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  1. Hey everyone, "The Savage Machine" has returned. I don't know about you guys, but me and my friends brought this game up every day since the servers went down. I am so stoked to be able to play again! Male: 13*Acrofighter | Male :12*Fortefighter | Female:13*Wartecher | Male : Classified Cast: 8*Fighgunner | Beast: 7*Fighmaster | Beast : 9*Acrotecher | Human: Lol I joined the game once AOI came out. Found my palette as I played, until I became a example of what a Acrofighter should be, and started taking things to 10/10 myself..... I'm alil antisocial, but I did like running with randoms, I just didn't talk much. I'm still kinda the same, I will talk with you, but I hardly start a convo (so even this entry is rare). Hope everyone faired well when the servers went down! Me and the clan just got back to living and enjoying life. Played a lot of games, but missed this game every single day.
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