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  1. Be careful, a terrible secret lurks here, which is better not to know. The fourth floor became the place where the secret organization transmits sound signals, I managed to intercept one, it says: Tvsfefpc csy jsyrh avsrk aec. Syv svkermdexmsr mw irkekih mr fviihmrk gyxi gexw. Ws wxst mx. Xvegmrk syv wmkrepw ampp rsx lipt csy. Csy riziv orsa syv wigvixw. SYV wigvixw hs rsx ibmwx ercaec. Rsxlmrk xs viziep. Erc exxiqtx xs jyvxliv xvego ampp fi tyrmwlih. Qecfi csy wlsyph fixxiv gligo syv omxxmiw sr syv wmxi. Irnsc. Do not try to find the meaning of this signal, it's dangerous. Avoid organization. (This post is part of RP) Hello there !
  2. Happens when someone join party that is in last middle kappa.
  3. Yes, it was very interesting, despite the fact that your backstory was simple, it was interesting to read it, I love it when people show imagination. If the ending will be boring, I'll shave you bald
  4. I think this text is server sided, if the client has a German ver translation, then perhaps one of the Clem knows which files need to be replaced, but these quests will remain in Japanese. and items with description are server sided and will be in English, just play in English, it's not so many text in the game to mess with the translation


    It depends on how you say it, I don’t think that adequate advice will be perceived as a manifestation of elitism. On the other hand, all players are different and you should not take too closely if someone says it in rude way or or won't listen to your advice. Let's be more friendly.


    It's so similar, reminds me of my friend who does everything impossible slowly and with lots of missteps, for example, if I give her an important equipment item, I can be sure that she will either sell it by chance, or accidentally drop it away, or store it somewhere and forget that she has it, it happens always, but I still keep calm and respect even this form of playstyle ^_^" In any case, everyone finds something that brings him joy from the game, some players strive to reach the cap asap, others strive to do as much as possible to level up longer and stretch the pleasure of making mistakes.


    Elitism is a consequence of the inability to communicate with people, this type of people considers themself smarter than others and if others do not kneel before them, they begin to boast of any, even the most insignificant achievements. Faced with indifference, such people try to stand out on leaderboards, but reaching new heights only further alienates them from ability of normal communication. Elitism is a feature that the elitist will never recover from until he himself wants to work on it. The elitist will pretend that he does not care what others think about him, but in fact, after the one-next throw, he will wait for expressive reactions and his ego will grow from this, therefore it is best not to pay attention to him and in no case become his slave (often such players become masters of guilds with harsh demands, where they, in fact, gain slaves for themselves to amuse their ego) As long as the elitist remains elitist, he will not be happy either in the game or in real life, because his ego is simulated and does not reflect his real personality, so you should think about your behavior if you have a penchant for elitism.
  8. This is a very interesting idea that brings us back to a system similar to the psobb material system and allows for more flexible type customization. Of course, this is not suggested as a primary necessity goal, but it is still worth considering and discussing the details.
  9. In our turn we would like to thank you for your hard work. Without you, this amazing virtual world would forever remain the all-consuming black hole of our microcosm. I really hope that in the future we, as a community of this server, will become even more friendly and will not disappoint you.
  10. Travel skills are exploits and should be fixed
  11. ♢ Yes, free missions, perhaps now it's existence will be officially confirmed. ♢ Drill Power, this is also good news for many people. I would like to write something like positive feedback, but I never knew how to do it. >_> Thank you, great and mighty developer, for hearing our prayers. May Holy Light guide you. ♡
  12. A lot of good news, some of them were spread on the discord faster than the announcement. It is good that there is an opportunity to return to the yellow nanoblast. Perhaps it makes sense to live at least a little more.
  13. 1. Tartaros Cannon has wrong accuracy, it says 720 but should be 320 2. When you changing room during nanoblast so after it finish on your character will be applied random aura. Sometimes it's not applies, I think it's because not every extra units have auras. Tested only on yellow nanoblast of speed. 3. Gudda Plasma has wrong rarity, it says 14★, should be 6. 4. Arb Boa can't hit pannons if you just standing during shoot. You should always move. Tested also on other little mobs and seems like it's only pannon issue 5. Seems like shotgun PAs has wider AOE on guntecher and fortefighter than gunmaster, tested on 40 lvl barada yoga and it feels true. Idk maybe it's class mechanic and not a bug, but it' kinda silly if so. 6. Large amount of units has wrong rarity, I think it's already known. 7. You can't depart for mission from guardian branches when you're already in party (not sure if this bug) 8. Some traps may causing announce errors and inventory bugs, not found actual trigger of that, so I should test it more on another account so my main inventory and banks will not be corrupted.


    There are some holiday lobbies, that's all I know. Event missions possible, but I guess it's not ready and no rumors if this planned.
  15. How can it be issue with patcher when you running exe directly and getting crash? Defenitely not. Maybe it's your fresh windows install and you just missing something? Directx? Vcredist c++ redistributable? Hope you will find the root of your problem, not enough data to make clear conclusion.
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