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  1. Go to your disc drive, program files, clementine, then run PSUC as administrator
  2. Boss arena means the boxes that appear after you defeat the boss
  3. Omg there’s an A rank version!? Even BETTER!! Ok definitely this one instead of Ouroboros!
  4. I would be SO happy if Ouroboros was added, it looks just like Ivy's extending sword whip from Soul Calibur!
  5. This started happening to me today also, it was working fine on Friday
  6. Hello, just started playing a few days ago and was wondering if there is a map and/or list of the locations for each mission? For example, I remember a blue hive mission on Parum when I played many years ago, but I don't know where to look for it on here. Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much, really appreciate it!
  8. Hi all! Just downloaded this game today, PSU was my all favorite game on xbox 360 and was sad when the servers shut down. Thank you all SO much for making this game playable again!! I am bringing others to join me I was wondering if the following items are in the game, and possibly where I may find them eventually: Halarod, Gaozoran Rod(can we craft this still?), shato, har quick, Psycho Wand, Uransara Also, is there anyway to set the check alert button to a controller? On the keyboard its Z, but could not find an option for that for setting the controller. Thank you!!!!!
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