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  1. The photon Art Rising Strike had 2 Combos around level 13 now it only has one? I don't know if anyone else has the problem but it's just started happening for me today.
  2. It's going to be awesome to live through it all again, I got the full game before they shutdown servers.
  3. Welcome back! The demo was amazing for what it was, it feels good to be back on the grind.
  4. I know the feeling You never know though, they might be thinking the same thing. Just gotta hope they find Cementine.
  5. The grind was always satisfying to finally beat a boss like the white dragon. I rarely found anyone that shared the same amount of enthusiasm for the bosses like I did, they were a lot of fun.
  6. Many hours were wasted just hanging around that floor, didn't get very far with levelling but I mainly played because of the people I played with. It would be cool to do it again.
  7. I was called SkullDude116 when I first played I was on the demo for a while playing as either a CAST or a beast and would send most of my time in Neudaiz. I remember the fourth floor of the colony was always incredibly crowded with people spamming chat or people dancing on the first floor, the community was great.
  8. Great work, really looking forward to starting the grind again.
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