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  1. Hello all, first off I'd like to say I am glad someone had the same idea i had about 5 or 6 years ago(i have no coding knowledge or i would have tried doing it myself) cause i have missed playing this game. My suggestion is this, if we could, for those of us that still have an actually PS2 console/PS2 emulator with the physical disk of AOTI, or physical PC version disk , to connect to the clementine servers like schthack did for PSO(I have played and still occasionaly play there). I have no clue how much work that would entail, whether it be more work or less then what is being done now. The reason i suggest this is cause from my understanding, all the game info, PAs, Classes, Max Levels, etc., is all on the disk, it was/is just unaccessable because of certin codes the devs put in place that when removed would allow access to more things in the game, like higher lvl missions and better weapons and the like. If this sounds like a dumb idea then please just ignore this post or even better delete it. Figured i would just through my 2 cents into the pot.
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