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  1. I have no doubt you're ABLE to surprise me :D
  2. I'm doing something like that for tes oblivion time by time and it's just a bunch of mods. Making a mods for existing rpg is kinda way easier for single person development because less coding of basic things. Idk if I want to remake psu on open source engine or not, because first of all it's veeeeeeery long process, even if we got a small team. Second problem is copyright things, most likely at the end of our process sega will step our throats. Work few years for free to be sued for million dollar isn't look that funny xD but making something new, but psu inspired may be not so bad idea.
  3. although given how poorly they are controlled in corners idk xD
  4. Imagine if we could use vehicles with empty pallete slot, no more mess with traveling pa's, frame skip 0, etc xD
  5. Maybe one year, if they wants to share their work to clementine.
  6. areas was in client, quest coding, idk, maybe logged from infinity as it should be similar, but the model formats are not, that's why no mobs, but I heard someone succeed importing infinity mobs to psu, I guess it was Agrajag, who else.
  7. gosh, how many oaths will i have to break to explain THIS in rp way
  8. I suddenly became interested in what those who didn't play PSU think about this phrase. Just hope it's not the same I think. Yes, the most important part of a literary RPG is not skill development, leveling up, raising stats and fighting antagonists, but a new hairstyle and dress. This is just PSU as is xD If I had an RP profile, I would have to indicate every 10 minutes of the game that I had changed hair color and costume, and attach color codes. xD
  9. why lobbies should have free missions? But I don't mind if there will be something like msb event on lobby maps, however... it will be exploitable.
  10. As you may know, and may not know, I have some futuretelling skills. For this question my cards said that it will be something "to help anyone", maybe it means that players will help each other during a mission (like team work) or maybe it's something to help people leveling, like simply boosted rates. In any case scorched valley doesn't fit this prophecy xD
  11. Yeah, it's interesting. My friend likes to start her secret mission every time we play infinity, i just hate this mission because she always forgets how to play it and it turns into a hassle with explanations xD same story with egg thieves, but at least it doesn't requires many actions from her.
  12. Hmmm... I'm not sure we have it in the pc client, so idk unique models prefered you can use re-psupedia and jp wiki to find more missing weapons, but it require some time to compare
  13. Last survivor replica (2h sword) Varl combat mode (2h sword) Sweetberry (spear) Deo glaive (spear) need more, I know it should be way more
  14. Interesting task for you. Please make a list of weapons and extra units with auras that was available on jp but we don't still have them on clem. It may highlight them for developers for a future updates. Another task is to make a text guide about keys in wicked invasion, because this quest is now recommended for new players, but we still don't have any guide.
  15. It's quite interesting that you accurately described the missions and the lists of mobs in them as they were in infinity. I think the wiki editors could find something for you to do. But basically it's spam. xD I'm not telling it's impossible to do, because it's possible, but too little data we have and everyone who was close to the implementation of such an idea is now in stasis for many years T_T Of course, if you write a game client from scratch and use more normal file formats to work with, then everything will become much easier, but it will take too many years.
  16. I would like you to show me how GDR works one day, as it was million years since I last time logged in xD
  17. I didn't play psu official online, just a bit on jp server, don't even remember the name of an event I played. My favourite on clem was kappa on last test, I also enjoyed with haloween quest and club one, in first case because mob stats was halved, hate s3 and s4 normal hp amounts, it's so boring, especially when solo. Well, almost all clem events was cool, except maybe frozen hot springs one. Psp2i now has unofficial free english patch, but I can play freely without it, as I used to play japanese games without translations.
  18. Ou, I remember it too
  19. I'll just press the like button, caz you never stop surprising me with contents of your topics xD sometimes it seems that there can be nothing new there, but it's like tabloid press websites that got into your spam folder, it always has something to surprise you with
  20. Well, as far as I know Gnome lost his launcher code, but if not, it can be easily added to wrench menu. P.S.: but may occur copyright difficulties?
  21. Mood. This is literally what I'm doing all my life irl.
  22. Hello and welcome back. I'm currently not there because last half of the year I was busy making something like phantasy star game on elder scrolls oblivion engine My ugly made low poly mobs with fucked up uv unwrap My experiments to put beast race textures from psu to oblivion head model. Looks not so bad I think. Persist many items, techniques, currencies etc from pso and psu with icons and sound effects. Menu navigation sounds from pso. Mob sounds etc. My character, 80% for tests 20% for gameplay xD Sometimes I do accessories in pso2 style. So I have a great plans about finish it and make some multiplayer options. But let's be honest, most likely my game never see the light because it requires to make tons of assets to use that will take approximately 80 years to make for me. But I don't plan to give up for now, so maybe, maybe one year it happen xD
  23. Winter has finally arrived and I already hate it because it's a cold and long time of the year that forces me to survive, but many of you celebrate Christmas, so perhaps this depressing time brings joy to someone. And it was for such people that I made two mods, thanks to which winter came to Gurhal and covered it with a blanket of snow First one is Robotanical Gardens located at the Pavilion of Air (Top) on Neudaiz The trees supposed to be white but something in game colors it in pink no matter what color texture is I guess the key is in some of Lighting or Fog files, but I decided to keep trees anyway because without of them this area loose it's charm, just pretend they're white, ok? :D Second one is forest area in MAG quest at Parum's GUARDIANS Branch, there's a problem too........... Developers added the files of this quest in patcher, so it erase any of this area mods, but of course we have a solution, I made this mod in a texmod format so you can use it regardless of patcher, but you will need texmod to use it T_T. Each mod has an instruction how to use it included, so I hope you'll not get lost xD Robotanical Gardens: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z7fjFVSkZu75fRa1Ato-ZQtfdTNVyZW9/view?usp=share_link MAG Forest: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KMc3hnGC50BTO_eV1ynOFAUhbXWF8W3x/view?usp=share_link
  24. Mods from mods section will only work on clementine client. Vanilla and english client has different file stucture so jp aoti mods sadly will not work on it. Of course some of them can be ported, you just need some manipulations with hash names, i think. I don't have vanilla game now so I can't help you with it.
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