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  1. Remember you very well, it's ok, you just play what you like and do what you enjoy, can throw back anytime.
  2. Boy got offended because jealous some other class has zalure Please don't cry, take away my mayalee, and barada as well, less things to do in a party, happier life.
  3. If you sure you tried everything and still not works then maybe system update broke something. In that case all you can do is wait for fix and use joy to key, this solution works in 100% cases, so if it's not, then the fate's against it.
  4. Controller should be connected before launching the game, possible reason why it doesnt work. Otherwise, press win+r, type joy.cpl, give priority to your current controller. Otherwise, run device manager, turn off drivers of all controllers you don't use in case of possible conflict.
  5. oh, this one already exist on discord, screenshots required to be in high resolution and names\UI should be hidden.
  6. How can you shed tears when a suggestion is written in such a competent and polite form?
  7. btw lets gather before event ends and play it on record, so we will have something warm to watch and remember at cold winter time :D Fraps dropping fps to zero in psu for me, so I failed when recorded kappa in 2019, but I found solution, I'll run window mode and fill the screen outside window with something, still better than just black borders xD
  8. Now when you said that I remember another annoying thing about this person, that just wiping my ass with thousands explosions, and this thing is: "I don't see it" For example you told them how to where to get title rewards, went to their room and said what option to choose to obtain title rewards and after hour of not responding they saying: "there's no this option in my visiphone" and until you make screenshot with GIANT ARROW following to the title option, they will not see it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  9. Sometimes some cringe like "add player buff removement with getting hit" or something that stupid you never want to see it be seriously added, but interesting to read because it's uncommon suggestions. By the way, I heard that in Japan there is a special word for this process of hypocrisy and wearing a goodness mask. This is considered a sign of an adult. And perhaps it is, in the real world it is easier to put on a mask in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts at work and in the family, and in general in the social environment. But do you need to grow up adult at all? This is alr
  10. Ahahahaha, you can't imagine how relatable it is, when you first year in this community you don't see their true faces, time by time "nice, good, love and peace, friendship" masks falls off xD Balance discussions are cancer because they NEVER end, however in other side in those discussions sometimes good ideas are born... But mostly it's add traveling pa.
  11. PP? Have no idea what it is. What press to hug? Doesn't work. Any screenshots? On clem I met so many guys who think they're girls, even Skittles turned this way, so why I can't think I'm mountain lion, it's not most crazy idea xD Where is that plastic surgery clinic I should visit for fluff transplantation, pawplastic, and tail enlargement? ahahaha xD
  12. Me fighting centipede in my bathroom Maybe some tracing problem, idk if it can help, but maybe you should try some VPN or something to make another trace and look if it better or not. Or contact your isp and check traces together.
  13. But how? How to be patient when you many years explaining with screenshots how to add photon charge on palette and use, and person's still don't, and when you ask them why they still idle and don't restore their pp with photon charges you getting answer "Photon Charge? Not sure what it is." How to be patient when they getting lost in Dallgan viewing plaza, where is one small round room and one door? First time I thought they pranking me, but this prank leasts too long to be prank, it's just torture now. Plinknas are still best lifeform in the entire universe.
  14. wow, sounds like rank upgrade in phantasy star portable 2, it worked the same, special tickets and meseta allowed to upgrade any weapon rank and stats to playable condition, so cosmetic low level weps got another life. Seems like model used in pso2, various exchanges vs actual emergency quest \ event rare drop only.
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