We've seen how cunning and manipulative these imposters can be. Sticking together might just give us the edge we need." Fruzsina: "But what about our individual tasks? We still need to complete them to get out of here." Katz: "True, Fruzsina. But I think if we move as a group, we can divide and conquer. We'll assign pairs or trios to tackle each task while the rest keep a watchful eye. That way, we can ensure safety and progress at the same time." Whammy: "Sounds like a solid plan. We'll need to rotate the pairs or trios for each task, so everyone gets a chance to work together and watch out for one another." Fruzsina: "I like that idea. It'll also help build trust between us. We need to rely on each other if we want to survive." Katz: "Exactly, Fruzsina. Trust is crucial in situations like these. By working together, we can strengthen our bond and become a formidable team." Whammy: "Alright then, it's settled. We'll stick together, divide and conquer the tasks, and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior. We won't let these imposters get the best of us." Fruzsina: "Agreed. Let's show them that we're not just a group of individuals, but a united force to be reckoned with." Katz: "Together, we'll outsmart these imposters and find a way to escape this place. No one gets left behind." With their plan set, Whammy, Fruzsina, and Katz shared a determined look. They knew that the journey ahead would be challenging, but with their combined strength and unwavering trust, they were ready to face whatever came their way. As they stood up from the dining room table, they felt a sense of unity and purpose. The imposters may have thought they could tear them apart, but little did they know that the power of friendship and teamwork would be their ultimate downfall. And so, with their hearts filled with determination, Whammy, Fruzsina, and Katz set off, ready to face the unknown together and emerge victorious. *** Bastian: "Hey, my fellow memory-restored GUARDIANS! Can you believe it? We were all part of Gurhal's elite defenders!" Mia: "Absolutely! And Clint, remember that time you saved my skin with your lightning-fast reflexes? You were always the quickest on the team!" Clint: "Ah, Mia, you're too kind. But let's not forget how Tifa's powerful punches always packed a punch! She was like a force of nature on the battlefield!" YOmap: "And Midori Oku, oh boy! Your scandalous reputation always kept things interesting. You were the talk of the GUARDIANS, for sure!" Midori Oku: "Haha, guilty as charged! A little scandal here and there never hurt anyone, right? But let's not forget Valen's tactical brilliance. He always had a plan for every situation!" Valen: "Thanks, Midori Oku! And Gnome, your engineering skills were second to none. You kept our weapons and equipment in top shape. We couldn't have done it without you!" Gnome: "It was my pleasure, Valen. But let's not overlook SHOTGUN's incredible marksmanship. That guy never missed a shot! He was our sharpshooter extraordinaire!" SHOTGUN: "Thanks, Gnome! Lady Mantiso, your healing powers were a godsend. You kept us all patched up and ready for the next fight!" Lady Mantiso: "Thank you. But I must say, each and every one of you brought something unique to the team. Together, we were an unstoppable force!" As their memories continued to resurface, the room buzzed with excitement and laughter. The camaraderie and shared history of the GUARDIANS were once again alive and thriving. They embraced their scandalous stories, epic battles, and the unbreakable bond that held them together. With their lively banter and fond memories, they were more determined than ever to face Agrajag and his imposters head-on. They knew that with their combined skills and vibrant personalities, nothing could stand in their way. *** Bastian: "Hey, Mimiyuri, I couldn't help but notice that your beautiful pink dress is torn. How did that happen?" Mimiyuri: "Oh, Bastian, I have no idea. It must have happened during all the chaos and confusion. I didn't even realize it until you pointed it out." Bastian: "Well, lucky for you, my dear, I happen to be quite the couturier. They used to call me couturier Bob back in the day. Let's head to the dressing room. I'm sure we'll find all the tools we need to fix your dress." Mimiyuri: "You're a lifesaver, Bastian. Lead the way!" As they entered the dressing room, Bastian's eyes sparkled with delight. The room was filled with colorful fabrics, sewing machines, and an array of tools. It was a couturier's paradise. Bastian: "Look at this, Mimiyuri! We've got everything we need to make this dress as good as new. Just leave it to me." Mimiyuri: "Thank you so much, Bastian. I never knew you had such a talent for fashion and sewing." Bastian: "Oh, my dear, being a GUARDIAN required us to be skilled in many areas. Fashion just happened to be one of my hidden talents." As Bastian skillfully threaded the needle and began repairing the torn dress, a thought crossed his mind. Bastian: "Mimiyuri, while I'm fixing your dress, I wanted to ask you something. Do you remember anything about being a GUARDIAN?" Mimiyuri: "Honestly, Bastian, I wish I did. But the memories haven't returned for me yet. It's all still a blank slate." Bastian: "That's alright, Mimiyuri. Memories can be elusive, but they have a way of resurfacing when we least expect it. Just know that we were a team, and we fought together to protect Gurhal." Mimiyuri: "I appreciate your understanding, Bastian. I'm sure my memories will come back in due time. Until then, I'll trust in our bond and rely on the strength of our team." Bastian smiled warmly at Mimiyuri, his fingers deftly working through the fabric. He knew that their shared experiences as GUARDIANS would eventually come flooding back, and in the meantime, they would support each other through thick and thin. With the dress expertly repaired, Bastian handed it back to Mimiyuri, who twirled around in delight. Mimiyuri: "Thank you, Bastian. You truly are a couturier extraordinaire!" Bastian: "My pleasure, Mimiyuri. Now, let's go join the others and continue our journey as the reunited GUARDIANS of Gurhal." Together, with Mimiyuri's dress restored and their hearts filled with hope, they left the dressing room, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. *** Mia's heart raced as she glanced around the dimly lit dining room. The atmosphere had suddenly shifted, and an eerie sense of dread settled over her. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong with Makoto and SHOTGUN. Mia: "M-Makoto, SHOTGUN... is everything alright? You both seem... different." Makoto's eyes, usually filled with determination, were now cold and empty. She stared at Mia, unblinking, sending shivers down her spine. Makoto: "Oh, Mia. We're perfectly fine. Just... observing." SHOTGUN, his usually calm demeanor replaced with an unsettling intensity, stood motionless beside Makoto. SHOTGUN: "Yes, Mia. We're just waiting. Waiting for the right moment." Mia's paranoia grew, her mind racing with terrifying thoughts. She felt trapped, surrounded by these two familiar faces that now seemed like strangers, their intentions shrouded in darkness. Mia: "W-What are you waiting for? What do you mean by the right moment?" Makoto's voice dripped with an eerie calmness, sending a chill down Mia's spine. Makoto: "Oh, Mia, dear Mia. You're such a valuable piece in our little game. We're waiting for the perfect opportunity to... eliminate any obstacles." SHOTGUN's voice was low and menacing, his words sending a wave of fear through Mia's entire being. SHOTGUN: "Yes, Mia. We can't have any loose ends. It's time for you to... disappear." Mia's heart pounded in her chest as panic consumed her. She had trusted Makoto and SHOTGUN, fought alongside them as allies, but now their intentions seemed sinister and deadly. Mia: "No... this can't be happening. You're not the Makoto and SHOTGUN I know. What's happened to you?" Makoto's lips curled into a chilling smile, her voice dripping with malice. Makoto: "Oh, Mia, we've always been like this. You just didn't see it before. But now, it's time for you to face the truth." SHOTGUN's grip on his weapon tightened as he took a step closer, his eyes locked on Mia. SHOTGUN: "Don't worry, Mia. It'll be over soon. The darkness will claim you, just like it has claimed us." Mia's mind raced, desperately searching for an escape route. She knew she had to keep her wits about her, to find a way to survive this terrifying encounter. Mia: "No... I won't let you take me down. I won't become another victim in this twisted game." With newfound determination, Mia mustered every ounce of courage she had left. She turned and sprinted towards the nearest exit, her heart pounding in her ears. As she ran, the echoes of Makoto's and SHOTGUN's haunting words followed her, fueling her fear and resolve. Mia's journey had taken an unexpected turn, plunging her into a nightmare of paranoia and uncertainty. She knew she had to find the truth, to unravel the darkness that had consumed her friends. But first, she had to survive. *** Mia's breath came in shallow gasps as she stumbled upon Bastian and Mimiyuri in the hallway. She quickly relayed the terrifying encounter with Makoto and SHOTGUN in the dining room, her voice trembling with fear. Mia: "Bastian, Mimiyuri, something's horribly wrong! Makoto and SHOTGUN, they... they wanted to kill me!" Bastian furrowed his brow, concern etched across his face. He exchanged a worried glance with Mimiyuri, both struggling to comprehend the situation. Bastian: "That can't be right, Mia. Makoto and SHOTGUN were just joking around and having drinks when we left them. Are you sure you didn't misinterpret something?" Mia's eyes widened with disbelief and frustration. She felt a growing sense of isolation, as if she were the only one aware of the danger lurking within their midst. Mia: "I saw it with my own eyes, Bastian! They were different, their eyes empty, filled with malice. I felt their intentions, their desire to harm me. But now... now they're acting like nothing happened!" Mimiyuri placed a comforting hand on Mia's shoulder, her voice filled with empathy. Mimiyuri: "Mia, I believe you. Sometimes, things aren't as they seem. We can't let our guard down just because they're acting normal now. We need to stay vigilant." Bastian nodded, his expression hardened with determination. Bastian: "You're right, Mimiyuri. Mia, we won't dismiss your fears. We'll confront Makoto and SHOTGUN again, together this time. We'll find out the truth." With renewed resolve, the trio returned to the dining room, their hearts pounding with apprehension. As they entered, they were met with a scene that sent chills down their spines. Makoto and SHOTGUN were indeed laughing and joking, seemingly oblivious to the tension in the air. Mia's fear intensified, her mind swirling with confusion. How could they act so normal after what she had experienced? Mia: "No... this can't be happening. I swear, I saw something dark in their eyes. Why won't anyone believe me?" Bastian and Mimiyuri exchanged uneasy glances, realizing the gravity of the situation. They couldn't ignore Mia's distress any longer. Bastian: "Mia, we believe you. Something strange is happening here, and we won't rest until we uncover the truth. Let's approach them cautiously and see if we can find any clues." Mia nodded, her determination reignited. They would confront the unsettling mystery that had enveloped their friends, regardless of the disbelief surrounding them. Together, they would face the shadows lurking within their own ranks and expose the chilling reality that threatened their very lives. *** As the group escorted Mia to her room, their minds were still reeling from the unsettling discovery of Aelphasy's lifeless body in the hallway. The air hung heavy with a mix of fear and suspicion, each member grappling with their own thoughts. Bastian: "This... this is horrifying. How could this have happened? We need to find answers and ensure everyone's safety." Mimiyuri: "I can't believe it... Aelphasy was always so kind. Who would do such a thing?" SHOTGUN's voice carried a hint of accusation as he spoke up, casting doubt on Mia's whereabouts during the incident. SHOTGUN: "It's suspicious, isn't it? Mia was alone and wandering around when we found her in a state of shock. Who knows what she might have done?" Makoto, her eyes glinting with a newfound intensity, joined SHOTGUN in voicing their concerns. Makoto: "Yes, it's true. Everyone else was sticking together, except for Mia. We have to consider all possibilities." Bastian, his voice filled with frustration and a sense of protectiveness, defended Mia vehemently. Bastian: "Hold on a minute! Mia may have been alone, but that doesn't mean she had anything to do with Aelphasy's death. We can't jump to conclusions without any evidence." Whammy, who had been silent until now, chimed in, his voice laced with doubt. Whammy: "I have to agree with SHOTGUN and Makoto. Mia's sudden appearance and shock are indeed suspicious. We need to consider all angles here." The tension in the room grew palpable as the group found themselves divided, unsure of who to trust. Just as doubt and confusion threatened to consume them, a familiar face appeared on the screen, sending a collective shiver down their spines. Agrajag: "Ah, my dear GUARDIANS, it seems you're in quite the predicament. Aelphasy's murder and now the question of an imposter among you. How thrilling!" Bastian's eyes narrowed, his voice filled with determination as he addressed Agrajag. Bastian: "Agrajag, we won't let you sow chaos among us. We will uncover the truth and put an end to this madness." Agrajag chuckled, his tone dripping with malevolence. Agrajag: "Oh, dear Bastian, you're always the valiant one. How noble. Very well, let the imposter vote commence. May the guilty party be revealed." As the meeting progressed, the group's suspicions remained focused on Mia, despite Bastian's efforts to defend her. The weight of the situation bore down on them, the truth eluding their grasp as they grappled with their own fears and doubts. *** The room fell into a stunned silence as the majority voted for Mia's expulsion. Shock and disbelief washed over the remaining group members, their hearts heavy with the weight of their decision. Mia's desperate screams echoed through the air, her resistance futile against Agrajag's relentless determination. Bastian's eyes burned with a mix of anger and sorrow as he watched Mia being forcibly taken away, his attempts to intervene thwarted by the overpowering drones. He clenched his fists, his mind racing with suspicion towards SHOTGUN and Makoto, who had been the ones to cast doubt on Mia. Bastian: "This... this can't be right. There's something more going on here. I won't let this rest until I uncover the truth." Mimiyuri, torn between her loyalty to Bastian and her uncertainty, stared at the empty space where Mia had once stood. Doubt clouded her thoughts, as she struggled to decide who to believe in this twisted web of deceit. Mimiyuri: "I... I don't know what to think anymore. Bastian, I want to trust you, but how can we be sure? How can we know who's really behind all of this?" The room was filled with a heavy silence as the group grappled with their own thoughts and suspicions. The shocking turn of events had shattered their unity, leaving them fractured and uncertain. SHOTGUN, his voice laced with a cold detachment, broke the silence. SHOTGUN: "Mia's fate has been sealed. There's no use dwelling on it now. We must focus on finding the true culprit." Makoto, her eyes filled with determination, nodded in agreement. Makoto: "SHOTGUN is right. We need to put our doubts aside and work together to uncover the truth. Mia's sacrifice won't be in vain." Bastian's gaze hardened as he stared at SHOTGUN and Makoto. He couldn't shake the feeling that they were somehow involved in Mia's unjust expulsion. Bastian: "I won't let this rest. I'll find the evidence to expose the real culprits, no matter the cost." As the group grappled with their own suspicions and uncertainties, the shadows of doubt and fear loomed over their every move. The shocking events had shattered their trust and left them questioning the very foundation of their alliance. In the midst of this chaos, one thing remained certain – they needed to uncover the truth and bring justice to Mia's unjust fate.
  17. Chapter 16: Fragment of memory [Bob, Mia, LivingLit] Once upon a time on the planet Moatoob, there lived a young and kind-hearted beast named Bastian. Unlike others, Bastian possessed an unusual nanoblast ability that allowed him to transform into a kakwan, a frog-like being. This set him apart from his peers, who all possessed normal nanoblasts. Bastian's days at school were often filled with laughter and mockery. The other students couldn't understand his unique ability and found it strange and amusing. Their hurtful words and constant teasing left Bastian feeling isolated and deeply saddened. Every day, as Bastian walked through the halls of the school, he could hear the whispers and stifled laughter that followed him. He longed for acceptance and friendship, but it seemed like an impossible dream. The weight of loneliness grew heavier with each passing day, and Bastian found solace only in the quiet moments he spent by himself, escaping into the world of books and imagination. Despite the pain he endured, Bastian never let his sadness consume him entirely. He held onto a glimmer of hope that one day, someone would see beyond his appearance and appreciate him for who he truly was. His compassionate nature remained intact, even though his heart carried the burden of rejection. As time went on, Bastian's sadness transformed into a quiet resilience. He began to focus on his studies, pouring his heart and soul into his education. He discovered a passion for science and technology, using his unique nanoblast ability to explore its potential. Bastian's determination to prove his worth to the world became his driving force. Little did he know that his unwavering spirit had caught the attention of someone unexpected. A fellow student named Mia, who had always observed Bastian from afar, had been silently admiring his strength and perseverance. She saw the beauty in his differences and recognized the depth of his character. One day, as Bastian sat alone in the school courtyard, deep in thought, Mia approached him with a gentle smile. In her eyes, Bastian saw understanding and acceptance. She offered him a friendship that he had longed for, and with it, a glimmer of hope for a brighter future. The story of Bastian's sadness and loneliness had taken a turn, but what lies ahead for him and Mia? Will their friendship endure, or will new challenges arise? Only time will tell how their tale unfolds, and whether Bastian's journey will lead him to a place of happiness and acceptance. *** As Mia sat down beside Bastian in the school courtyard, a warm smile graced her face. Bastian looked up, surprised to see someone approaching him with such kindness. "Mia, right?" Bastian asked, his voice filled with curiosity. "Yes, that's me," she replied, her tone gentle and inviting. "I've been watching you for a while, Bastian. I've always admired your resilience and how you never let the laughter get to you." Bastian's eyes widened, not used to receiving such genuine compliments. "Thank you, Mia. It means a lot to me." Mia leaned in closer, her eyes shining with excitement. "You know, Bastian, I have big dreams too. I want to become a GUARDIAN one day. I want to explore other planets, see the wonders of the universe, and experience different cultures. And I want you to be a part of that journey." Bastian's heart skipped a beat. He had never imagined that someone would include him in their dreams and aspirations. "Mia, that sounds incredible! But why me? I'm just a kakwan, and my nanoblast is different from everyone else's." Mia's smile grew wider. "That's exactly why, Bastian. Your uniqueness is what makes you special. I believe that your nanoblast has untapped potential, and together, we can uncover its true power. We can show the world that being different is a gift, not something to be ashamed of." Bastian felt a surge of hope coursing through his veins. Mia's words ignited a fire within him, reigniting his dreams that had been overshadowed by sadness for so long. "Mia, I would be honored to join you on this journey. Let's become GUARDIANS together and explore the vastness of the universe." From that day forward, Bastian and Mia became inseparable. They spent countless hours studying, training, and pushing each other to become the best versions of themselves. They discovered new ways to harness Bastian's nanoblast, unlocking its incredible potential. Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, as did their dreams of becoming GUARDIANS. They shared stories of distant planets, imagined the wonders they would encounter, and the impact they could make on the lives of others. Bastian's sadness gave way to a newfound sense of purpose and belonging. With Mia by his side, he no longer felt alone or misunderstood. They were a team, ready to face any challenge that came their way. As their graduation day approached, Bastian and Mia stood at the precipice of their dreams. The future was uncertain, but their determination burned brightly. Together, they would become GUARDIANS, travel to other planets, and see the world in all its magnificent glory. *** As graduation day arrived, Bastian and Mia stood side by side, ready to embark on their journey as GUARDIANS. Excitement and anticipation filled the air, but there was also a touch of nervousness. Just before the ceremony began, Mia turned to Bastian with a mischievous smile. "Hey, Bastian, I have someone I want you to meet. His name is LivingLit, and he's a friend of mine. He has this incredible ability to bring inanimate objects to life!" Bastian's eyes widened with curiosity. "That sounds fascinating! I'd love to meet him." Mia led Bastian through the crowd, searching for LivingLit among the sea of graduates. Finally, they spotted him, standing next to a statue of a famous Moatoobian scientist. LivingLit's eyes sparkled with excitement as he noticed Mia approaching. "LivingLit, this is Bastian, my dear friend," Mia introduced, her voice filled with enthusiasm. LivingLit extended his hand towards Bastian with a friendly smile. "Nice to meet you, Bastian! Mia has told me so much about your unique nanoblast ability." Bastian shook LivingLit's hand, feeling an instant connection. "Likewise, LivingLit. I'm intrigued by your power as well. It must be incredible to bring objects to life." LivingLit nodded, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Oh, it definitely has its moments. Care to see a little demonstration?" Bastian's curiosity peaked, and he nodded eagerly. "Absolutely! Show me what you've got, LivingLit." LivingLit focused his energy on the statue beside him. Suddenly, the stone features transformed, and the scientist's face contorted into a hilarious expression, complete with wiggling eyebrows and a comically large nose. The sight left Bastian in stitches, unable to contain his laughter. Mia joined in, her laughter mixing with Bastian's. "LivingLit, you have such a talent for bringing joy to the world!" LivingLit grinned, clearly enjoying the reaction. "Well, Bastian, that's not all. Watch this!" He turned his attention to a nearby bench and with a wave of his hand, it sprouted legs and began to dance, twirling around in an amusing display. The sight of a dancing bench left Bastian, Mia, and the onlooking graduates in fits of laughter. Amidst the laughter and joyful chaos, Bastian, Mia, and LivingLit shared a moment of pure delight. Their friendship had blossomed into something extraordinary, filled with laughter, absurdity, and endless possibilities. As the laughter subsided, Bastian couldn't help but feel grateful for the unexpected friendships that had transformed his life. With Mia and LivingLit by his side, he knew that their adventures as GUARDIANS would be filled with laughter, absurdity, and unforgettable memories. And so, with hearts full of excitement and laughter still echoing in their ears, Bastian, Mia, and LivingLit embraced the wondrous absurdity of life, ready to embark on their extraordinary journey together. *** As their graduation day approached, Bastian couldn't contain his excitement. Not only were he and Mia on the verge of becoming GUARDIANS, but he also had something special to share with his friends, including LivingLit. One afternoon, Bastian invited Mia and LivingLit to his small workshop, tucked away in a corner of his family's home. The room was filled with sketches, fabric rolls, and various tools. It was a place where Bastian's creativity knew no bounds. "Welcome to my little sanctuary!" Bastian exclaimed, his eyes gleaming with pride. "I want to show you something I've been working on." Mia and LivingLit exchanged curious glances, their eyes scanning the room with anticipation. "What is it, Bastian?" Mia asked, unable to hide her excitement. Bastian pulled out a series of sketches, showcasing his costume designs. Each one was meticulously detailed, with vibrant colors and intricate patterns. "I've always loved creating costumes, and I've been working on these designs for our future GUARDIAN missions." Mia and LivingLit marveled at the sketches, their eyes widening with admiration. "Bastian, these are incredible!" LivingLit exclaimed. "You have such a talent for design. I can already imagine us wearing these costumes and saving the day!" Bastian's face lit up with joy. "Thank you, LivingLit! It means a lot coming from you. I've also been experimenting with some furniture prototypes." Mia and LivingLit exchanged curious glances, their eyes widening with anticipation. LivingLit chuckled, unable to contain his curiosity any longer. "Photon blaster furniture? That sounds intriguing, Bastian. Show us what you've got!" LivingLit's eyes twinkled with mischief. "And imagine the reactions of our fellow GUARDIANS when they see your extraordinary designs. They won't believe their eyes!" Bastian blushed, humbled by their compliments. "I just wanted to bring a touch of creativity and comfort to our lives as GUARDIANS. I believe that even in the face of danger, we should still find beauty and inspiration." Mia placed a hand on Bastian's shoulder, her voice filled with admiration. "Bastian, your talent and passion are truly remarkable. I can't wait to see your designs come to life and make our GUARDIAN missions even more extraordinary." LivingLit nodded enthusiastically. "Indeed! Your creations will not only inspire us but also remind us of the power of imagination and art in the face of adversity." As they spent the afternoon immersed in Bastian's world of creativity, their friendship grew stronger. They laughed, shared stories, and dreamed of the future. Bastian's costume designs and photon blaster furniture prototypes became symbols of their shared aspirations and the unique bond they shared. Little did they know that their creations would play a significant role in their GUARDIAN adventures, not just as practical tools but also as reminders of the beauty that could be found in even the most challenging of circumstances. And so, with their hearts full of excitement and their minds buzzing with ideas, Bastian, Mia, and LivingLit continued to nurture their dreams, ready to embrace the wonders that awaited them as they stepped into the world of GUARDIANS. *** As the day of the GUARDIANS academy entrance ceremony arrived, Bastian, Mia, and LivingLit joined the rest of the incoming students in the grand auditorium. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as they eagerly awaited the beginning of their new chapter. On the stage, administrators Maya and Marmy stood side by side, ready to deliver their welcome speech. Maya, known for her stern yet caring demeanor, cleared her throat and began, her voice resonating through the hall. "Good morning, future GUARDIANS, and welcome to the academy!" Maya's eyes scanned the crowd, her gaze filled with a mixture of pride and expectation. "Today marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey for all of you. As GUARDIANS, you will be tasked with the noble responsibility of protecting the universe from threats and preserving peace." The students listened intently, their hearts filled with determination and a touch of nervousness. Marmy, known for his jovial nature, stepped forward, a warm smile on his face. "Indeed, we are thrilled to have such a talented group of individuals joining our ranks. Each one of you brings unique abilities, perspectives, and aspirations, which will undoubtedly enrich our community." He paused, allowing his words to sink in. Then, with a twinkle in his eye, he continued, "Now, we must warn you, being a GUARDIAN is not all glamour and interstellar adventures. It requires dedication, discipline, and a sense of humor." The students chuckled, their nerves easing as Marmy's warmth and humor filled the room. Maya nodded, her voice firm yet encouraging. "Indeed, laughter is a powerful asset in the face of adversity. Remember, even in the most challenging of times, a well-placed joke or a moment of lightheartedness can lift spirits and strengthen bonds." She continued, her words resonating with every student in the room. "As you embark on this journey, remember that you are not alone. Your fellow students, your mentors, and the entire GUARDIAN community are here to support you. Together, we will face the unknown, overcome obstacles, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime." Marmy's eyes twinkled mischievously as he added, "And who knows, you might even discover hidden talents, like Bastian's knack for costume design or LivingLit's ability to bring objects to life. Embrace your uniqueness, for it is what makes our team stronger." The students erupted into applause, their hearts filled with a newfound sense of camaraderie and determination. Maya and Marmy shared a knowing smile before Maya concluded, her voice filled with pride. "Welcome to the GUARDIANS academy, where dreams become reality, and where ordinary individuals transform into extraordinary heroes. May your time here be filled with growth, laughter, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. The universe awaits your greatness." As the applause filled the auditorium, Bastian, Mia, and LivingLit exchanged excited glances. They knew that their journey as GUARDIANS would be challenging, but with the support of their mentors and the newfound friendships they had formed, they were ready to face whatever came their way. And so, with hearts full of determination and laughter still echoing in their ears, Bastian, Mia, and LivingLit embraced the words of Maya and Marmy, ready to embark on their extraordinary journey as GUARDIANS. *** As the day of the GUARDIANS academy entrance ceremony came to a close, Bastian found himself in his room in the GUARDIAN barracks, preparing for bed. The excitement of the day still lingered in the air, and he couldn't help but feel a mix of anticipation and nervousness. Just as Bastian was about to settle into his bed, there was a knock on his door. He opened it to find Mia and LivingLit standing there, their faces beaming with excitement. "Bastian, we can't contain our excitement!" Mia exclaimed, her eyes shining. "Tomorrow is our first practice as GUARDIANS! Can you believe it?" Bastian's nerves were instantly replaced with a surge of exhilaration. "I know, right? It feels like just yesterday we were dreaming about this moment." LivingLit nodded enthusiastically. "Indeed! Tomorrow marks the beginning of our journey as a team, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have both of you by my side." Bastian's heart swelled with gratitude and camaraderie. "I feel the same way, LivingLit. We've come so far, and I have no doubt that together we'll accomplish great things." Mia stepped forward, her voice filled with determination. "And with your creativity and talent, Bastian, we're destined for greatness. Your costume designs and photon blaster furniture prototypes are a testament to that." Bastian blushed, humbled by their words. "Thank you, Mia. Your support means the world to me. I'm excited to see how our skills and abilities will complement each other during our practice sessions." LivingLit chuckled, his eyes twinkling mischievously. "And let's not forget the laughter and joy we'll bring to the team. Your sense of humor, Bastian, will be invaluable in keeping our spirits high." Bastian grinned, the weight of the upcoming practice session lifting from his shoulders. "You're right, LivingLit. Laughter has a way of bringing people together and finding strength in the face of challenges." As they shared a moment of excitement and camaraderie, Bastian felt a surge of confidence and determination. With Mia and LivingLit beside him, he knew that their first practice and all the ones to come would be filled with laughter, support, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. And so, with their hearts full of anticipation and dreams of the adventures that awaited them, Bastian, Mia, and LivingLit bid each other goodnight, ready to rest and recharge for the exciting day ahead. As Bastian settled into his bed, a sense of gratitude washed over him. He knew that the bonds they had formed and the shared dreams they carried would propel them forward as they embarked on their journey as GUARDIANS. And as sleep claimed him, Bastian's dreams were filled with visions of laughter, friendship, and the exhilarating moments that awaited them in their first practice session as a team. (At this point, the memory fragment breaks.)
  18. Yes, I know you're searching for answers about server status again, master server is currently down. Players maybe able to play, but unable to log in. For the players who is currently online my personal recommendation is to log off, because it may lead to data loss for the period of time when master server went down, and wait for login restored.
  19. Patch loop may be caused not only by exe patch, but also by .pat files from DATA folder. When you face this issue, after downloading patch and closing the game, check DATA folder and rename all .pat files removing ".pat" from their names.
  20. Added custom resolution executables pack to use with texmod, as you can't use online exe with this. Now you able to use custom resolutions. Place exes to PSU folder and choose in texmod or umod which one you want to use. Do NOT try to rename them to PSUC.exe because patcher will rewrite your exe upon login. Exes are LATEST for today. As a bonus I added 426x240 resolution, interface is too large and you barely can see anything and have to manage through menus blindly, but you now can run the game with 60 fps on any ancient calculator and use your stupid traveling pa. Enjoy making skins, guys. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tposp11eZBIWGdxndnMdshJgdZF8fJKb/view?usp=sharing
  21. They are not bosses, just because they are not immune to megid O_o New profile picture is murderous tho'
  22. It was one of my most played areas. Megid turrets are so slow that I don't know what retard you should be to get hit from them xD Well, black nest doesn't have a boss at all, and moreover you can megid everything in this quest, but pretty poor exp reward here, for leveling there are better places.
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