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  1. Currently when a grind "fails" the grind will be reduced by one, so for example if you fail the 50/50 chance going from 8 to 9 the weapon will become 7/10. Luck was "removed" and all chances are what retail PSU had for 3* luck.
  2. I'm Ignorant, what changed to make GT viable again? Eventually I plan on a human character that rolls with both GT and WT and I'd love to know what changed.
  3. I definitely don't have an opinion regarding line shields, since the weapon prices are the thing that really stick out like a sore thumb. If armor is more accurate i'm fine with that.
  4. MP is normalized across all the missions, so by and large you just have to do missions. Generally lower ranks are easier to finish, and now some of the original basic missions provide decent MP. Surprisingly the old classic of Military Subway C for basic class leveling wasn't hit too hard. My personal favorite for MP grinding is Unsafe Passage but you may as well do some exploring for yourself.
  5. I do agree, at the very least the NPC vendor items (outside of dallgun plaza, that's a whole other thing this isn't about) should be halved so that they're worth 10x their sell prince instead of 20x their sell price. That said, do look for some items in player shops, they're much cheaper when it comes to A-rank and S-Rank items, since players are mostly trying to do better than the shop sale price.
  6. A Discord bot would totally help with this. It might even help encourage players with branching out a bit since if their games are easier to find. Anything to help reduce a white beast problem.
  7. the number of people affected by the buff the moment you cast the spell determines how much PA EXP you get. People will powerlevel buff techs by making a "buff party" where everyone stands around a charge cube and continuously cast whatever buffs they need to level. Acrotecher recommended. It's boring as all getout but it's the most effective way to get Shifta, Deband, Zodial, Retier, and Giresta to your desired level. You'll usually find one happening at white beast, from the "Pavillion of Air: Top" lobby.
  8. I was getting this error when windows defender started suddenly deciding that PSUC.exe is a trojan (false positive of course). This can also happen depending on where you installed Clementine's client. If it isn't, try putting your PSU folder outside of your program files folder.
  9. I'm not 100% certain regarding exact PA exp amounts, but I can tell you that multi-hits absolutely speed up PA leveling for all types of PAs. In fact typically if your PA can multi-hit the leveling rate of the PA is balanced around getting lots of multi-hits. If you are leveling PAs always try to get multi-hits since you're getting more PA EXP per use. This is important for Tech PAs, especially linear piercing techs like barta, zonde, and megid.
  10. Fighgunners are my favorite class on my cast main, they're flexible and the weapons they can use at S-rank are great for crowd control. If you're a "muh dps" theory crafter this class probably isn't for you.
  11. I'll never have the time to create my own WT, but looking on from outside the only equipment change they seem to need would be S-Rank tech mags or range mags to go with their daggers. They look like they just need something to go in the left hand that is S-Rank. Otherwise, they look really fun but I can only look on with envy from the sidelines.
  12. Excellent, this works like a charm. I had no idea about this psuseed thing, thanks for linking it!
  13. I was always a fan of Scarred City. I have a weird thing for city ruins and the mission felt the most similar to PSO, in both atmosphere and music.
  14. I can only speak from my own experiences, but current enemy hp scaling scales more slowly than the extra firepower that having additional players brings to the table, unless you're dealing with terrible randos but unfortunately that's really difficult to account for without also making things too easy for groups of better prepared players. I do agree that the scaling should be expanded into drop rates, although I don't want to give any numbers since how each variable affects the experience isn't something I have a perfect intuition for as a filthy casual. Personally I always felt like monsters were balanced for 2 player groups, so I kind of wish that when playing solo monster stats would actually be scaled down a tad bit so the game was more solo friendly. However that's a balance issue we can't fully test yet until higher levels are available.
  15. If the party leader cancels the mission after it has ended right after a party member enters the next lobby, the game seems to not know where to put people and causes an endless loading screen.
  16. I absolutely agree. I'm not sure if it's possible, but melee PAs could have their grind burden shifted around a tad bit, let level 1-20 be quicker and as a result make 21-40 be slower to compensate so that it takes the same amount of effort to get to 40 anyway but players can use the full combos faster. You still need to work to get your PA's damage up there, but you'll be able to use the combos sooner and have more fun with it.
  17. Yeah, I checked the master list once I saw it and the game does use all 4 cores. I doubt sheer resolution size is the issue since the problem only shows up on 1280x720 while 1280x1024 has more pixels and runs perfectly fine, and if I used the 1080p exe I bet I wouldn't have an issue there. I just don't because I like my minimap being correct at the moment, haha.
  18. I absolutely agree that MP, PA xp, and EXP are in a decent spot right now. It's good to know that meseta rewards are missing, since that means the current meseta squeeze wasn't probably a choice by design. I'm not sure how exactly the effective meseta gain rates will be at higher levels, but I imagine the intention behind the JP-only PAs being 2 million reflectes how grindy I heard they were to obtain on official servers. I bet "how quickly players are getting money" is one of the things the devs are keeping an eye on here as well. Keep in mind that at least in the old servers I was making more than enough meseta by level 60-ish partly because of the lack of synthesis boards for everything. At that point I kinda stopped playing because I was able to buy S-rank everything at that point and there wasn't anything else to do. In the end though, I do feel that a lot of us (myself included) are older, have jobs now, and are seeing the same grind in a different light. Hopefully appropriate rates get figured out as time goes on.
  19. I also agree w/r/t meseta gains, although this is more due to the fact that missions don't provide any meseta upon completion, forcing us to sell crafting materials if we want to upgrade from a saber to a brand or whatever. I understand trying to restrict the flow of meseta into the game, but I've had to think about farming meseta in both the old and new servers in a way I never had to on the 360 official server, mostly by selling every crafting mat that drops when I only ever stored/ignored them before. As for how to balance meseta generation so that it doesn't completely flat-line the economy later on down the road? I doubt there's an easy fix, though some of the vanilla PSU missions had meseta rewards that should be more on par with what the server needs, to allow low level players to earn meseta without flooding the game. Lets consider unsafe passage: these meseta gains aren't too restrictive here, newbies get some for their needs but S2 gives enough to re-stock a scape doll if needed, which is probably more than enough. Compare this to Rising Malice, which was a JP only mission that came in towards the end of PSU's official life that I chose at random: Yowza that's a lot of meseta for a single mission. Meseta was probably worthless with this much money being printed all at once. Personally i'd advocate for only giving a maximum of 5k meseta as a mission reward in general, once the mission reached 5k meseta in clem's own tables, that's it. Discussion on this has probably already been done to death on the old forums now, but I figured I'd show what I imagine the admins are trying to avoid.
  20. I've found that running the game in 1280x1024 has absolutely no slowdown. I'll try the frame skip option once I go through the other resolutions to see if this limited to just 720p. E: So it turns out only 1280 x 720 and 1024 x 768 resolutions had slowdown in mission counters and the world in general. Frame skip did not resolve the issue as well. I guess this is as good information as I can provide.
  21. I am getting slowdown seemingly at random when in fullscreen on a GTX 1070 video card so most likely there's something going on in the backend. The most common areas this occurs in so far are in mission counters, the 4th floor, and the GRM shop. When you enter a new area or reload the area you are in the slowdown resolves itself (most of the time). So far this has occurred on 720p resolution, and once the server is back up I'll test other resolutions because I was on a different one on launch hour and didn't have the same issue then.
  22. I was a CAST named Azzanadra back in the day. I doubt I'll see anybody I knew though.
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