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  1. From what I understand Sega's problem was they got into some sort of stupid licensing battle they couldn't win with another region. (Likely SEA.) I've watched my husband get slapped around by a patent troll in the past in a way that required hiring a lawyer, so regardless of what I feel about Sega, this kinda hits home for me.
  2. I'm not sure how this was caused so I apologize. I was practicing Megiverse and I was using a left-handed magic weapon. Right button set to Megid and Down set to Megiverse. Eventually I noticed the weapon was not regenerating any PP. Megiverse consumed PP. Megid would not. If I did not use up the PP with Megiverse, I could use Megid unlimited. If I swapped left-handed weapons they would not regenerate PP. Two-handed and right-handed weapons are not affected. Left handed guns in the same slot will consume PP but not regen. It didn't matter if I relogged, changed weapons, or even tried logging out with a two-handed weapon in the slot. Nothing would "fix" the slot. Right arrow is still unlimited. If I consume PP with down arrow, it won't regenerate. I'm wondering if the system thinks I permanently have one of those left-handed drone things in the slot. Editing to add: tried swapping the two spells as a test. Megiverse on right arrow, megid on down arrow to see if issue would reverse. Megiverse still consumes PP, Megid is still unlimited. Also, I dunno about desync, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the spell is supposedly consuming or not consuming. Photon charges work normally if the weapon runs out.
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