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  1. Kat


    Sorry i was wrong ignore this post
  2. Duel In The Ruins S2 ( Solo ) Cast / FM 3:12
  3. https://forms.gle/LWV3aDQbopm9ENrM9 If you would be so kind to take this survey (just a personal one please message me if you want to see responses )
  4. Ank Kilik is pretty bugged, it only supposed to come in dark but mine came in lightning it has no dmg reflect ( level 1 ) so i assume that it has no increase in power too http://www.psupedia.info/Ank_Kilik.html also Foverse only hits 10 times when its supposed to hit more based on this http://www.psupedia.info/Foverse.html
  5. I'm pretty sure you get the Meseta the moment the mission is done not when you open it
  6. I really think that putting Long Bows in Gunmaster would make a lot of sense. As of right now the only 3 classes that can use S rank Long Bows are Guntecher, Protranser and ForteTecher. Protranser is good but Traps are bugged and some people really don't like using traps Thoughts?
  7. Foverse only hits a max of ten 10 times no matter the level. Have not tested HP Steal or Tech Hope to see this get fixed. http://www.psupedia.info/Foverse.html
  8. Thank you I Truly think that they should be hidden and that it would help.
  9. Hello Personally I think that getting rares should be hidden from others to see. This would solve problems for many people since I tend to save my rares for my friends.
  10. Wartecher is not really using Techs for dmg
  11. 1 feels bad so anything besides that i would be fine with 100% not 10 tho
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