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  1. All I gotta say is "dang". Not really the news I expected to casually mosey into tonight. This is sad to hear. I honestly never would have expected Parallaxed to do something like that. What would he expect to accomplish from this? I just can't wrap my head around it. I also share the sentiment that while I loved seeing the updates and other things Marm was up to in the development of this server, I always had the feeling he sorely needed a break. A hobby like this should be fun, not stress. I hope to see him around to, at the very least, hang out and enjoy the results of his own work for once. Also, if it's any consolation to Marm (assuming he reads this), whatever it is, it isn't you. You are not the cause of this mess. I'm in my 15th year working tech support, and there has been a very nasty change in the air in the past year. People are getting mean ridiculously mean, snapping at any perceived wrongdoing, demanding compensation for every tiny perceived wrong. Culture as we know it is falling apart. Too many people are concerned only with their own validation, and not with any self-reflection. None are willing to compromise, because that would destroy their oh-so-holy validation. If you do return, do it for your own enjoyment, and make sure you are not directly reachable by the players. Maybe not a "PR group", but maybe find a mod who makes a good "point of contact", that has enough of an "FU" attitude to tell off any would-be Karens. You're not making money on this, so you have no obligation to take abuse.
  2. Accidentally bought two of a song. Can't get rid of the other one. Can't NPC it. Can't drop it. Can't put it in the offering box. Is there a "trash can" or a destroy option somewhere?
  3. Something I have noticed that is fairly easy to duplicate. (At least that I've seen so far.) Let's say you're soloing a boss. Let's say that boss casts some sort of invincibility and kills you. Let's say you run back in. The boss will stay invincible until he casts invincibility again. (It will then wear off.) I do not know if this will happen when grouped. I am also not sure whether this applies to other status effects. I have noticed that if I die to Dark Falz, and if I run back in and attack his tail, his head will fall off. (And any pieces on the side that I've already destroyed will be impossible to destroy afterwards, but I can remove another one and damage him there.) I don't think it can be exploited with debuffs as you'll ruin an S-rank duplicating it.
  4. That sunken shrine level is lovely. Can't wait.
  5. Wow, you weren't kidding. That's pretty productive for just two weeks.
  6. From what I understand Sega's problem was they got into some sort of stupid licensing battle they couldn't win with another region. (Likely SEA.) I've watched my husband get slapped around by a patent troll in the past in a way that required hiring a lawyer, so regardless of what I feel about Sega, this kinda hits home for me.
  7. I'm not sure how this was caused so I apologize. I was practicing Megiverse and I was using a left-handed magic weapon. Right button set to Megid and Down set to Megiverse. Eventually I noticed the weapon was not regenerating any PP. Megiverse consumed PP. Megid would not. If I did not use up the PP with Megiverse, I could use Megid unlimited. If I swapped left-handed weapons they would not regenerate PP. Two-handed and right-handed weapons are not affected. Left handed guns in the same slot will consume PP but not regen. It didn't matter if I relogged, changed weapons, or even tried logging out with a two-handed weapon in the slot. Nothing would "fix" the slot. Right arrow is still unlimited. If I consume PP with down arrow, it won't regenerate. I'm wondering if the system thinks I permanently have one of those left-handed drone things in the slot. Editing to add: tried swapping the two spells as a test. Megiverse on right arrow, megid on down arrow to see if issue would reverse. Megiverse still consumes PP, Megid is still unlimited. Also, I dunno about desync, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the spell is supposedly consuming or not consuming. Photon charges work normally if the weapon runs out.
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