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  1. you can manually check logs to see other people's drop for now so nothing is hidden from you
  2. Hi, been waiting for your stories. Well, if you was kicked forget and join another room, some want to play with equal levels some want to play with higher levels, some want to speedrun, will be better for them to make a description, but if they don't it's not your fault to think about it too much xD
  3. Well, even now it amuses, this is a good sign, better than gray mediocrity.
  4. I know, just kidding. Yet you will be criticized many times, but don't give up on it and this modeling skill will be usefull in a future, maybe you'll start your own project one day.
  5. Or they already done with him. Well, second is looks like a protective system for the toilet paper roll holder, which cuts off the hand of someone who takes too long a piece with a screwdriver.
  6. ahahahahahahahaha how to turn the game into horror with one custom mob, unsafe passage really unsafe after this xD
  7. oh yeah I like the idea of Fruzsina, monthly ranking resets and some kind of small rewards for staying in top 10 could increase both online and interest for some people.
  8. I'm not good in congratulation texts, so wish something yourselves
  9. Ahahah, learn how to put toilets in other people's rooms more effective xD
  10. Having new customizable attacks sounds interesting. Maybe one day...
  11. higher pa level - wider bullet range


    If they're not used in some other recipes then it's just vendor stuff. Some food has surprise effects not listed in wiki however, for example once I ate dogma drop and instead of hurting me it greatly restored my HP. Interesting thing to gather and test its effects.


    Seems in official there was special boards for those foods in synth shop, but on clem they're wasn't added yet, and most food are in area drops.
  14. Maybe ask devs directly rather than collecting elitists' piss drops?
  15. Show me croissants first and we talk about scetches if they're soft enough.
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