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  1. Travel skills are exploits and should be fixed
  2. ♢ Yes, free missions, perhaps now it's existence will be officially confirmed. ♢ Drill Power, this is also good news for many people. I would like to write something like positive feedback, but I never knew how to do it. >_> Thank you, great and mighty developer, for hearing our prayers. May Holy Light guide you. ♡
  3. A lot of good news, some of them were spread on the discord faster than the announcement. It is good that there is an opportunity to return to the yellow nanoblast. Perhaps it makes sense to live at least a little more.
  4. 1. Tartaros Cannon has wrong accuracy, it says 720 but should be 320 2. When you changing room during nanoblast so after it finish on your character will be applied random aura. Sometimes it's not applies, I think it's because not every extra units have auras. Tested only on yellow nanoblast of speed. 3. Gudda Plasma has wrong rarity, it says 14★, should be 6. 4. Arb Boa can't hit pannons if you just standing during shoot. You should always move. Tested also on other little mobs and seems like it's only pannon issue 5. Seems like shotgun PAs has wider AOE on guntecher and fortefighter than gunmaster, tested on 40 lvl barada yoga and it feels true. Idk maybe it's class mechanic and not a bug, but it' kinda silly if so. 6. Large amount of units has wrong rarity, I think it's already known. 7. You can't depart for mission from guardian branches when you're already in party (not sure if this bug) 8. Some traps may causing announce errors and inventory bugs, not found actual trigger of that, so I should test it more on another account so my main inventory and banks will not be corrupted.


    There are some holiday lobbies, that's all I know. Event missions possible, but I guess it's not ready and no rumors if this planned.
  6. How can it be issue with patcher when you running exe directly and getting crash? Defenitely not. Maybe it's your fresh windows install and you just missing something? Directx? Vcredist c++ redistributable? Hope you will find the root of your problem, not enough data to make clear conclusion.
  7. Bios> switchable graphics mode> fixed
  8. I remember this song, played osu beatmap with this one.
  9. PSO2 good game, but mostly about clothing and fashion, so if the most part of stuff will be unavailable on xbox traps keeps playing jp instead. Gameplay content on PSO2 is like "play 1 day and you will complete everything", nothing to explore, maybe grind titles and play story, and you can max your character without killing mobs: just become leacher at some mpa and just pick up loot and gain exp, much pacifistic you know. And it's also extremely hard to make the male character looking like male, all those wings, ribbons, ugly faces, oh my god. One day the added beast face from psu, but made it ultra limited, expensive and untradable, my favourite race you deepholes. And after they ruined balance by adding extra damage to all classes to match imbalanced Heroes the palm growed up right from my fucking face. Now every novice can use dark blast along with dealing 999999 damage per hit at 10 level and wipe everything, so close range classes at mpa just has no chance to hit something before ranged. So many good but so many bad things I know about this game, I need something traquiling...
  10. My guess is this bug happens because some traps has incorrect usage script that affects other items.
  11. Already got 85 level on all classes except phantom, now my laptop burned and I cant play anymore, but I got bored of pso2, psu after pso2 seems so slow, but it's still one of my favourite games.
  12. You can open options through online.exe. All I can say here, if I wasn't traffic limited I was able to guide you from discord, but now I can't, maybe someone else will reply.
  13. Make sure you installed all drivers, c++ redist pack, directx, etc. Run psuc.exe as administrator, and try to change settings, the reason why game instantly crashed may be in unsupported resolution, etc.
  14. I cant run it at all at my x32 system, and I'm scared sometime Ill miss something important. After my new laptop with 64 win10 suddenly burned, things became much harder T_T Dummies never read guides section btw
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