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  1. great update can some one tell me were the protecters z is?
  2. chainsawed now acquirable yes my wt thanks you
  3. duithy

    50% weps

    just picked up a ank pikor 50 dark i have no need of but seems a wast to npc let me know some one is in to it
  4. when i do that i get an error 45
  5. the nei claw does not have it's hp steal
  6. duithy

    nei claw

    the single nei claw does no have the hp steal
  7. there is no map with lv 60-79 enemy in hive, rykos or the central command i wt so a chainsawd+ is no good i need chainswad
  8. thanks would have liked the chainsawed some were were it could drop but will find a way to get it some how
  9. i have been running the Mine Defense s for a few days now and am at two ank pikor seven daga cresa and five aldaga cresa and zero accordion whip. they should have the exact same drop rate and i know its a little small for a sample size but this seems way off. i do see some accordion whips in the shops so i know they did at lest drop at some point. maybe this could/should be looked at, thanks 9★ Ank Pikor (0.8%) 8★ Accordion Whip (0.8%) 7★ Daga Cresa (0.8%) 7★ Aldaga Cresa (0.8%)
  10. what missions count as "Linear Line and AMF Metro Linear "? thank you
  11. or the Ophidian Medusa
  12. duithy

    Clementine Area Drops

    this looks great i played on 360 back when but it seems that this version is a bit light on loot but this should help a lot. i just looked it over and the chainsawd is on the list (one of my favorite wt swords) but no missions will drop it o well at still good there is new stuf
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