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  1. Cake

    Grinding Concerns

    Base S drop rates are still based off old grinding system. On old grind system with a smaller amount of ppl wanting to grind, and less amount of grinding happening, it only costed 6k for each board spot and 15k for a base s. 21k to make an s+... now its 10k a board spot, and 25k ish for base s, its 35k to make an s+. more people want to grind, but they get the same amount that they did during old system, and the cost to buying mats to make them went up. unfortunately it is that hard. i know someone who spent over 16mill on grinders to get a poron poron to +10. my friend had about 1500
  2. I'm fearful of a grinder short and big price hike resulting in saving all grinders until end game. With the new system a lot more people are grinding, and a lot more grinders are being used. Many players who had stockpiles of lower S+ grinders will be running out at some point. I have over 700 hours and ive only obtained a total of around maybe 1000 Base S's including all my copernia/olpad. Many people are stating just to get 1 wep 10/10 they are using 200,300,400 grinders just to pass 1 10/10. for someone to obtain that many grinders without buying is hundreds of hours of playing. If i
  3. Disclaimer: My idea is considered an idea and is not a be all end all change. It is also not affecting top end chances. only "risky grinds" We all see the discussions in general about grinding. We know it sucks, and its a waste of money for how fast the weapon you grind gets out classed. The official grinding system was built off of A LOT slower progression and I believe that on a private server that updates so much faster than we can even make 10/10 s ranks (took over a month and over 100m for first 10/10 pwand worth maybe 30 or 40m that will be replaced soon). it needs to change in som
  4. while i do understand keeping it original... sega changed grinding from pre AOTI because of how bad it felt losing you wep outright and also adding in the pay to repair in the first place. to make money obv and to make it feel less bad if you had the $. in pso2 sega made each grind WAY lower chance to pass and at higher grinds could drop a few grinds but every wep can always go max grind, it just costed more meseta overall to do so. they did that change to revamp how it worked and to make it feel less bad. Also remember this is a SMALL private server that has a smaller market. Weps dont stay
  5. I like this proposal. I would also like to add an idea about a shop that had a semi expensive special board for every wep in the game and the price of the boards is based off the star rarity of the wep or something.. its always 100% BUT you need to use that weapon as the fodder. an example is like a 4/4 50% light agito repca. i buy that "special board" for like 4mill and it requires me to use that repca in the synthesis AND it will keep the % of the repca i put in.... and now i have a repaired 0/10 50% light repca and solves the issue of not being able to repair a fully grinded wep
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