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  1. I'm not sure what is your goal on this forums, but I will keep an eye in case you start putting ads in your auto-generated posts.
  2. Deathbullet? I am not acquainted with such a term. Perchance thou didst mean killershot—a particular photon art known to be efficacious solely against automatons and notably against droids, such as Bal Soza. Asserting that it is the sole pursuit of individuals doth lack veracity, especially considering the existence of alternatives like zagenga which doth surpass KS in its effectiveness against numerous droids within the confines of the AMF. Many have even attained a level of mastery with KS, surpassing the threshold of 21 prior to the advent of kappa, thereby achieving a level of proficiency suitable for the highest level of enemy detection. To voice discontent regarding a non-existent predicament is futile; the presence of diverse strategies doth seem to prevail.
  3. btw using texmod\umod apps you can refresh dds you edited right in game using 1 key without need to restart game each time to test it, then you can use this dds to add in your files, very usefull to save you time, also if you want edit some other textures than interface but don't know how to find the correct texture file, then use an app called Procmon, enter the area containing this textures and the app will show you all the files loaded in that area (filter it by psuc.exe only) so you can easily find correct files, that how I made my area skins last year, note that each block may have separate texture sets even if they have the same textures. Good luck. =)
  4. You should try contact the mods in discord as they rarely spawns on forums but only if you really didn't break the rules, especially: using cheats, exploiting systems, doing rmt, revealing someone's personal information, targeting someone or doing hate speach against someone. I tend to believe in your story, but people often can be tricky, so there should be logs for such cases, checking them will show the truth anyway and if you didn't break something restrictions will be removed.
  5. Wow, that's really strong, your creativity level is impressive. After so many year you still keep the same passion to this game series.
  6. I see idea name, I see some random facts about clementine, I can't see the idea description and idea itself. Yes, you're failed. xD
  7. Yeah it's known, but you're the first who finally made a guide.
  8. Your opinion is outdated, it's more about base game. xD
  9. Use this tool to bind z key from keyboard to gamepad https://joytokey.net/en/ Important to run it as admin after gamepad was plugged. You will need one of such tools anyway for advanced gameplay with shortcuts and macrosing at endgame.
  10. forum rank depends on the amount of posts you write, maybe i'll go to hell for telling you this because now you'll start creating threads with even faster rate, but if it's really that important to you to have a high rank, then fine, but try to fit it in smaller topic amount, no need to create separate topics to express one simple idea xD
  11. the fact is that there is no one else on this forum except us two I still like the forums more because of 2010 vibes and in general, posts on the forum, even the most stupid ones, increase indexing in search engines, thereby attracting new people ... and spam bots. Unfortunately, the site itself is not focused on attracting new players who are not familiar with the game. If there was a page "about the game" with a description, videos and screenshots, perhaps one of the passers-by would even download it for the first time, there are a lot of nerds on the net who are looking for old games. But our site is so dull and unattractive that, most likely, accidentally visiting here will immediately close the page. Perhaps even those who are familiar with the game will close it, because the forum looks so dead that you might think that this server has been closed for a hundred years, and the forum is still alive, because the developers forgot to turn off Apache and it works in the background.
  12. Giant dark svaltus from event didn't surprise you enough? xD Boss with dps check, some advanced types may face difficulties soloing. b3 broken, need to report... well eventually someone with discord will do it
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