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  1. partners working is great. I use to think they were not that useful. then I played with out them. if you dont have any one in your party to at least draw fire many missions are just murder. thanks for all the hard work
  2. is this going to fix hp steal on nei claw(s)(+) and the chainsawed(+)? edit it works thanks
  3. sounds good and i have faith in staff to do good things and see how it plays out
  4. as i understand we have efective 3* all the time
  5. is hp steal on striking weapons still borked ? (neclaw chaninswad ect)
  6. does it seem low to any one i do not recall breaking an a rank weapon before 4/10 ever on the xbox server or is it just me update on the i guess i suck at grinding i have just broke 2 a rank items on second grind in a row using +6 very high
  7. thanks for the update but neiclaw neclaw+ neiclaws+ still dont have hp steal
  8. if hp steal is working now just got to farm a chainsawed and hope for a sagne to be obtainable soon
  9. duithy

    hp steal

    the hp steal on nei claw does not work still
  10. i dont play a lot but it seems i am out of luck for so much as i can not keep up with the cost of things in game. small scale the grinders are not dropping much 6 runs of protecters one grinder and a few unsafe fight for food and no grinders but 4 non grinder drops does it seem like protecters has a reduced drop rate??
  11. great update can some one tell me were the protecters z is?
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